How To Get A Toll Free Number For Business?

How To Get A Toll Free Number For Business And Use It In Numero eSIM

The smartest decision you could make for your business is to get a toll free number and dedicate it to your call center or customer support team to encourage more customers to call you and increase the possibility of closing more deals.

Numero eSIM app now allows you to own toll-free numbers for your business, with the ability to receive multiple calls at the same time, have full control of received calls history and benefit from more features.

Read the following details and learn how to use your toll-free number for the business.

How To Get A Toll Free Number

Choose from the main page

“Phone Numbers” > “Toll-Free Numbers”> Choose Number > subscribe to the number and start using it in your business.
Visit here to know more details on how to buy a virtual number.

phone numbers
virtual Toll-Free number
virtual toll-free number

How To Benefit From Multiple Channels Feature

As mentioned, you can receive multiple calls at once on one toll-free number. You can check the number of lines your toll-free number supports during the buying process.
If you already have a toll-free number, you can check your number’s details on the “My Active eSIMs” page.

virtual toll-free number for US

How To Check Calls Rates & History

Calls Rates

  • You can check call rates (from Fixed, Mobile or PayPhone numbers) through the buying process on the Subscription Summary page.
  • Also, you can check call rates by clicking on the information icon of your number’s details on the “My Active  Numbers” page.

You’ll be able to see details about incoming calls from all sources.

Calls History

To access the full details of received calls history, click on the “Calls History” icon beside your toll-free number on the “My Active eSIMs” page.

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