Best Practices for Working Remotely

Best Practices for Working Remotely from Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Despite the prevailing mindset of freelance and remote working in the current century, not all workers are fully aware or wisely oriented to adapting to this global shift caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Some of the leading companies on the market are still afraid of the continuity of their employees’ work from home believing that it is not wise to leave customers and employees out of sight. It is not easy to make the decision to leave the office and pursue tasks while sitting in the coach in your room. That is, what are the best practices for working remotely from home? How can you manage that your employees are on task in this new environment? Can you deliver the results of productivity that you used to maintain?

Are you reading this while staying at home? Great! Then grab a snack and let’s see how you and your company can survive this change, and how you can maintain the level of productivity you used to have while in the office.

What Is the Most Productive Environment: Home or Office?

It is not a matter of absolute judgment in choosing between the ideal working environment at home or the office. This is because some people may find themselves comfortable while working from home, whereas others face difficulties managing their work matters away from their office at work.

You may be among those who find working from home is way better because you may that kind of person who prefers the calm space without colleagues hovering around his desk chitchatting and spending a lot of time eating meals. Also, you may see work from home as beneficial because you are not subject to constant monitoring from your boss, and you may celebrate the comfort of not wearing ironed shirt or suitable clothes for the office.

On the other hand, you may feel that communication between team members will not be easy or effective while you work from home. Also, you find yourself surrounded by members of your family playing here and there, and your cat does not stop sitting on your keyboard trying to draw your attention or your neighbor chose to finish building his facility next to your window with so much noise. This prevents you from maintaining the hierarchy of your thoughts. After all, you are the one to realize the environment that increases your productivity.

However, under the conditions imposed by the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus, you have to carry out your practical tasks from home. Therefore, you should always improve your productivity even if you do not support working from home.

Why not take a closer look at the positive aspects of home-based work?

  • Save time, effort and money
  • Increase working time
  • Free to choose a place to work from
  • Give employees greater independence and flexibility

What Are the Fields of Work that You Can Do from Home?

The areas of work that you can pursue from home are not limited to digital marketing and electronic services. Many companies and sectors have chosen to work from home in light of the Coronavirus in order to track their business and not freeze, the most prominent of which are:

best practices for working remotely
  • Health and Medical Services

Many of the leading companies have announced job titles that aim to culture patients electronically and grant online follow up after physical or psychological sessions.

  • Education and Training

Many opportunities for education and distance learning have prompted the need to employ, for example, online curriculum writers, trainers, remote translators, and coordinators of online student services.

  • Information and Communication Technology (IT)

Technology projects can be pursued from home with the online presence of the project team; the project manager, engineers, developers, and others who all can meet the project’s requirements and discuss them all online via an appropriate communication channel.

  • Marketing

With technical development, marketing has become digitally dependent on improved search results (SEO), PPC ads, traffic generation, affiliated marketing, and other strategies that marketers can work remotely and from home.

  • Writing, Editing, and Design

This field is fertile as you can work as a writer of various types, including medical, scientific, and athletic articles and reports, in addition to journalism. Not to mention the designer who works for websites, applications, infographics, and more, all of which can be done from home productively.

  • Consulting Services

You can provide advice to people online in the field that you are an expert in. If you are a lawyer, for example, or have good knowledge in the legal field, you can provide legal advice online. Also, if you occupy a job related to the field of advertising and marketing, you can provide consultant plans and strategies remotely.

  • Testing Applications and Sites

During your commitment at home, you can start your work of testing various applications, programs and websites that are still in the development stage and, consequently, provide data about any problems that users might face.

  • Customer Support

Customer support staff often work for (IT) companies to deal with customer inquiries via phone, email or messages remotely without the need to be outside home.

  • Virtual Assistant

Much of the administrative work that includes searching, replying to emails, and answering phone calls can be performed remotely.  Furthermore, other time consuming, routine tasks are entrusted to virtual assistants so that business owners can spend more time on the most important tasks.

Ten Tips for Staying Productive at Home

best practices for working remotely
  • Stick to Office Hours

There is no doubt that working from the office requires you to run from your bed to prepare yourself and eat your breakfast in order to reach the office on time. However, when working from home, all you need to do is moving from your pillow to your computer without the burden of changing your comfortable pajamas.

Be sure that one of the ways to work productively from home is to get off your to-do list once you wake up because when you spend too much time eating breakfast, doing some house chores, or starting to work slowly, you will lose your motivation and reduce your encouragement. Believe it or not, when you work from home, you open your eyes, have your cup of coffee and start work right away. Whenever you would like to take a break, you stop to eat or do something.

  • Choose a Dedicated Space in Your Home

You may find many people advising you to sit at your office at home in order to touch a sense of commitment as if you were working from your office at work, but this is not necessarily true. Remember that what is appropriate for someone may not be the same for you. That is, you are the most efficient person to decide which place is more than comfortable, quiet, and productive for you to work; let it be your personal room or the sofa.

  • Stay Connected

Stay in touch with your team and colleagues while you work from home during the Corona outbreak using useful and innovative tools that organize your business tasks and informing your supervisor about your constant performance. For example, use Slack, Skype, or Zoom to interact with your colleagues via video and audio so that you won’t feel you are out of the loop. In this regard, you can run your business and communicate professionally through the Numero eSIM virtual phone numbers.

