How To Cancel Automatic Subscription In Numero eSIM App

Stop My Subscription In Numero eSIM

Do you have a problem using Numero eSIM app? Do you want to cancel your automatic subscription and delete your account? First, contact our customer support team and get help to fix any problems you face. We have a very qualified team dedicated to you 24 hours a day. If you still want to cancel your subscription, you can do so from the app itself or from the Store, depending on the payment method through which you purchased the number.
Note: Cancellation of a subscription means that it will not be renewed at the end of the subscription period, and does not mean cancellation of the currently active subscription.

How To Cancel Automatic Subscription

From Numero eSIM app

This method is valid for users who have purchased virtual numbers through Numero credit or through the free coin center and not through the store. To cancel the automatic subscription, follow the following steps:

  1. From the home page, choose “My Products”.
  2. Choose “My Phone Numbers”.
  3. Choose the number you want to cancel the subscription for.
  4. Make sure that the automatic renewal option is turned off.

Through the store

You must cancel the subscription through the store if you have purchased the number through the store and do not want to renew the subscription again because the store automatically renews the subscription if sufficient credit is available.

For Android Devices Users:

For Android devices owners, to stop your subscription in Numero eSIM app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play store then open the side menu and click “Subscriptions
  2. Select the app name “Numero eSIM app”
  3. Review the subscription details then click “Cancel Subscription
  4. Select the reason for subscription cancellation and click “Continue”
Numero cancel subscription 1
Numero cancel subscription 2
Numero cancel subscription 3
Numero cancel subscription 4

For iOS Devices Users:

  1. Open the “Settings” icon.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap “Subscriptions“.
  4. Tap on “Numero eSIM” subscription.
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription”
  • You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled.

Video: How To Cancel Subscription?

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