get a free us virtual phone number for Android and iOS

How to Get a Free US Virtual Phone Number 

We have already discussed all about Virtual Phone Number” and “Embedded SIM“. These terms are what Numero eSIM App stands for in its provision of free US virtual phone number. No doubt you have envisioned your business, products or services to be recognized on the other side of the developed world, especially in the USA. However, you know for sure it needs a full wallet to construct an office in the USA. Therefore, the manifest of the free US virtual phone number gives access to the worldwide market. In order to market for your potentialities or stay in touch with friends and family, you are better to notice the difference in getting a free US virtual Phone Number yourself.

Before we continue, we need to ensure that Numero’s Numbers are Real and Licensed purchased from telecom companies in the countries that the application includes. That is, they aren’t like some other numbers of fake apps and sites.

Hence, follow the coming steps so that you can get a free US virtual phone number for iPhone and Android. You can buy the number directly on iPhone and Android devices, but you have to own an Android device to get to have the free US virtual phone number.

تطبيق نوميرو اي سيم

Buy US virtual Phone Number for iPhone and Android

طريقة الحصول على رقم امريكي للايفون مع برنامج نوميرو اي سيم Numero eSIM

Buy US virtual Phone Number for iPhone and Android

Note: You have to register using your local phone number in order to help you recover your Numero account in case it is lost.

Select the US number through Numero App

Before heading into the detailed process of buying the number, it is worth pointing that you can get a 80% discount if you purchase an annual subscription.

Click on ” Buy Phone Number” from the main menu of the application.

  • Social media numbers & Offers Numbers

NOW you can get a yearly subscription to with only 1 Euro a month with Numero eSIM Social Media numbers & Offer Numbers (Ohaio) . these numbers allow you to :

1- Make, receive calls ( call internationally with local prices)
2-Send,receive SMS.
3-Activate the number on Social Media, Facebook, Telegram , Viber.
4-Verify the number on Whatsapp.
5-Call Forward if needed.

and much more.

  • Local Countries Numbers

You can select a number from +50 countries and +3000 regions around the world.

80 Discount American Virtual Phone numbers

Get a free US virtual phone for Android Devices Only

An additional feature of getting a US virtual phone number for Android devices is the Fee Coins Center. You can collect coins through playing games, watching videos, checking in daily, sharing Numero via Facebook or inviting friends to try Numero.

All that you need to get is 200 coins to be replaced with a free US virtual phone number. Follow the coming steps to get a free US virtual number for Android:

Check your Coins

Click on ” Free Number Center” from the side menu to check the total coins you collect along with the various ways of collecting them.

If your coins

  • Have already reached 200 or more, move to the fourth step to directly replace them with a free US virtual phone number.
  • Are less than 200, continue to the third step.
Free Number Center
your Numero esin free coins points

Collect the 200 Coins

Note : Collecting points must be in a periodicity manner. Otherwise, points validity might expire ( Two weeks from the last point you got )

Example: Meaning that if you collected 100 coins and after 10 days you collected one more coin, the system will restart the countdown of 2 weeks validity from the date of that one collected coin.

Invite Friends (two coins/one invite)

When you choose “Invite Friends” from the main screen of the center of the coin, a new screen will appear as shown in the following image.

Pick “Invite Friends”, and choose the platform from which you prefer to send the invitation. As when your friend does download Numero and register, you will be rewarded an extra 2 free coins.

Wheel of Fun (1-10 coins/try)

Buy Coins

In case you have collected half of the coins and you wish not to proceed, you can always buy coins to complete the minimum amount for buying a US number as seen in the picture.

شراء نقاط من تطبيق نوميرو

Challenge Wall (up to 1000 coins/ challenge)

Now you can earn more than 1000 coins by taking entertaining challenges and games within Numero. Each game has pre-defined details and conditions, and if you fulfill them all, you will win a large number of coins.


Daily Check-in (21 coins/7 days, sequential daily entry)

You can get extra (21) coins per week by simply entering the app on a daily basis to get the free US virtual number.

Note: Do not forget to choose the option of receiving a daily alert by activating “Remind Me Daily“.

Watch Videos (3 coins/15 short videos)

Watching videos is one of the smoothest ways of collecting coins. As long as the “Watch Video” icon is activated, as shown in the following image, there are videos available for watching. You can get free coins for every video you watch as the following image shows:

Note: You can watch a maximum of 15 videos per day

  • First 5 Videos for 3 points each -> Total = 15 points 
  • Second 5 Videos for 4 points each -> Total = 20 points 
  • Third 5 Videos for 5 points each -> Total = 25 points 

Share a Post on Facebook (2 coins/one Facebook share)

Once you click on “Share on Facebook”, you will be directed to Facebook sharing screen. Thus, you get two free coins.

مشاركة تطبيق نوميرو على فيسبوك

Get your Free Number

 Do you already have 200 coins or more?

If you have 200 coins or more, congratulations! You can now get a free US virtual phone number. To get the number, follow the steps to purchase the Social Media number through Numero. Choose “free coins” as a payment method, as the following image shows:

Exchange coins with free us number step 1
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 2
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 3
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 4
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 5
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 7
Exchange coins with free us virtual phone number step 8

Gift  Points and Numbers to your friends 

Numero eSIM allow you to send collected points and possessed numbers to your Numero eSIM friends members , enter your friend number and send it them.

Transfer Coins
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Why Do I Have to Get a US Virtual Phone Number?

