How to Get a Virtual Number for the Netherlands in 3 Minutes

We have recently noticed an increase in the demand for a virtual number for the Netherlands, which made it a priority for Numero to search for the reasons for the need for this product and also urged Numero to provide virtual phone numbers for the Netherlands for its users around the world at competitive prices.

Why virtual numbers for the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an attractive country for people who consider moving to a new country, as it provides excellent living conditions for residents, and this results from the economic situation there, not to mention the attractive nature there which makes it a destination for tourists from all over the world. Other people may also consider doing business in the Netherlands, as it has a strategic location for both local and foreign companies to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. The central geographical location and the well-organized infrastructure are some of the reasons why many foreign companies have set up business in the Netherlands.


This makes the number of ex-pats, tourists, and other residents from other countries living in the Netherlands increase year by year. It also makes the number of business owners and companies in other countries but serving in the Netherlands or targeting audiences in the Netherlands increase.


For ex-pats, tourists, and other foreigners in the Netherlands, their families in their original countries will probably need a phone number from the Netherlands to reach out to their beloved ones in the Netherlands easily and at any time.

As for businesses, this may be much more important as it affects their business and the revenue that they can make from the Netherlands’ market. This category will need a virtual number from Netherland to make a local presence for their businesses in Netherland, reach out to their potential partners there, and make it easier to communicate with their clients there at the minimum cost.

Freelancers who target projects from the Netherlands, especially translators from other languages to Dutch or vise-versa also need a virtual number from Netherland to use on their profiles and increase their chances of winning the projects, and they can use these numbers to contact their clients during the projects period.


Where can you get a second phone number from the Netherlands?

There are many providers from Netherlands virtual phone numbers, but one has to search carefully for a trusted provider and not be scammed, especially with the increased number of providers on the internet who turn out to be scammers and their numbers can’t be used for the needed purposes.


Here Numero app stands out from the rest of the providers, as it has a very trustworthy service, a 24/7  customer support service, and a very good reputation gained since the app was launched in 2017. Numero numbers can verify this; as it has over 10 million downloads, and an average rating of 4.3 on apple and android stores.


Numero provides virtual phone numbers for over 90 countries, including Netherlands virtual phone numbers, and with rates starting with €4 for virtual numbers for the Netherlands.

Virtual phone numbers for the Netherlands fall under two categories:

  1. Netherlands virtual local numbers: only €4/month
  2. Netherlands mobile numbers: only €7/month

These numbers can be used for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, and you can enjoy other features from Numero while using these numbers like hiding your number, voice mail, and call forwarding.

How to get a virtual Netherlands phone number from Numero?

  1. Download Numero eSIM app
Download Numero for iOS
Download Numero for Android

2. From the home page, choose “Phone numbers”

3. Here you have two options

3.1 Second Netherlands mobile number (Virtual number)

  • Choose “Mobile numbers”
  • Choose the country “Netherlands”
  • Choose the number
  • Continue to purchase
Netherlands virtual mobile number
virtual phone number for netherlands
virtual phone number for netherlands
virtual phone number for netherlands

3.2 Virtual Netherlands Local number

  • Choose the country “Netherlands” from the phone numbers page
  • Choose the number
  • Continue to purchase
virtual number for netherlands

Note: For local numbers, it is required to submit documents such as your passport, ID, or address. after delivering your document, there are three statuses :

  • Under Processing: Numero customer support team is checking your information and delivered the document, then passes it to the chosen number’s provider.
  • Rejected: If your documents are not clear or complete, our team will send you a notification for missing information and reject your request.
  • Accept and activate: Congratulations! You have the number

PS: Netherlands virtual mobile and local numbers support a local calling feature that allows you to make calls to your contacts in the Netherlands at local rates! Read this tutorial to know more about local calling in Numero.

Download Numero eٍsim app now to reach out to a wider audience for your business in the Netherlands, call your contacts there at local rates, and all in one app!

Download Numero Now!

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