For US Users, How to Get Free Cell Phone Service?

For Us Users, How to Get Free Cell Phone Service?

Have you got a break from work or study? Sure, you would prefer to spend some time having fun or playing. But wait! Why just play when you can get more services for free? Also, how to get free cell phone service with Numero’s new Coins Center?

At Numero, the all-new updated coins center for USA users grants them the ability to collect coins and exchange them with:
1. Free US mobile number so that you can use it as another phone number to send and receive calls and SMS or register in many social media apps, online sites, and dating apps. For example, you can register on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, and Tinder using your second US mobile number.

2. Use your coin’s center to redeem your collected coins for Numero’s calling credit for free international and local calls.

3. More great free local services you can get when collecting coins, such as local data, top-up, PIN, and bundle.

Stay along to see how to get free cell phone service

Non-US users can still enjoy collecting coins to get a free US number. Visit here to know in detail.

How to Use Numero’s Coins Center for US Users?

1. Head to the “Free Coins Center

النقاط المجانية

2. Browse the services, needed coins, and offers

how to get free cell phone service without paying

3. Click on “Of course” to start collecting coins

how to get free cell phone service without paying

4. Got enough coins? Enjoy free services

how to get free cell phone service without paying with Numero's coins center
  • Numero Services

Free USA mobile number

Exchange coins with USA mobile number for one month to place calls, send and receive SMS and activate most social media apps.

Numero Calling Credits

Redeem coins for €1 to enjoy local (50 minutes) or international talk time based on a tariff.

  • Local Services

Local Data 

Exchange the coins you collect with local data from the available operators

how to get free cell phone service without paying for local data

Local Top-up 

Recharge your balance as long as you collect enough coins.

Transfer the balance only to one number per month.

how to get free cell phone service without paying for local top up


Exchange coins with a balance code that you can use yourself or gift to someone else.

Notice that the code is sent via notification.

how to get free cell phone service without paying from the available operators


Get special bundles of, for example, data and calling minutes, etc.

how to get free cell phone service without paying for bundle

The number of the needed coins for a specific service is changeable due to the available offers. Also, be aware that the services may not work with a fixed billed number, so you need to have a number with a charging balance.

5. Select the available operator of the service

Note: When you don’t have enough coins, the operator will be disabled.

how to get free cell phone service without paying from the available operators

6. The phone number you registered with will be displayed, by default (except for PIN)

Note: You are unable to change the country code, but you can just edit other digits

7. Click on “Buy with coins”

How to Collect Coins?

After recognizing how to get free cell phone service without paying, we help you to leverage the way you collect coins by integrating coins with value:

  • Gold

    Get more valuable coins in a shorter time


1. Watching videos

2. Inviting friends

3. Offers & surveys

4. Games challenge

  • Silver

Fewer, less valuable coins with less time and effort


1. Spinning the wheel

3. Checking in Daily

3. Sharing on Facebook

Free Coins Center for USA Terms 

System Terms:

  • Numero calling credit and all local services are currently only available for USA users. Inviting users from other countries means a different system for them.
  • You must have the minimum amount of coins required to redeem the free services.
  • Collected coins validity is 2 weeks from the date of the last collected coin; meaning that if you collected 100 coins and after 10 days you collected one more coin, the system will restart the countdown of 2 weeks validity from the date of that one collected coin.
  • The free number is valid for one month and auto-renew is turned ON by default; meaning that if you have enough coins in your account, the number will automatically renew and coins will be deduced. If you wish to turn it off, head to the My Numbers page. If you don’t have enough coins in your account or have the auto-renew turned off, you will lose your number and it will be recycled back in stock for use by other users.
  • Local services may not work for fixed billed numbers.
  • Numero’s service requires Numero app to work and you need to verify your registered phone number to use them.
  • The system’s values ​​and rules may undergo alterations without prior notice.
  • Free Number Center is the only section in our app that contains ads. If ads happen to appear on other pages of the app, it may be due to your connection delay after leaving the coins center page.
  • For the sake of your own privacy, if you don’t wish to keep the USA number that you used to register in social media accounts or websites; we recommended that you delete your accounts and chats before disowning it.

If you wish to send feedback or inquire, you can contact our support team via our Support Center.

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Exclusive for US users, enjoy getting free phone services with our new coins center.
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