How to Get Free Virtual Number For WhatsApp?

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp 

Before we get into the process of activating a free virtual number for Whatsapp, let’s define what a WhatsApp virtual number is and what it can do for you.

What’s a WhatsApp Virtual Number?

A WhatsApp virtual number, as the name implies, is a phone number that can be used for WhatsApp without requiring an actual SIM card.
WhatsApp has become the most widely used platform among people. There are those who use it to talk, while others use it to make money through it [See how to make money on WhatsApp]. Also, because a single virtual number can redirect and forward all calls and SMS to the relevant agent, virtual numbers are commonly employed in enterprises nowadays. It’s much more convenient for your business if you use the WhatsApp Business app [See the whole guide for WhatsApp Buisness]. Let’s take a glance at why.

Why Use a Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Once you get to read about the virtual number, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of this number and why you might need it while you already own a mobile number from your local carrier. Here:

  • With a virtual number, you can bypass programs that are often blocked in some countries, and some programs may have been blocked by the government.
  • You can use the virtual number to activate your accounts on social media, as no one will spy on you, follow you, or know you. You will maintain the confidentiality of your identity or privacy.
  • Use the number to access different sites and benefit from online lectures that require registration with a phone number and an activation code.
  • Take advantage of the number to separate your private and professional contacts by activating WhatsApp and WhatsApp business with two different numbers.
  • You won’t have to bother buying or swapping SIMs or even buying a dual SIM phone.
  • You can enjoy the advantages of a virtual number by being able to hide the number when calling, divert calls, and take advantage of voice mail services.
  • Reach international and local contacts for a nominal fee.

[See more advantages to use a virtual number, especially in activating WhatsApp]

How to activate a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get things DONE!

Infographic free virtual phone number for whatsapp

1. Buy a virtual phone number from Numero eSIM App 

Before talking about purchasing, please be notice that Numero virtual phone numbers have a starting cost of 2.5 Euros Only!. and you can get an 80% discount on your yearly membership.

From the main page of the app, tap on “Buy Phone Number. Make sure the number type is either “Special Offers” or “Social Media Numbers”. To get more details about buying numbers click here.

special offers
how to get a virtual phone number and social media number

2. Verify it on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business

enter the number
verifity on whatsapp
Congratulations! Done activating virtual number on whatsapp

Video Tutorial: Activate the free virtual number for Whatsapp 

FAQs on installing Whatsapp using Numero virtual phone numbers

Can I use Numero eSIM numbers to register in other social media apps like Facebook, Telegram or Viber?

Yes, we provide this eSIM feature in Social Media Numbers category and Special offers. Note that SMS delivery from internet services for this numbers is not guaranteed when registering in social media and app so it is advised to use the call option to receive the registration codes.

for more details click here. 

What Should I Do After Verification?

Own your number if you want to continue using it on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very secure platform. It will ask you for the code if you want to move from your phone to another. When you continue using the number on WhatsApp while you do not have access to it in Numero eSIM, you will be facing trouble especially when anyone else purchases your previous number. As a result, you will lose all of your conversations and history on WhatsApp.

Why are some numbers blocked on WhatsApp?

Your Number or device can be banned by WhatsApp in these cases:

  1. When you send spam messages.
  2. When Multiple WhatsApp contacts block you.
  3. When you try to register with multiple numbers within a short period.

What If I Did Not Receive the Verification Code?

If you didn’t receive the 6-digit code by a call, wait until the progress bar finishes then retry again; it may take up to 10 minutes. If you had already tried many times, you have to wait for an hour and then try again. Usually this problem will be solved within an hour. However, you can always contact our customer support team via Numero app or via the website using the online chat below or through this page

Is My Personal Information Being Shared?

No, we don’t share your information with any third parties. Read more about our privacy policy.

Are my calls and SMS Messages safe?

Yes, all of your calls and SMS messages are safe as they are all encrypted.

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