How to Call Canada+ Canadian virtual phone numbers

How to Call Canada from anywhere  & Get Canadian virtual phone numbers to use worldwide with low price and low calls tariff.

In this post, we will help you know all about the Canadian landline and mobile numbers, how to dial these numbers locally and overseas, and even how to get a Canadian virtual phone number to use wherever you are in the world.

First, let’s see what the Canadian phone number looks like.

What Does The Canadian Phone Number Look Like?

Canadian mobile and landline numbers consist of four parts and eleven digits, the first part is the country code which is the country code with a one-digit number which is 1, followed by a three-digit area code, a three-digit central office code and the last four digits are the subscriber number.

So, the Canadian mobile or land-line number format is something like the number in the example below: + 1 819 555 5665

How To Call Canadian Phone Numbers From Abroad?

If you have a Canadian number (mobile or landline) having the format we mentioned above, the eleven digits number, and you want to call this number but from another country, then all you have to do is to add the exit code for your country before the 11 digits number.

How To Call A Canadian Land-Line Number From Abroad?

If you are given a 7-digits landline number without the country and area codes, then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your exit country code.
  2. Enter 1 (Canada country code).
  3. Enter the area code, you can find the area code from here.
  4. Enter the landline number.
  5. Press “Call”.

Note: If you are given the landline number with the country and area code (11-digits number), then just add your exit country code before the landline number and press call.


If you are given this land-line number: 5551234, and you know that the number is from the Vancouver area, and you are calling from Egypt, then dial the number as follows: 

Where 00: Egypt exit code, 1: Canada Country Code, 604: Vancouver area code.

But if you are given the number in this format 1–604–555–1234, then just dial:


How To Call A Canadian Mobile Number From Abroad?

It’s almost the same as calling a landline number, but you don’t have to add the area code, because you will have a 10 digits number to dial.

The steps are:

  1. Enter your exit country code.
  2. Enter 1 (Canada country code)
  3. Enter the mobile number (11 digits number)


  1. After your exit code, the Canadian number should be 11 numbers digit starting with the country code 1.
  2. Each country has its own exit code, so if you are calling from the US for example, you will use 011 and not 0011 as in Australia. So, make sure that you know your country’s exit code before dialing.

Why Get A Virtual Canadian Phone Number?

There is a fact stating that only 45% of Canadians do not answer all phone calls, and even when they pick up to answer, it would be usually for local calls.

We believe that this could be a good reason for many people who are living outside Canada and making calls to Canada for any reason, especially for business.

You also probably don’t know that having a virtual phone number for a specific country will help you save a lot of money. You know that international calls tariff is way more expensive than local calls tariff.

Having a virtual phone number for a specific country will reduce the international calls bills to the minimum cost. It will almost be at the local call tariff in this country.

How To Get A Canadian Virtual Phone Number?

Thanks to the VoIP technology, it is now possible for anyone with a smartphone to get a virtual Canadian phone number, even if you are living or working abroad. This was nearly impossible for typical phone carriers before the VoIP technology. It made reaching other countries’ local numbers more possible.

All you need to get a new phone number is your mobile device, download an app that provides you with virtual numbers, buy the virtual number and enjoy using it.

How To Buy Canadian second phone numbers From Numero?

Numero eSIM app uses the VoIP technology for making calls through virtual numbers, it also allows you to use the virtual number as any other real number and you can even call other countries from this Canadian second phone number, not just Canada.

You can also buy credit through the app to make your phone calls easily, it’s all through the app.

Now, let’s see the steps that you have to follow to get your Canadian virtual number from the Numero eSIM app.

  1. Download Numero eSIM app.

    You need to register with a valid phone number.


2. From the main page, choose” Phone numbers”.

3. From the menu choose Canada.

4. Choose the area you want your number from.

5. Choose the number you want.

6. Pay for the plan by clicking “ Buy Plan”.

And now you have the Canadian virtual phone numbers that you can use through the app to call Canada easily.

Note: When you make calls from your virtual Canadian number to a Canadian number, you don’t have to add the exit code of your country at the beginning of the number you are dialing. That is not necessary because you are calling them from a Canadian number, regardless of your location.

Do Canadian And American Phone Numbers Look The Same?

This is true, Canadian and American phone numbers do look the same. In most cases, you need to look at the area code to distinguish where the source of the number is, except for Hyder and Alaska, these two areas receive their telephone service from Canada, so they have Canadian area codes.

The story behind this is that before 1950, there was no standardization of phone numbers in North America. Many exchanges and even entire local phone systems had four or five-digit phone numbers, and there was no direct-dial long-distance (DDD).

In late 1940, Bell Labs instituted planning for the North American Numbering Plan. This rationalized all phone numbers in North America, and a few other countries into the now-standard 1+<area code>+nnn-nnnn

This may trigger the question of how to call Canada from the USA.

How To Call Canada From The USA?

You have to follow a different number of steps when you want to call Canada from the US mobile number or land-line number, the steps are as follow:

  • To call a Canadian mobile number, follow this format when you dial the mobile number: 011 – 1 – 10-Digit Mobile Number
  • To call a Canadian land-line number, follow this format when you dial the land-line number: 011 – 1 – Area Code – Land Phone Number

Mobile number: 250 555 0199 and want to call it from the US, then dial it in this format:   

  011-1-250 555 0199

Landline number:  555–1234, and you know it’s from the Vancouver area, dial it using this format:   


Now, get your Canadian virtual number from Numero and enjoy calls to Canada at a local price.

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