Get a Free US virtual phone number for Android

How to Get a Free US Virtual Phone Number 

We have already discussed about Virtual Phone Number” and “Embedded SIM“. These terms are what Numero eSIM App stands for in its provision of free US virtual phone number. No doubt you have envisioned your business, products or services to be recognized on the other side of the developed world, especially in the USA. However, you know for sure it needs a full wallet to construct an office in the USA. Therefore, the manifest of the free US virtual phone number gives access to the worldwide market. In order to market for your potentialities or stay in touch with friends and family, you are better to notice the difference in getting a free US virtual Phone Number yourself.

Before we continue, we need to ensure that Numero’s Numbers are Real and Licensed purchased from telecom companies in the countries that the application includes. That is, they aren’t like some other numbers of fake apps and sites.

Get a Free US Virtual Phone for Android Devices ONLY!

Check your Coins

Click on ” Free Number Center” from the home page to check the total coins you collect along with the various ways of collecting them.

Collect the 400 Coins

Note: Collecting points must be in a periodicity manner. Otherwise, points validity might expire (Two weeks from the last point you got)

Example: Meaning that if you collected 100 coins and after 10 days you collected one more coin, the system will restart the countdown of 2 weeks validity from the date of that one collected coin.

How Do You Collect Coins?

Invite Friends (unlimited)

Choose “Invite Friends” from the “Free Number Center” and choose the platform from which you prefer to send the invitation. You can invite Unlimited Number of Friends to use Numero, and we do the rewarding by granting you the same number of coins your friends collect from the other activities in the Free Number Center.

  • You will enjoy the follow up of your friend invitation’s details; collected coins from this friend, accepted date, expiry date, remaining days and reminder option.
  • Numero will notify you with each accepted invitation and collected coins.
  • You can use the reminder option to remind your friends to collect more coins and help you.

Remember: The invitation will be active for One Month. During this month, you will have each coin collected by your friends in your coins’ wallet.  

Watch Videos (15 per day)

Watch a maximum of 15 Videos per Day

  • First 5 Videos for 3 points each -> Total = 15 points 
  • Second 5 Videos for 4 points each -> Total = 20 points 
  • Third 5 Videos for 5 points each -> Total = 25 points 

Dear, make sure to watch the video till the end. You must see the reCaptcha check to make sure the video is calculated for you.

Daily Check-in (once per day)

Get coins by checking in daily. Check in 7 days in a raw in be rewarded 5 extra coins.

Note: Don’t forget to choose the option of receiving a daily alert by activating “Remind Me Daily“.

Share a Post on Facebook (Twice per week)

Once you click on “Share on Facebook”, the app will be direct to Facebook sharing screen. Thus, you get two free coins.

Note: You can win coins from posting on Facebook twice a week only. 

مشاركة تطبيق نوميرو على فيسبوك

Wheel of Fun (3 spins per day)

Spin the wheel Three Times per Day to win:

  • Free Coins.
  • Free Credit.
  • The big reward of free number for a month.

Note: You will have to watch 2 videos to unlock the 2nd and 3rd spins.

Challenge Wall (Are You Up For It?)

Earn A LOT of coins by taking entertaining challenges and games hosted within Numero. Note that each game has pre-defined rules and conditions that you need to fulfill to earn the coins.


Need Coins Right Away?

You can buy coins for a quick boost.

  • Buy 50 coins for €0.5
  • Buy 250 coins for €2.0

Gift Points and Numbers to Your Friends

Have extra coins and numbers? You can gift them to your friends.

Note: You can send a maximum of 100 coins per day.

Transfer Coins
ارسال رقم ل صديق

Get your Free Number

Collected the required amount of coins? Congrats, you will be rewarded with a USA virtual phone number from Numero’s choice! 

How Do I Get a US Virtual Phone Number?

Terms of Use

Free Number Center allows you to collect a certain amount of coins each month to redeem for a free USA mobile number. Check out the Free Number Cente’s Terms of Use to fully understand how it works out.

Please notice that Values given in this tutorial are subject to change

Why Do I Have to Get a US Virtual Phone Number?

