How To Clone Apps For Android Using Numero Space

Duplicate Apps With Numero eSIM

Are you searching for apps to clone a phone? you are in the right place, Numero eSIM app enables you now to duplicate apps on Android, so you can now multiple social media apps and multiple messaging apps on the same mobile without downloading extra apps except Numero eSIM app using Numero Space feature. Keep in mind that you can use the duplicated apps with or without having a virtual phone number from Numero eSIM app. Follow the steps below to know how to clone apps for Android and make a parallel space or a dual phone using Numero eSIM.

Note: Numero Space feature is supported on Android Oreo 8+ or above.

How To Clone Apps For Android

  1. After update Numero eSIM app to the latest version from Google Play store, you will notice the new feature icon “Numero Space”, click on it to start your space.
  2. As we mentioned earlier, you can either use a virtual number from Numero eSIM app or start using the space and duplicate apps and use your real number, choose from the options
  3. A permission screen will shown up, Numero eSIM app must have admin permission on your mobile to enables Numero Space feature and can clone apps on Android, so make sure to give it all of the requested permissions.
    Note: This step may vary between devices based on your device manufacture and the operating system.
  4. After allowing Numero eSIM app to have admin permissions on your mobile, you can use Numero Space as shown in the image below. there are 2 sections: “Numero Space”, where your cloned apps exist, and “All Apps”, where you can clone other apps and make a second copy.
    At first, we advice you to create a lock on your Numero Space for more privacy, using the lock icon that shown in the top left in the screen.
  5. Click on “Create Password”
  6. Now you can clone apps and use them safely, go to “All Apps” tab and select the app you aim to duplicate, then click on it. Click on “Clone to Numero” to create another copy of it,
  7. Now switch to “Numero Space” tab to use your second copy of that app.
Clone Apps For Android with Numero Space
clone apps for Android
secure clone apps with Android
Numero Space allows clone apps with Android
Numero space to clone apps for Android

Why I Can Not Clone An App?

Sometimes when you trying to clone apps for Android, an error message will shown up.

The process depends on your device manufacture, so here you can clone your app using Google Play, but how?

After activating Numero Space feature, you will notice that Google Play store is already cloned on “Numero Space” tab. Open the second copy of Google Play and download the app you wish to clone, it will be added in “Numero Space” tab after that and you can use it as a second copy of the app.

Video: How To Clone Apps For Android

How To Deactivate Numero Space?

If you do not like the new feature and want to deactivate it, you can easily do so by following these steps:

Note: the steps may vary from device or OS version.

  1. Go to your mobile settings and choose “Security”.
  2. Click on “Device Administration” so you can check the apps with administrator privileges.
  3. As shown in the image below, you will see two copies of Numero eSIM app as administrator, to deactivate Numero Space, you have to disable the administrator privileges on the cloned copy (The one with a suitcase icon in its logo).
deactivate clone apps for Android

Video: Deactivate Numero Space

Deleting Numero eSIM ☹

Due to administrator privileges, you can not directly delete Numero eSIM when Numero Space is activated, so you have to disable admin permissions first to delete Numero eSIM following the above steps and then deleting the original app from administrators list.

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