What Would You Like To Know About Your Best Virtual Number App -Numero eSIM-?

Do you have a question while using your virtual number app on iPhone or Android? check the list below or search to get your answer quickly.


What Does eSIM in "Numero eSIM" Stand for?

While Numero means “Number” in Spanish, our eSIM stands for Electronic SIM. The phone number is delivered electronically through the mobile application, and you can not use the eSIM without the app.

Can I Register Without Having A Real Phone Number?

No, You have to register with your real phone number to assure more security. In case you lost your account, we can help you restore it.

What Do I Need to Use Numero?
  1. App version 4.2 or higher for Android and 9.0 or higher for iOS
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Payment Method
How Do I Register in Numero?

Follow these steps:

  • Install Numero eSIM on your mobile
  • Just enter your real phone number and start browsing the application services.
  • You will not need to activate your number in which you registered within Numero unless you decide to subscribe to one of Numero’s paid services such as buying a number or charging credit. Follow the steps in detail here.

In case of having trouble registering to the app, please contact our support team at support@numero.global

How Do People Call Me On Numero?

People call you on your Numero’s number as they usually do with your real one because it’s real.

All you need after purchasing the number is to give the concerned persons your new number as you normally do.

How to Check the Current Available Countries?

Our app provides numbers for 80+ countries and 3500+ cities worldwide, and the list is consistently changing and expanding.

To check the list of countries:

  • Install and register in Numero eSIM
  • Open the App and go to “Buy Numbers” to browse the list of countries
  • Click on each country to see the list of available cities and click on the city to see the list of available numbers
How Do I Buy Numero Numbers?

To buy virtual numbers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register in Numero eSIM app
  2. Choose the “Buy Numbers” icon from the home page.
  3. Choose the country you want the number from, then choose the region.
  4. From the list of numbers, click on the number you wish to but and click the “Buy Plan” button.
    For more details, follow the steps in the tutorial here.
Are My Phone Contacts and Numero Contacts Linked?

Yes! You will find all of your phone’s contact automatically synced with the app.

Can I Use Numero on Tablets?

Yes. You can turn any smart device into a calling device with Numero.

Can I Use Numero When travelling?

Yes. Numero eSIM works regardless of your geographical location. You just need an internet connection to make calls.

Why Can't I Make Calls?

This could be due to several reasons:

  • You may have run out of credits.
  • The number you are calling is incorrect, can not be accessed, or you have not entered the country key.
  • Poor Internet connection.

The best thing you can do in all cases is contacting customer support at support@numero.global or send a ticket from within the app.

What is Android's Work Profile? And how is it related to Numero Space?

The work profile is a solution that allows admins to control some data and apps separately from everything else on the device. Numero Space allows you to clone all apps on your Android device by creating a new work profile.

I Bought a Virtual Number and I Can't Activate it in My iPhone's eSIM, Why?

Our eSIM stands for “electronic SIM” and not “embedded SIM” as the phone number is delivered electronically through the mobile application.
If you have any of the Dual SIM iPhones (one of them being apple’s eSIM) like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR then don’t confuse apple’s embedded eSIM with our electronic eSIM. Our virtual numbers won’t be embedded in your phone’s eSIM and can only be managed through our app.

Follow here to learn more about the different types of SIMs.

How Do I Change My Numero Number?

The only way to “change” the Numero eSIM  number is to unsubscribe and add a new number. You can not trade or exchange a number at the moment, however this might be a future feature.

What iOS and Android Version Do I Need to Use Numero?

4.2 or higher for Android and 9.0 or higher for iOS.

Do My Contacts Need to Have Numero Installed on Their Phones?

No. Numero eSIM works just like a regular phone number, so the recipient does not need to download the app.

Can I Send and Receive International SMS with All Numeo Numbers?

You need to check your number features before purchasing it. Some numbers do not support receiving SMS. However, sending SMS is an option in all Numero numbers.

What Do I Do If I Can't Find the Number Area That I Need?

We try our best to provide as many countries/ cities as possible, and this process might take some time. However, if you do not find the area number you are looking for at the moment, you can request it directly from the app.

Go to countries list and click on the dotted icon below. It will open a “Request eSIM” ticket,  and our team will instantly receive your request and try to provide the number for you.

How Many Numero Numbers Can I Buy on One Phone?

As many as you want! There’s no limit.

Can I Make International Calls with Numero Numbers?

Of course!

I Didn't Receive My Verification Code, why?

Please contact our support team within the app or via support@numero.global. Provide your real mobile phone number to solve your problem.

Can I Receive Calls On My Numero Number?

You can receive calls on your Numero eSIM numbers on any device. All calls from the online caller are forwarded to the Numero eSIM application, so you must have an internet connection to receive calls. You can set up Voicemail or Call Forwarding when you are not connected or unavailable or divert calls to your actual number.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Numero?

You need to be connected to the internet to make calls and send SMS, but you can still receive calls when offline by activating Voicemail and Call Forwarding features to get your calls on either your email or another available number you choose.