Touch the impact of getting a US virtual phone number:

  1. Stay in touch as if you’re a US resident: You will enjoy sending and receiving calls and SMSs from/to your American friends without having serious concerns regarding the bills of your outgoing calls.
  2. No limits are anymore imposed on you: You can now with the US virtual phone number to download a game, app or book that it’s not available in your region or county.
  3. Activate your US virtual phone number on different social media platforms: you can activate some of your social media accounts, whether Facebook, Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp.
  4. No more burdens imposed by mobile and telecommunications companies: Stay calm because you won’t need to visit the local telecommunications company or provider in the region from which you want to get the US virtual phone number. This is because Numero’s Virtual Numbers depend on VoIP Technology. 
  5. Take advantage of the wide American Market: You can get more than one US virtual phone number from more than one state to use on websites, email campaigns, social media and ads to stay in touch with your American customers. You can do it all confidently with a couple of steps within the Numero eSIM App. Not to mention the Toll-Free numbers in the US that give your business a unique identity. Your customers will now be able to reach you easily.
  6. Protect Your Privacy: You can guarantee that some people don’t reach your real number or annoy you with unimportant messages. You can manage who can see your number or who can contact you.
  7. Achieve Personal- Professional Life Balance: It will contribute to improving the image of your company and developing your business
  8.  Facilitate your Communication When Traveling 

How Legitimate Is It to get a US Virtual Phone Number? Does It Oppose Any Local or International Laws?

It is normal for you to wonder about the legitimacy US virtual phone number Numero eSIM provides. This occurs in particular when you want to use them in your business or in online shopping. This is because many countries deal firmly with those who take advantage of illegally sold numbers through unlicensed applications for impersonation or anonymity purposes. Subsequently, you have to be careful in choosing the application through which you get the US numbers not to expose yourself or your business to accountability. Furthermore, it is risky to trust any of the many applications that provide you with unrecognized numbers because you will end up losing the confidence of your customers and partners with your fake numbers.

Numero eSIM App ensures all reasons of safety and security. This is because it deals with international providers to get licensed and legal numbers. In other words, you won’t face any rejection from any party you need to benefit from its online services.

Another leading feature Numero provides has to do with the awesome role of Customer Support. In Numero’s Support Center, you are backed up with a specialized team to help you fix any matter. You can access Numero support through any suitable way; either through the application, the email or WhatsApp. We create every way to keep your business productive and effective without any obstacle to face.


No Points Added from Watching the Videos, Why?

Dear, anything that happened to your phone may have prevented you from watching the video till the end. You must make sure that you see the reCaptcha check to make sure the video is calculated for you.

Will Every Coin My Invited Friend Collects Be Added to My Wallet?

In case the friend that you invited to Numero has collected the coins from:

  • Checking in daily
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Spinning the Lucky Wheel
  • Playing through the Challenge Wall

you will be rewarded with the same number of coins. However, in case your friend has bought the coins, received them from a third friend or been rewarded the coins from our support team for rating our app, you won’t get a similar action.

Why Do I Only See "Good Luck" Whenever I Turn the Wheel of Fortune?

Dear, remember that the more active you are in Numero, the greater the chance of winning. You may not have been fortunate at the time, try again at another time, and you will undoubtedly win.

Why Don't I See My New Collected Coins Immediately in My Wallet?

Dear, the wait won’t be long. This may occur due to the weak internet connection you have, so just wait for a second and you will see them all added to your wallet.

Still, you are more than welcome to contact our support from within the app.

I Completed the Game, But I Didn't Get the Coins, Why?

This may happen due to a number of reasons, including:

  1. You did not complete the game as required.
  2. You lost your internet connection at a certain point preventing the game from being calculated.
  3. You may have completed the game before installing Numero.

If none of this happens to you, contact our support team via the app or email, and we will work to provide you with the solution, of course.

Why Don’t I Have Any Videos to Watch and Earn Coins from Watching them??

This depends on your country because, in some countries, there are not many advertisers available. So, you don’t see many videos to watch.  After all, try watching videos at different times, and remember you still can win coins through a lot of ways, click here to see how.

I Have a Lot of Coins, Can I Transfer them to a Friend?

Yes. You can transfer 100 free coins during the day to a friend.
Just enter your friend’s number and the process will be completed.

Haven't Collected Coins for a While now. Will I Be Losing them Accordingly?

If you have been collecting a good number of coins but stopped collecting for more than Two Weeks, we will exchange the worth coins of a virtual number.

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