  • Schedule Your Work

Set your schedule and make it visible to your coworkers with a shared calendar. This way, they will know when you have enough time for a meeting, you are out on a break, or for special circumstances. It’s also good to make sure your friends and family understand and respect your schedule, i.e. set limits by telling them that working remotely from home does not mean you are free all the time.

In order to deliver the different projects and tasks, you must adopt a specific application, program, or system to organize everything that should be done and when it should be. You can use organizational apps like Teamwork or Trello or you can use Google Calendar. After all, it is important to experiment with a few platforms until you find the one that feels comfortable using it and has all the features you need.

  • Make it Difficult for You to Mess with Social Media

Social media is a distraction regardless of whether you work in the office or work remotely because of its design which makes it easy for everyone to access, open and browse. However, at home, it might be a little easier to deviate from its course, for there will be no manager standing on your shoulder watching or looking at the screen as you walk into the kitchen or on the balcony. In case you lost control, you may not be able to re-manage yourself up to four hours of YouTube videos.

We suggest:

  • Remove them from browser shortcuts and log out of your accounts
  • Customize another browser window so that you do not have to log out while staying away from any opportunity that might entice you to take many social breaks during work.
  • Busy Yourself More

You will not deny that the busier you are, the more effective you will be to fulfill your tasks. Therefore, you may be closer to what Newton’s first law states that “an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.” That is, when involved in work, you should work in a movement fast enough to stay in the straight line to complete anything that is placed on your desks.

However, you may feel some relief and inability to work because you are affected by the calm atmosphere while you are at home. Accordingly, you have to busy yourself with your tasks. If you feel lazy, just change your routine and create for yourself factors to regain your motivation, such as getting up from your place and energizing your body or reading an article that may lead you to create new tasks for yourself.

  • Take Clear Breaks

It can be easy to be distracted as a remote employee so that you avoid the breaks completely. Don’t let the guilt of work at home prevents you from taking time to relax.

Instead of just opening social media and watching some videos as a rest while sitting in your own place,

  • Do move and go for a picnic outside
  • Spend time with others who may also be at home
  • Eat something to regain your energy.

But set aside a precise break time in order not to waste too much time. In this regard, you can use some applications such as (TimeOut) for Mac devices or (Smart Break) app for Android, or you can only run a simple clock or timer on the screen when you take a break in order not to prolong your break more than necessary.

  • Interact with Others Around You

Remember that you work from home, not the moon. Interacting with others is allowed in the work time, even if they are not your coworkers. In fact, it is a good idea to see faces during the day when most of your work is alone.

  • Don’t Bother Doing House Chores

Working from home may make you feel that you can spend some time doing a couple of house chores, like washing clothes or dishes or cleaning the house. However, do not forget that as long as you are in your working hours, you must be more responsible for work even if you spend those hours from home. That is, during your working hours, your time is not yours, but rather you invest every minute to increase your productivity without distracting yourself and wasting a lot of time preparing a nice breakfast or lunch for yourself including cutting and cooking. Would you have spent that time of the day cooking while in the office? Why not cook it the night before just as if you were going to spend the day in the office?

  • End your Working Hours Every Day

You may have the impression that working from home establishes a greater balance between work and life, but be careful with this assumption. Working from home can seem like on your natural day that you can get involved in your activity in a relaxed environment, so you lose the full course of time.

Because being in the office and seeing your colleagues remind you of the leave time and so you do, but at home, there isn’t. You can set an alarm at the end of the day to indicate that your workday is coming to an end. You don’t have to stop at the exact time, but knowing your workday is over can help you start the process of saving your work and arranging for tomorrow. If you work from home full time, it is really easy to make your working life interfere with your personal life in an unfair way. Here, maintaining the boundaries is important for both halves of the equation.

Things You Should Avoid When #WFH

  • Noting Using a Backup Plan

While working from home, you may come across a sudden blackout of the power or internet connection, but this small inconvenience should not turn your day into a mess. Instead, it’s nice to have a fixed backup plan to get the job done. If you didn’t pay your internet bills or have any issue that needs technical assistance while the country is in quarantine, use your backup plan and keep working.

Subscribe to a data plan from your provider, or if you have a phone that supports eSIM, take advantage of the various eSIM data plans. Find out here how you can take advantage of the Numero eSIM data plans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Not Using the Mute Button

The bottom line here when you are on a business call, your coworkers are more likely to hear your family talk, your child’s crying, or the type of music you’re listening to. Find a quiet place or go somewhere far away from calls and put yourself in mute mode until it’s your turn to speak.

  • Communicating Excessively

One of the traps where workers and employees fell in while working remotely and from home is working excessively. Being in front of your phone or computer makes it easier for you to do more, even when you don’t want to. Once you receive a message or email from your manager or colleague, you find yourself responding to it and completing a specific task. This work may require you to write to a colleague. Therefore, be careful if it is the weekend and not urgent. Do not confuse your colleagues, everyone needs an opportunity to relax.

Final Words

We hope these tips are useful to you. Do remember that the key to maintaining productivity while working either from home or remotely lies in knowing what works best for you.

We would like to hear from you what your work experience is from home. Have you encountered any problems or obstacles while working from home? Are you keen to stick to a specific schedule? Do you have other tips for working from home? Write down and share it.

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