Save the Effort and Have Two WhatsApp Accounts: One for You and One for Your Customers

Save the Effort and Have Two WhatsApp Accounts: One for You and One for Your Customers

Before WhatsApp Business was available in the market, small business owners, companies and managers of technical support departments relied on WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with customers and solve their problems. However, this method was bothering many entrepreneurs as they used their personal numbers in order to always be present serving and supporting their customers. Not to mention that the person may receive notifications on the same WhatsApp account from his friends, relatives, family groups and others.

Why WhatsApp for Business?

Therefore, you may find yourself in need to remain available around the clock on WhatsApp in order to respond to customers and solve their problems at the same time that your friends and relatives may send messages while thinking that you are online. Thus, with the launch of WhatsApp Business in January 2018, many people have changed their usual professional lifestyle by taking WhatsApp Business as the main business platform in their companies and businesses.

How Can WhatsApp Be Used for Business?

If you have a diverse audience base all over the world, and you need to market your services and products, you desperately need to have WhatsApp Business.  if you live in an Arab country and need to market your services in a foreign country then you need to have a number from a foreign country in order to be able From reaching the audience you need to market your services to.

Two WhatsApp Accounts on Your Phone

Today, individuals have access to two WhatsApp applications on the same mobile device, whether it is Android or iOS due to the features of flexible communication, privacy and attractive story among others provided in WhatsApp Business. That is, WhatsApp Business is a huge global shopping channel.

But how can you activate a regular WhatsApp account to chat with your family and friends and another business account to manage your work more professionally, while you cannot use the same phone number for both?

We Found You a Solution!

Numero has found the solution for you and your audience. You can now purchase a Social Media Virtual Number from Numero. Through this number, you can create an account on WhatsApp business and use it for marketing purposes from anywhere in the world, not to mention that the number enables you to receive and make unlimited calls along with adding credit and sending and receiving text messages among other benefits. Find out from here on how to activate the number on WhatsApp and some other social media applications using the Social Media Number.

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