How Business Phone Number Can Help Your Business? | Virtual Phone Numbers

How Business Phone Number Can Help Your Business? |Virtual Phone Numbers

Dear great business owners,

Do you know that 83% of small businesses are operated and owned by a single person and 64% of them are started with less than $10.000 in the US? It’s fascinating! But you might be asking what strategies such businesses are instantly developing. How can they manage all of the business affairs and, most importantly, relations and communication?

Of course, for entrepreneurs, like you, time is measured by how devoted you are to growing your business, and how every dollar earned is reinvested, right? This should be the first motive the most innovators prefer to run their business alone in its baby steps.

With all online tools and apps around, you can manage your business with your time management skills. For example, you can use Trello for better project outlining and tasks management, Expensify for better managing expense reports, Mailchimp for better building and managing your mailing lists, and Google Analytics for better tracking your advertising and social networking sites. Well, now all is on your plate, yet one more thing; your “business phone number.” Thus, you can still keep your money in the bank and still be able to control your communication with clients around the world via Numero’s business phone number.

Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is a way you use your phone system online through an app without a directly associated telephone line. Such technology is deployed to replace the need for desk phones and local phone service, for it requires no hardware but runs on the VoIP system, and they are majorly used for global communications.

Virtual Phone Numbers and Business

According to the latest report from BrightLocal, “interestingly, the vast majority of consumers prefer to call local businesses…– where 41% preferred calls, 20% emails, and 19% visiting the business.” Therefore, dedicating a business phone number to your business helps your customers reach out to you at any time, further enhancing connectivity and availability. When using a virtual phone number, your business has more options. Look at some of these options hereby.

Why You Need A Virtual Phone Number for Your Business?

1. Experience the mobility of geography and remote work

Now, your business doesn’t require you to build many infrastructures in many sites in the world to stay in touch and be able to provide the service to a wide world audience. Instead, start-up your company from your home office using multiple virtual phone numbers tied to your single phone. In other words, build your virtual office anywhere to present as a local service easy to reach and deliver. For instance,

  • Do you have great ideas for fashion? Own your New York or Paris virtual number and start taking your small business into a wider market from your spot.
  • Is it a film production company? Make a difference by getting a USA virtual phone number.
business phone number

2) Stop Using Your Private Number for the Business

You may haven’t thought much when you gave away your personal number to customers when your business has just getting started. Now, you should go back and deal with it because that, unfortunately, means that your personal number is now being used for both the business, as well as your private use. Separating your business and personal numbers:

  • Gives you the chance to sound more professional and organized when dealing with customers and business partners.
  • Allows you to prioritize your calls, what to answer, delay or let it be forwarded to your office numbers.
  • Enjoy an improved balance between life and work and have everything in control.
  • Preserves your personal space and privacy, for you can just keep your personal number private and unknown to others who are not your family or close friends.

3. Develop more relations

Your business may have its partners from different regions, or you would like to hire individuals from multiple countries to be available on the call 24/7. A Skype call or Zoom Meeting can do the mission, but to give your international associates the trust that you are just one call away, let them reach you via their local numbers.

Develop more relations with business phone number
use the business phone number to track your campaigns

4) Evaluate the performance of marketing, advertising or sales campaign

The fruits of your efforts could be measured when receiving many calls asking and ordering your services or products more. However, you can stay organized with your campaign calls by allocating a different virtual number to every campaign which you are running. Not to mention the advantages virtual numbers can add to your business when used for increasing the reach of your business online, in stores or apps. Find the best tactics to use your virtual numbers for marketing right from here.

5) Manage Your Business On-The-Go

Virtual numbers grant a degree of transparency that could not potentially be offered by standard landlines. For fear of missing an important call, there is no need to be tied to your desk phone. Do forward your calls to any preferred device enabling entrepreneurs to run their business on the go and work wherever they might be as long as connected to the internet. This implies less “dead time” wasted driving to catch a clint call or waiting for meetings with no chances lost.

