How To Buy A Virtual Number Using Numero eSIM

How To Get A Virtual Phone Number (eSIM) For International Calls

If you need an American, British or any international number for any country in the world in order to make international calls, you have just landed in the right place. Numero eSIM is the most guaranteed mobile application to complete the mission.

Numero eSIM provides multiple international virtual phone numbers, and to try it you are welcome to use your free trial. Please be noted that after the trial you need to buy the number, so that you can continue enjoying the features of Numero App. Also, you can have a free virtual phone number for a full month using Numero Free Coin Center.

Please follow these instructions to buy your virtual phone number.

Step One: Download & Install Numero App

The application is available in both Android and iOS. You can get your free trial right after the installation.

Download Numero From Google Play
Download Numero From App Store

Note: You need to install Numero using your local phone number (Your SIM) to ensure getting your virtual number in any case.

Step Two: Choose a Number

Numero virtual phone numbers are real numbers bought from telecommunication companies in local countries.

The price of these numbers is so competitive compared to other applications and sites. Also, the price of calls and SMS is extremely cheaper than the cost of international calls. One more advantage is that Numero virtual phone numbers support social media applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram and Viber.

In addition, Numero virtual phone numbers provide features such as call forwarding, SMS receiving and hide numbers.

numero app on Android and iOS

From the main menu, tap on  “ Buy numbers and Data”. Then, press on “Buy Number”. Here You have many options to follow:

Option 1: Special Offer Numbers

Numero introduces a huge discount on these numbers reaching 50% in case of a yearly subscription.

Option 3: Toll-Free Number

Numero eSIM provides Toll-Free Number service for companies and businesses. If you have your own business, we recommend you to buy a Toll-Free Number.

Option 2: Social Media Numbers

In case your main goal behind buying the number is activating social media accounts –except for Twitter- and applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Telegram, choose this option.

Note: All social media numbers are American virtual phone number.

Option 4: Buy Local Country Numbers

If you are looking for a specific country phone number such as France, UK, Germany, Canada, Sweeden, Poland, Finland Romania, Russia, and many other countries, select the country you wish to have your virtual phone number from, for example, The UK. See the picture below.

In order to buy the number, choose one of the previous options -> Choose The Country  -> Choose Area -> Choose the Number.

Step Three: Verify Numero Virtual Phone Number Features

There are 5 Numero eSIM features for numbers:

First: Making Calls (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Second: Receiving Calls (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Third: SMS-Sending (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Fourth: SMS- Receiving (Available for Some Numero eSIM virtual numbers)

Fifth: Social Media Numbers (Available for Some Numero eSIM virtual numbers, especially “Social Media” categoty)

Note: Numero eSIM virtual phone numbers are not refundable. Please make sure of your country number and the area features before buying it.

All features supported this number.

Social media is not supported for this number.

Both registering for Social media and receiving SMS are not supported for this number.

Step 4: Buy the Number

Numero eSIM app provides many payment methods by which you can buy your virtual mobile numbers; either directly through the app using your visa card, or through your Paypal account, Western Union or bank transfer.

Video Guide: Buy Virtual Phone Number

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Is it possible to call someone from my own number nd the number shows to the person will other number?

It is possible if you activated private number feature


Please can you give me number gratis thanks

Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to get a free number: Virtual phone number for free.

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