How to Get a Free Virtual Number For Whatsapp Verification

Why would you need a free virtual number for WhatsApp? It’s either because you don’t want to share your real number on social media for privacy reasons or you want to get a second fake Whatsapp account.

Benefits of creating a Whatsapp account with a fake number

Several reasons encourage you to have a fake number to verify your Whatsapp account or create a second WhatsApp account in addition to your original one, including:

  • More privacy
  • Hide your number
  • Free of cost
  • Keep your number secure
  • Prank your friends.

[See more advantages to use a virtual number, especially in activating WhatsApp]

How to Get a Free Virtual Number for Whatsapp?

Well, you can now get your own US number by collecting coins from our“ Free Coins Center”, make an effort and get your free US number not only that you can use for WhatsApp verification, but you can also use it for making calls, receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, and it’s all for free!

Follow these instructions to get your free number:

1.1  Download Numero eSIM app. 


1.2  Follow the instructions in this tutorial: Get a Free US virtual phone number

If you would like to save time and effort, you can get a virtual number for social media registration in no time.

Before talking about purchasing, please note that Numero virtual phone numbers have a starting cost of 2.5 Euros Only! and you can get an 80% discount on your yearly membership.

From the main page of the app, tap on “Buy Phone Number”. Make sure the number type is either “Offers” or “Social Media Numbers”. And enjoy using these numbers not only for social media registration, but also for making calls, receiving calls, sending messages, receiving messages, and call forwarding.

How to verify it on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business

Now you have your own free virtual number for WhatsApp, you can use it for WhatsApp verification as illustrated here.

enter the number
verifity on whatsapp
Congratulations! Done activating virtual number on whatsapp

Can I use WhatsApp without a phone?

If you are planning to use WhatsApp Messenger, the first thing you have to do is to install the app on a working device with an internet connection.

Then you will be asked to enter a phone number in order to send you a one-time generated verification code to this number.

If you don’t want to use your number for any reason, you can easily enter another number you have or get yourself a virtual number and use it for WhatsApp verification.

How to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number?

If you are worried about using your real phone number, then absolutely you can use a virtual number.

Yes, it’s true. Now it is possible to use a WhatsApp account with a free fake number. This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks our customers love. You can use WhatsApp without the need for using your real phone number. Using Numero app, as illustrated in “How to Get a Free Virtual Number for Whatsapp and Verify it?” section in this blog will help you get your own virtual number that you can use for WhatsApp verification, make phone calls, receive phone calls, send and receive messages and for call forwarding.


How to Verify WhatsApp Without the Verification Code?

Well, simply speaking, you can’t activate your Whatsapp account without a verification code! You need an active phone number to set up your WhatsApp account and receive the verification code. If you’re asking about that because you don’t want to share your number, then you can use a virtual number using either using Numero virtual numbers that you can get for free by collecting coins using our free coins center or by buying a virtual number at a very low cost from either “Offers” or “Social Media Numbers” categories in Numero app.  

How to Change WhatsApp Number Without Verification Code?

You can change your WhatsApp number easily. And you don’t have to skip the verification process, but you can enter any other virtual or temporary phone number to complete this process. You will be able to switch numbers on WhatsApp without sharing your number the following way.

  1. Install the Numero eSIM app on your device and get a Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp verification as illustrated in the “How to Get a Free Virtual Number for Whatsapp and Verify it?” section in this post.
  2. Then, launch WhatsApp and go to Settings > Accounts > Change Number feature to switch your phone number.
  3. You have to agree to the terms and conditions and enter your existing phone number and also your new phone number; in this case, it’s the virtual number you got from Numero eSIM app.
  4. In order to proceed, you will get a message on the new virtual number.
  5. Use the shared verification code you received on the virtual number you got from Numero eSIM app to change your number.

FAQs on installing Whatsapp using Numero virtual phone numbers

Can I use Numero eSIM numbers to register in other social media apps like Facebook, Telegram or Viber?

Yes, we provide this eSIM feature in Social Media Numbers category and Special offers. Note that SMS delivery from internet services for this numbers is not guaranteed when registering in social media and app so it is advised to use the call option to receive the registration codes.

for more details click here. 

What Should I Do After Verification?

Own your number if you want to continue using it on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very secure platform. It will ask you for the code if you want to move from your phone to another. When you continue using the number on WhatsApp while you do not have access to it in Numero eSIM, you will be facing trouble especially when anyone else purchases your previous number. As a result, you will lose all of your conversations and history on WhatsApp.

Why are some numbers blocked on WhatsApp?

Your Number or device can be banned by WhatsApp in these cases:

  1. When you send spam messages.
  2. When Multiple WhatsApp contacts block you.
  3. When you try to register with multiple numbers within a short period.

What If I Did Not Receive the Verification Code?

If you didn’t receive the 6-digit code by a call, wait until the progress bar finishes then retry again; it may take up to 10 minutes. If you had already tried many times, you have to wait for an hour and then try again. Usually this problem will be solved within an hour. However, you can always contact our customer support team via Numero app or via the website using the online chat below or through this page

Is My Personal Information Being Shared?

No, we don’t share your information with any third parties. Read more about our privacy policy.

Are my calls and SMS Messages safe?

Yes, all of your calls and SMS messages are safe as they are all encrypted.

Now you know how to get your virtual number for WhatsApp verification.

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