How To Call Australia From Anywhere In The World-Easy Steps And Cheaper Way

We will show you here how to dial Australian phone numbers, and how to make international calls to Australia from your local number. We will also provide you with a cheaper option to call Australian numbers like if you were in Australia and avoid the massive bills resulting from international calls.

First let us introduce you to Australia country code, Australian mobile number format, and Australian fixed phone number format.

What is the Australian mobile number format?

Within Australia: the mobile number is a ten digits number starting with 04, it looks like this: 04XX XXX XXX.

What is the Australian fixed phone number (landline) format?

Within Australia: a fixed phone number starts with 2 digits for the area code, followed by eight digits number. For example, the central east area code is 02, so the format within Australia is 02 XX XXX XXX.

Find out other code areas here.

Now we will show you how to dial Australian numbers from anywhere in the world.

How to dial an Australian mobile number from anywhere in the world?

If you have an Australian mobile number that you want to call from outside of Australia, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the international exit code for your country, you can get the exit code from here. the exit code for the USA for example is 011
  2. Follow the exit code with the Australian country code, 61, at this stage if you’re calling from USA for example, the number will be 01161.
  3. Add the mobile phone number but without the Zero, if the number is 04XX XXX XXX, just dial 4 XX XXX XXX.
  4. So, the full number you’re dialing will be 011-61-4XX XXX XXX.

How to dial an Australian fixed line (landline) from anywhere in the world?

Calling a fixed-line from outside Australia is as easy as calling a mobile number, the only difference is that the fixed-line starts with the area code and not with 4, so the steps are:

  1. Dial the international exit code for your country.
  2. Follow it with 61.
  3. Dial the fixed-line number by omitting the zero, if the number is 02 XX XXX XXX, just dial 2 XX XXX XXX.
  4. So, the full number you’re dialing will be (International exit code-61-2 XX XXX XXX).

If you want to save money and avoid the expensive billing resulting from international phone calls, then you are in the right place. Continue reading to find the solution.

How to call Australian mobile numbers using cheaper alternatives?

If you frequently call Australia, then you know for sure it’s expensive and money consuming. The good news is that you can still call Australian numbers from anywhere in the world like if you’re making a local call from inside Australia with a local call tariff, all you have to do is to buy an Australian number from the Numero eSIM app, Numero eSIM app provide you with Australian virtual numbers that can help you call Australia and any other country with a lower cost. We advise you to buy an Australian virtual number especially if you call Australian numbers continuously.

It’s totally worth it if you have a business that requires calling Australian numbers continually or if you have family and friends that you would like to stay in touch with.

How to get Australian virtual number from Numero eSIM app.

1. Download Numero eSIM app  


2. Choose your number from one of the two categories.

from the main screen of the app, choose “Phone numbers”, and then you can choose your Australian phone number from two categories.

Local numbers (Landline)

You can get your Australian second phone number from this category to make phone calls, receive calls, call forwarding and send messages. You can’t receive messages on these numbers.


Mobile numbers

The mobile numbers have the same local number features in addition to the ability to receive messages on these numbers, and you can also use these numbers to register on social media accounts.

Australian landline number
Australian phone number

3. Whether you choose the mobile number or local number, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the country (Australia)
  • Choose the area you prefer to buy your number from.
  • Choose the Number.
Australian phone number
Australian phone number
Australian phone number

4. Submit the required documents.

After submitting your documents, you will receive one of the three status.

  • Submission in Review.
  • Submission Rejected.
  • Submission Accepted. Congrats, you can now buy the number by clicking “Buy Plan”.
Australian phone number
How to call Australia from any where
how to call australian phone numbers
how to call Australia from overseas
Don’t worry if the submission is rejected, our support team will send you a notification regarding the missing information.

How to use the Australian number from Numero to call Australia

Once you buy your Australian virtual number from numero, you can buy credit to make your calls to Australia or anywhere in the world. Follow these steps:

  1. From the main page choose” Calls Credit”
  2. Select your top-up amount.
Note: If you are using the Australian number inside Numero eSIM app to make calls to Australia, then you don’t have to add the existing code, the country code, or remove the Zero from the number. It will be the same as making a national call inside Australia.
For example: if the Australian mobile number you want to call is 04 XX XXX XXX, dial it as it is with no additions. The same thing applies for landline numbers. 

Numero provides you with virtual numbers from +80 countries, if you are interested in getting numbers from other countries, just read this post in order to know how.

If you are buying other countries’ numbers from Numero and want to call Australia, you have to add the exit code and the country number and omit the zero from the beginning of the number.

If you are planning to travel any time soon, read more about our travel bundles.

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