Why Do I Have to Get a US Virtual Phone Number?

Wherever you head your destination, you can clearly touch the impact of getting a US virtual phone number. This is due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Stay in touch as if you’re a US resident

You will enjoy sending and receiving calls and SMSs from/to your American friends without having serious concerns regarding the bills of your outgoing calls. This is because you will be talking to them as if they are living next door. You can get a US virtual number from Ohio, New York, Los Angeles and more.

Choose the number with the features that you look for. These features include the conditions of subscription and the prices of incoming and outgoing calls and messages so that you can use the number as you wish.

  • No limits are anymore imposed on you

You have undoubtedly encountered the difficulty to download an app or a game via your account because it isn’t available in your region or country, or it hasn’t been published for the Arab accounts yet. Nevertheless, you still can activate your account with your US virtual phone number and download whatever you need easily. Also, you are often overwhelmed by the extreme need to download a book, do shopping through the Internet or visit sites to benefit from their services. Therefore, it can be done conveniently with a US virtual phone number.

  • Activate your US virtual phone number on different social media platforms

You may sometimes miss the response to your WhatsApp chats and, consequently, get your friends, clients or business partners upset with your indifferent behavior. Furthermore, you surely prefer to get rid of those annoying groups or categorize those morning messages with a rose away from your work chats. That is to say, you can have all these issues fixed by activating your social media accounts, whether Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp, with a US virtual phone number and have a more professional and organized work and social life.

  • No more burdens imposed by mobile and telecommunications companies

Stay calm because you won’t need to visit the local telecommunications company or provider in the region from which you want to get the US virtual phone number. Similarly, you won’t have to use a new SIM card to take advantage of the US number, but you can send and receive messages and calls via VoIP technology. Numero eSIM App is an example application that depends on the VoIP technology in its provision of the international and social media numbers.

  • Privacy

The demand for obtaining a US virtual phone number is rapidly increasing due to the concerns it sheds light on when it comes to your privacy. Hereby, you can guarantee that some people don’t reach your real number or annoy you with unimportant messages. You can manage who can see your number or who can contact you.

  • Take advantage of the wide American Market

Getting a US virtual phone number boosts your chance to be a recommended freelancer on the different freelance platforms, such as Upwork and freelance. It will ease the communication with your colleagues and managers as you don’t have to share your real mobile phone number with US contacts or clients. But your US virtual phone number will work for the most part.

Moreover, as long as technology is evolving, and the way companies operate around the world is changing, you don’t have to establish an actual office in the US to expand your business and provide your services to the American people. Also, you aren’t supposed to spend a lot of time filling in long forms or waiting for a week to obtain the US number. Instead, you can get more than one US virtual phone number from more than one state to use on websites, email campaigns, social media and ads to stay in touch with your customers. You can do it all confidently with a couple of steps within Numero eSIM App.

Additionally, get a Toll-Free number in the U.S. and give your business a unique business identity. Your customers will now be able to reach you easily because a US Toll-Free number eliminates any kind of uncertainty in the mind of your customers concerning getting back to you at any time or not. Not to mention the impact the ” Free” feature of the Toll-Free numbers has to remark, for it will encourage your clients to place more inquiries and orders. Besides, you will be enjoying more countless features with your US virtual phone number, the most important of which is the call forwarding. Now, you won’t miss another call by directing them to any number or just activate the voicemail feature in order to maintain the professionalism of your business and your presence in the eyes of your customers.

  • Unlimited Virtual Phone Numbers

As we mentioned earlier, you will completely overcome the problem of the limited number of SIM cards in your iPhone device, and even in all types of smartphone.

  • The Efficient Cost

With US virtual phone number, you will be able to make international calls at lower prices or equal to the local call rate. You can check the call rates from here.

  • Credibility

Numero virtual numbers are licensed. This is unlike many other applications that deceive the users by their fake numbers.

  • Personal- Professional life balance

Separating your career from your personal life will contribute to improving the image of your company and developing your business.

  • Traveling

Virtual phone numbers are your best company when traveling, for it will facilitate your communications with the great advantages and benefits they offer. Click here for more information.

  • It isn’t Complicated

You can easily get a US virtual phone number for your children and end the subscription whenever you, as a parent, see necessary. It will be an appropriate alternative of the local SIM cards to your children so that no one can know their numbers and at the same time you can use these numbers only for the purpose of reassuring them temporarily during travel or trips.

How legitimate is it to get a US virtual phone number? Does it oppose to any local or international laws?

It is normal for you to wonder about the legitimacy US virtual phone number Numero eSIM provides, especially when you want to use them in your business or in online shopping. This is primarily because many countries deal firmly with those who take advantage of illegally sold numbers through unlicensed applications for impersonation or anonymity purposes. Subsequently, you have to be careful in choosing the application through which you get the US virtual phone numbers in order not to expose yourself or your business to accountability. Furthermore, it is risky to trust any of the many applications that provide you with unrecognized numbers or numbers that have no evidence of their credibility and legality because you will end up losing the confidence of your customers and partners with your fake numbers.

Numero eSIM App ensures all reasons of safety and security, for it deals with international providers to get licensed and legal numbers. In other words, you won’t face any rejection from any party you need to benefit from its online services.

Another leading feature Numero provides has to do with the awesome role of Customer Support, where you are backed up with a specialized team to help you fix any matter. You can access Numero support through any suitable way; either through the application, the email or WhatsApp. We create every way to keep your business productive and effective without any obstacle to face.

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