How Do I Recharge Or Add Credit?

To recharge your credit balance, click on the “Calls Credits” from the home page and then choose the amount you want to recharge with (€1, €5, €10, €20, €50).

Or simply click on your balance display in your dial screen and purchase it.

What Types of Numbers Are There in Numero?

Numero eSIM app provides:

  • Social Media Numbers
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Toll-free numbers.

Payments & Charges

Does Numero eSIM Provide a Free Trial?

Numero no longer offers the 24 hours free trial to new users by the end of April 15th, 2020. Numero eSIM upgraded its services and preferred to provide its users with a free number for a longer time through the updated Free Number Center.

What Are the Paid Services Available in Numero?

We Provide:

  • Virtual numbers for more than 80 countries and 3500 regions.
  • Call credit of 1,5, 10, 20, 50 € for calls.
  • Internet packages for more than 50 countries and 1000 regions
    The application provides other services such as Hiding the number when calling and Forwarding calls.
What Are The Available Payment Options?
  1. Valid payment card (Debit or Credit)
  2. App store credits
  3. Redeem codes if available
Are There Any Additional Fees to Payments?

Yes. Additional fees may apply depending on currency exchange rates and country tax rules.

What Are The Current In-App Purchases?

You need to pay for buying eSIM numbers with a monthly subscription system and no long-term commitment. Also, you will need to buy in-app call credit.

There might be additional amazing features in the future that will require payments, and we will make that clear in our advertising and in-app.

How Much Do Calls Cost? How Are Calls Charged?

You are charged based on the price of the destination you are calling. To check the price rates, simply go to the home [age and choose “Call Charge”.

You can also dial the number you want to call in the dial pad, or choose your contact, and the call rate will be displayed underneath the number.

Call rates are displayed per minute.

How Much Does Roaming Cost With Numero?

Nothing! Roaming is completely free. Receive calls free anywhere in the world on your eSIM numbers. Just make sure you are using Wi-Fi and not your phone’s data.

Subscription & Recharge

Can I Upgrade and Downgrade from Annual Subscription?

Upgrade to the annual subscription:

  • If you are an iOS user, the annual subscription will start immediately and you will be refunded the rest of your monthly subscription.
  • If you are an Android user, (due to Google Play store policy) the annual subscription will start at the end of your current monthly subscription.

Downgrade from annual subscription:

To downgrade from the annual subscription, you have to cancel your subscription and subscribe again for a month. In this case, you will lose the subscription fees.

What Is The Subscription Period?

Virtual phone numbers:

All numbers work on a monthly subscription basis, which means that the user must pay for the subscription extension each month to maintain the same number. Some other numbers provide annual subscription plans, where users pay annually.

Data eSIM:

It depends on the data plans you chose. Once your purchased Data plan is activated, you can use it within 7 or 30 days.

Do I Have to Buy Credit For Every Number I Subscribe To?

No. The purchased balance can be used for any number you have subscribed to.

eSIM Data Plans

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM card that is embedded in the device. Also, it works only on unlocked eSIM-compatible devices. Moreover, on an eSIM compatible device, subscribers can start connecting by simply scanning a QR Code and entering a Confirmation Code. Besides, subscribers can manually enter the details provided in the eSIM confirmation details.
For more details about data eSIM plans, click here.

Are Numero eSIM Data Plans Refundable?

Data packages are unique and can be activated on one device only. Thus, it is nonrefundable.

How Long Can I Use my Numero Data eSIM?

Open Numero -> My eSIMs -> My Data -> Select your data plan package and check the duration.

How Many eSIM Can I Have?

Numero subscribers are welcome to buy as much data eSIM plans as they prefer. In other words, there is no ceiling to that. However, one Plan will be working at a time.

Where Can I Find my Confirmation Code?

Please check your purchased data package duration.

Open Numero -> My Numbers & Data -> My Data -> Installation Guide -> View You QR or SM-DP+Address and Activation code

How do I know which SIM is using data?

Navigate to your device’s Mobile/Cellular Settings and check under “Mobile Data”. Your device will specify whether it is using data from the Primary SIM (your physical, regular SIM card) or the eSIM. If you have multiple eSIMs installed, your device will also specify which eSIM is being used by displaying its label – the nickname which you chose for your eSIM at the point of installation.
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Social Media Numbers

Can I Use Numero Numbers to Register in Social Media And Apps Like WhatsApp?

Yes, we provide this feature in Social Media Numbers category and some other numbers. Please make sure to check the number of features before purchasing the number.

Note that SMS delivery from internet services for these numbers is not guaranteed when registering in social media and app. Therefore, it is advised to use the WhatsApp option to receive the verification codes.

How Can I Activate my Numero Number on WhatsApp?

Regarding activating your Numero number on WhatsApp, click here.

Why Are Some Numbers Blocked on WhatsApp?

