How to Buy a Travel Bundle Using Numero eSIM App?

How to Buy a Travel Bundle Using Numero eSIM App? 

You can now get integrated telecom bundles when traveling to any country at the best prices and without the need to obtain a SIM card from any provider.
Starting with travel bundles, everything is packed in one package:

  • Local phone numbers
  • Mobile data
  • Free credit for local, international and back home calls, and SMS. 

How to Buy a Travel Bundle Using Numero eSIM App?

1. From the main page, click on “Bundles”
2. Choose the suitable bundle, “Travel”
3. Select a country you are traveling to
4. Choose the available travel bundle.
5. On the “Buy Bundle” page, browse the bundles’ details

The bundle will be activated 24 hours before the selected activation date. For example, if you select the date today or tomorrow, the bundle will be activated immediately. Otherwise, it will be activated 24 hours before the selected date.


USA Bundle
the bundle details
6. Click on “Buy”

Confirm to continue activating the bundle.

confirm the bundle activation
7. Purchase the bundle using 
  • Store, 
  • Credit or Debit card 
  • Others
  • Numero Balance (if you have enough balance)
payment for the bundle
8. Click on “ My products” on the home page 
my products in Numero
9. View your activated, not activated, and expired bundles 
active bundle

Want to make a call?

In case you want to use the bundle number to make a call to the same country number, a pop-up will be displayed for you to choose to complete the call with your number or with the bundle number in order to use the bundle balance. 

  • Click on “change to bundle number”
  • Select the bundle number in “My Active eSIMs”
change to bundle number

Enjoy the best communication packages all together

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