How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Sweden

How to get a virtual phone number for Sweden?

The number of people who are seeking to have a virtual number in Sweden is increasing, and this can be easily justified, as Sweden is a destination for many tourists and new business owners, and it’s also a destination for many people all over the world to move there. The fact that Sweden is a very beautiful country, and has a strong and attractive economy explains the increase in the number of new tourists and businesses owned by non-Swedish in Sweden increases.


Let’s mention some of the interesting facts about the Swedish economy:

  •       The value of Sweden’s exports is very high compared to the value of its imports.
  •       It has a very large number of shipping ports for goods and the government has a good railway network, which facilitates the process of having a profitable business in Sweden.
  •       Sweden’s GDP ranks ninth in the world, as it grows very fast, especially in the manufacturing industries.
  •       The level of inflation in Sweden is very weak, which makes it a fertile environment for investment.
  •       Sweden has an export-oriented mixed economy.

These facts encourage more people around the world to invest and open new businesses in Sweden.

As for tourism, Sweden had 2+ million tourists only in 2020 and this number is expected to increase. The number of tourists recorded in 2020 made Sweden rank 8th in Northern Europe in the number of tourists.

For tourist’s families back in their homelands, it is preferred to have a Swedish phone number to call their people in Sweden, the same applies to business owners, who live in other countries but want to reach out to their partners, relevant stakeholders, or customers in Sweden with Swedish numbers.


Having a virtual phone number from Sweden will create a local presence for business owners in Sweden, and will also reduce the calling bills for people who call their people in Sweden from other countries.

Virtual numbers are real numbers that don’t require a SIM card, users only need smartphones and a decent internet connection to use these numbers.

Where to get a Sweden second phone number?


Users have to be aware when they choose their virtual phone numbers provider, meaning that they have to a good search when they want to purchase such a service, here at Numero eSIM, we provide;

  1. Swedish second mobile numbers
  2. Swedish second local numbers
  3. Swedish virtual Toll-Free numbers.


And users can trust the all-in-one Numero eSIM app as it has an average rating of 4.3 on apple and android stores, and it has over 10 M downloads.

What to use Swedish virtual numbers from Numero for?

  •       Make calls and send SMS to Sweden at cheaper rates.
  •       Receive calls for free.
  •       Create a local presence for your business in Sweden.

How to get a virtual phone number for Sweden?

  1. Download Numero eSIM app.
Download Numero for iOS
Download Numero for Android
  1. From the home page, choose “Phone numbers”.
  1. Here you have three options.

3.1 Virtual mobile number in Sweden

  •       Choose “Mobile numbers”
  •       Choose the country “Sweden”
  •       Choose the number
  •       Continue to purchase
virtual phone number for Sweden
how to get a Swedish virtual phone number

3.2 Virtual Toll-free number in Sweden

  •       Choose “Toll-free numbers”
  •       Choose the country “Sweden”
  •       Choose the number
  •       Continue to purchase
how to get a virtual phone number for Sweden
sweden virtual phone number

3.3 Virtual Local number in Sweden

  •       Choose the country “Sweden” from the phone numbers page
  •       Choose the number
  •       Continue to purchase
How to get a virtual number for sweden
Swedish virtual phone number
how to get a virtual phone number for sweden

PS: virtual mobile and local numbers in Sweden support a local calling feature! Read this tutorial to know more about local calling in Numero.

Call your people in Sweden and create a local presence for your business there with the minimum cost with Numero eSIM virtual number in Sweden now.

Download Numero Now!

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