Your Number or device can be banned by WhatsApp in these cases:

  1. When you send spam messages.
  2. When Multiple Whatsapp contacts block you.
  3. When you try to register with multiple numbers in a short period.
I Received a Ban from Facebook, Viber or Telegram Before Entering my Activation Code, Why?

You can contact the support team to provide you with the appropriate solution. And if the ban continues, do not hesitate to contact our support team within the app or via support@numero.global.

Toll-Free Numbers

Can I Own More Than One Toll-Free Number?

Yes. You can forward calls to different devices, as well.

Can I Use the Toll-Free Number to Call Out?


How Is Toll-Free Cost Calculated?

The cost varies from one country to another and depends on the caller’s number type if it’s a landline, mobile or PayPhone number.

Can I Receive Concurrent Call Lines on Multiple Toll-Free Numbers?

Yes. You can have multiple active lines on multiple toll-free numbers at the same time on the same device. Use the hold feature to manage the multiple calls, and you can watch your calls history to follow up after the calls.

How Much Do Toll-Free Number Outgoing Calls Cost?

It depends on calling destination.

Call Forwarding

How to Set Up Voicemail?

Voicemail allows you to automatically record incoming calls if there is no user response, and all recorded messages are sent to the user’s email. You can activate the voicemail feature as follows:

  1. Click the Voicemail icon from the main screen or from the side menu.
  2. Enter the email you want to receive your voicemails in and click “Connect to Voicemail” when done.

Visit here for more details on how to use the voicemail feature. 

Does the Caller Know that His Call Has Been Forwarded?

No. He won’t feel a thing.

I Activated Numero Call Forwarding, But It’s Not Working, Why?

In some rare cases, the phone number’s provider doesn’t support this feature.
But, in all cases, don’t hesitate to contact our support team in the app or via email support@numero.global.

Free Number Center

Can I Get a Free Number in Numero?

Yes. You can get a USA free number through our Free Number Center in the Android version and soon in the iOS.
For more information about how to do it, check this tutorial: Virtual Phone Number for Free.

No Points Added from Watching the Videos, Why?

Dear, anything that happened to your phone may have prevented you from watching the video till the end. You must make sure that you see the reCaptcha check to make sure the video is calculated for you.

Why Do I Only See "Good Luck" Whenever I Turn the Wheel of Fortune?

Dear, remember that the more active you are in Numero, the greater the chance of winning. You may not have been fortunate at the time, try again at another time, and you will undoubtedly win.

I Completed the Game, But I Didn't Get the Coins, Why?

This may happen due to a number of reasons, including:

  1. You did not complete the game as required.
  2. You lost your internet connection at a certain point preventing the game from being calculated.
  3. You may have completed the game before installing Numero.

If none of this happens to you, contact our support team via the app or email, and we will work to provide you with the solution, of course.

Why Don’t I Have Any Videos to Watch and Earn Coins from Watching them??

This depends on your country because, in some countries, there are not many advertisers available. So, you don’t see many videos to watch.  After all, try watching videos at different times, and remember you still can win coins through a lot of ways, click here to see how.

I Have a Lot of Coins, Can I Transfer them to a Friend?

Yes. You can transfer 100 free coins during the day to a friend.
Just enter your friend’s number and the process will be completed.


Are My Calls and Messages Safe?

Yes, all of your calls and SMS messages are safe as they are all encrypted.

Does Buying Numero Numbers Require Proof of Documentation?

Only some numbers will require you to prove your identity with formal documents like a photo of your ID for further security.

Why Does Numero Ask for Your Real Number to to Verify Your Account?

Out of providing unique simplicity and flexibility, we don’t ask you to verify your real number right from your entry to the app. Browse our services and see our coins center along with other features and then decide. Only then, verify your account to start using it.

    1. Indeed, the number is linked to the device. Therefore, when asking for your real number, we intend to ensure that no one else will use your number on any other Numero account by linking your verified number to the device ID. That is, in case anyone is trying to use your number from the device rather than the one used in the registration, we will ask for the verification code to protect your account.
    2. To help you regain your account with the coins, credits and numbers when you format your device or uninstall the app unintentionally.
Are My Personal Information Shared?

No. We don’t share your information with any third parties.

Why Does Numero Ask for Your Real Number to Register?
  1. To keep your account secure from hackers or pirates who can easily hack your email but not that easy with your real number.
  2. To avoid legal irregularities and abuse of numbers from some users that we do not accept in our app.
  3. To prevent our numbers from being used for illegal activities, we ask users to register with their real numbers to follow up on any complaints we receive because of using the number incorrectly.
  4. Wouldn’t you like to forward the calls when offline to your real number or any other number? Then, telecommunication shall work its regular comprehensive process here.
  5. Numero is an integrated communication app, you can simply register with the number to benefit from the cheap international calls and SMS or the ” Private Number” feature within the app without having to buy any virtual number. Therefore, your number is required to recharge your balance and start calling.
I Need to Transfer My Numero Account From One Number to Another. How?

We will work it for you. The minute we assure your identity, the process will continue transferring your account and data to the new number.