How to Choose Your International Telecom Operator?

What should one look at while choosing an international telecom service, and how does Numero eSIM aim to change this space?

Not many years ago, telecommunication services were only limited to regular telecommunication service providers and the services they provide like phone calls and SMS that were made through the networks of these providers. This was a real issue for people who wanted to find an easy way to connect wherever they go.

Nowadays; telecommunication services have expanded to include internet connection, VoIP calls, and other services. And who wouldn’t want to benefit from all of these services! Especially if you were given the opportunity to choose the most affordable services for you and ensure that you stay connected wherever you are and at an affordable cost.

So, now we are looking for a provider that can provide all telecom services in one place, but there are other considerations we should take before choosing the right provider. Here we will discuss some of these considerations and see how Numero eSIM app responds.

Do they offer customized services?

The telecommunication services that people need vary according to different factors such as their business type, budget, and other considerations.  Businesses’ needs, for example, vary according to the business type and size, large companies with customer support departments might need toll-free numbers for their customers, regular mobile numbers for their employees, and international phone numbers for international calls. These are customized products that businesses for example might need, they also might want to make calls from a private number, this also is another feature that businesses look for when searching for a good telecommunication service provider, as well as internet packages for traveling.

Numero eSIM and customized services

In this regard, Numero offers both businesses and individuals a variety of products that fit what they need. Numero eSIM provides virtual phone numbers from 80+ countries, including virtual toll-free numbers from several countries. People can also buy credit with different amounts to make calls and send SMS from the app to make international calls at cheaper rates whether if they are using their primary number or the virtual number they bought, and business owners who are worried about their privacy can activate the private number feature when calling from Numero eSIM app.

Another product Numero offers for its users is the eSIM mobile data plans from 150+ countries, this is to ensure you are connected wherever you go even at airports, as many people want to follow up with their families, friends, and clients via VoIP applications or even want to use specific websites while traveling, so they will definitely need these data plans.

Are their prices competitive?

We can say that cost and affordability are the first concern for most of us when it comes to choosing our telecommunication services provider. We want to make sure that our provider is offering the best prices in the market, especially since telecommunication services are not a luxury anymore and we all need it almost on a daily basis, so we choose the provider who offers the best services in terms of quality and cost.

Numero eSIM affordability and competitive prices

Well, Numero eSIM offers different products at different prices, and all these products are available at affordable prices. Numero also gives people the chance to get a free US virtual mobile number from Numero’s free coins center.

In terms of the product cost, it can be as low as 1€/month for the US virtual mobile number with the annual subscription for example. Other countries’ numbers are available in a very affordable range of prices, and you can find more about their prices from the mobile number section in the app.

eSIM mobile data plans are also available with the best offers in the market in both local and regional packages, as those in charge of Numero were keen to study the competitor’s prices to come up with the most affordable mobile data offers. Note: these data are only compatible with eSIM-supported devices.

As for calling credit, Numero has also included this service inside the app, where you can recharge your number with the credit value you need to enable you to make international calls, send SMS, or even local calls with competitive calls and SMS rates while receiving calls via Numero is always free.

The security of their network.

Security of the telecommunication network must be one of the top concerns for you whether you are using the telecom services in your personal life or for business. Eventually, users want to ensure a secure connection from their provider 

Numero eSIM and network security  

Numero provides a complete security system and performs periodic security checks. With Numero being hosted on secure and protected servers, everything is managed and monitored in-house for full dedication and QA to stay on top of all inquiries and issues. Users’ communications within the app are encrypted and users are able to fully delete their accounts when they’re done with the service.

Range of services

You want to make sure that your provider provides services as per your needs, and since your needs might vary from one day to another, you will probably prefer an all-in-one place for your telecommunication services, as you don’t want to bounce between different providers each time you need a certain service. Switching between services should also be easy without the need to make visits or calls to your local provider.

Numero’s flexibility of service

Numero eSIM is an all-in-one telecommunication services app, meaning that it offers all telecommunication services inside one app and any new services are directly added to the app for easy access to the users. 

Numero offers  the following products for users:

  1. Virtual phone numbers from 80+ countries and 4000 cities, these include:

        Virtual mobile numbers.

        Virtual local phone numbers.

        Toll-free numbers.

  1. eSIM mobile data (regional and local packages) for 150+ countries.
  2. Calling & SMS credit.
  3. Free US mobile number from the free coin’s center.
  4. Other telecom features like voicemail, call forwarding, and private numbers.

All of these products are offered at very affordable prices. So, it’s literally what any person would need! Purchasing, subscribing, and canceling services is straightforward and done directly by the user.

The availability of customer support service.

In any sector in the world, the customer wants to have a good experience with the provider, meaning that the customer wants to have an access to a good customer support service to answer their inquiries and tackle any urgent issue to ensure a high-quality service. This also applies to the telecommunication sector in a big way, as customer support departments in this sector receive a tremendous number of calls on a daily basis and this affects the client’s decision to continue purchasing the service from this provider or not.

Numero and customer support

Numero eSIM has a dedicated customer support team, this team is available 24/7 to ensure a high level of service, handle any reported issue, and ensure client satisfaction.

Customers can reach out via the customer support email, social media platforms, website, email, and app’s support center to report any issue and it will be a high priority for our team to serve them.

No wonder that Numero app has over 9 million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 on both Google Play and Apple store.


We can say that Numero eSIM app is the provider you are looking for to make sure you are getting all telecom services in one place and at affordable prices, and it will also enable you to stay connected wherever you go.

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