6) Save a lot of Your Business Expenses

Turn your decisions into virtual numbers now because of their cost-efficiency:

  • Above all, you will not spend any penny to set up your office in other countries or build phone lines, but at the same time, you can still have virtual offices all over the world by the use of virtual numbers. Redirect the call to any employee’s number, and have them worked remotely.
Save a lot of Your Business Expenses
  • VoIP is the secret. It offers cloud-based hosted solutions making your call charges more affordable than via traditional carriers. Therefore, with the local area codes and calls made via this virtual system, both your business and your clients can bypass any fees associated with making long-distance phone calls. This is especially true for any business with an international presence.
  • A big international company? Use the toll-free numbers to have all your calls routed and, thus, reached no matter what, anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices at little or no additional cost.
  • Buy multiple numbers from your very one mobile, without the need to spend more money on different mobiles and SIMS.
  • Cut costs of maintenance, for it, will all be handled by the provider, and there are fewer setup costs.
  • You make your choice of monthly or yearly subscriptions due to your affordability. You won’t be required any long-term contracts.
  • Are you traveling a lot? Reduce your traveling budget without the need to buy a new SIM with the area code or suffer from the high bills when calling your home. Virtual numbers eliminate roaming costs and reduce calling costs worldwide.

7) Richen Your Business Experience with More Advanced Features

It is not about calling and receiving calls in the cloud, but also:

  • Receive SMS freely from around the world.
  • Lock your virtual number as “Private” when placing calls.
  • Forward your calls to another number or just direct them to a voicemail.
  • Set up quickly and instantly without the need to call any technical service.
Gain the trust of your customers with your business phone number

8) Improve Your Customer Service

  • With the local presence, you can drive your customer to dial your service even if you are miles away. This will give your customers the trust to call you.
  • The local number will be preferable rather than a more expensive long-distance one.
  • Users can have positive feedback when they find a number associated with each department and function in your company. They will immediately start recommending your dedicated customer service to friends, family, and even acquaintances, potentially generating new leads for you, especially when they are directed to what department they need for specific easily and fast.
  • The use of toll-free numbers that grant a multi-channel for your customers to reach is fundamental to your support department. This will help receive several calls at the same time, eliminating the risk of missing a call from an important client.

Learn more about how these numbers can be the savior for your support team from here.

9) Verify Your Social Media Accounts with Virtual Numbers

One of the greatest ways to reach your customers is through social media. It is the place where you can find them and start targeting them based on their needs:

  • Get a second Facebook account verified by your virtual number without the need to provide any ID, hence, save your back.
  • Activate your WhatsApp Business with an international number to grab more potential customers from different regions.
  • Target more WhatsApp groups with your offers and promotion.
  • Are you using your WhatsApp to make money either by partnering with different websites or marketing your own business? Great! This where you can save personal accounts and shine the other one with a virtual number to the business world.
Verify Your Social Media Accounts with Virtual Numbers
  • Keep your personal WhatsApp account from the public by activating another one devoted to your business. Learn more about why to activate your WhatsApp using virtual numbers from here.
  • Use your WhatsApp Business great features, such as catalog, business profile, story, etc. to boost your business image. See more of how to use WhatsApp Business with your virtual numbers from here.
business phone number

10) Freelancers and Remote Workers

There are various reasons why virtual numbers are a great option for freelancers:

  1. Most freelance work is done online, and that implies the ability to benefit from the virtual system these numbers work on.
  2. You can guarantee that your personal accounts and information are secure and not exposed to whoever calls you.
  3. Pitching to wide world clients with virtual numbers makes you seem accessible and reliable. Thus, you will attract new clients and, in return, build a profitable reputation.
  4. Online marketer? Well, a phone number that limits outreach due to the location can be a financial downfall. But when you have virtual numbers that have different area code drags more potential clients to think of your skills on a wider, more marketable scale.
  5. You can stay mobile and go wherever to work from; a coffee shop, a bookstore, or while traveling, you won’t miss a beat.

Concluding Thoughts

A range of great features can be added to your business when using virtual numbers. This service can save you time, money and much effort. Consider adding a virtual phone number to your business profile if you want to improve productivity, encourage a professional picture of yourself, and make it easier for friends, family and business contacts to communicate with you.

Have questions about how to add a virtual number or want to share how virtual phone numbers have improved your business communications? Comment below or connect with us on social media.

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