How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number from Around the Globe

When you hear the term “virtual phone number”, concerns about the credibility of these numbers are no wonder to appear. Therefore, we need to assure that ” virtual phone number” isn’t a fake number, yet it is licensed and legal.

We have been living with the small chip of “SIM: Subscriber Identity Module” whenever we want to place and receive calls. SIM contains a built-in electronic circuit that makes your identification possible from any network provider. Some phones hold more than one SIM card. Once you want to travel or use the other SIM, you have to take an issue with the process of switching. Therefore, SIM cards impose some limitations when compared to what VoIP technology provides. In other words, “Electronic SIM” and “Virtual Phone Numbers” are the branding new technologies to replace any boundaries of the ordinary SIM. Modern Communication Systems around the world are orienting towards the use of VoIP protocols to bring more features and encryption methods into practice.

What is ” Virtual Phone Number”?

Virtual Phone Number is a communication technology that we use to route calls depending on the VoIP technology. It enables long-distance service without incurring long-distance charges in IP telephony, and it provides many features, such as obtaining more than one virtual phone number from different providers, call forwarding services, private numbers and more with competitive prices. Hence, such technology builds a larger audience, and technology experts are expecting it to replace the regular SIM cards in the near future.

Let’s welcome the “Virtual Phone Number”!

Please follow these instructions that show how to get a virtual phone number.

Step One: Download & Install Numero App

Note: You need to install Numero using your local phone number (Your SIM) to ensure getting your virtual number in any case.

Download Numero for Android
Download Numero for iOS

Step Two: Choose a Number

From the main menu,

“Phone Numbers” >“Buy Number”. Here You have many options to follow:

Our virtual phone numbers fall under multiple categories as follow:  

Option 1: Special Offer Numbers

Numero introduces a huge discount on these numbers reaching 80% in case of a yearly subscription.

Option 2: Social Media Numbers

In case your main goal behind buying a virtual phone number is activating Whatsapp and other social media accounts –except for Twitter- and applications such as Facebook, Viber, Signal and Telegram, choose this option.

Note: All social media numbers are American virtual phone numbers.

Option 3: Mobile Number

Numero eSIM provides the mobile numbers for different countries around the globe at affordable prices.

Option 4: Toll-Free Number

Numero eSIM provides Toll-Free Number service for companies and businesses. If you have your own business, we recommend you to buy a Toll-Free Number.

Option 5: Buy Local Country Numbers

If you are looking for a specific country phone number such as USA, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Sweeden, Poland, Finland Romania, Russia, and many other countries, select the country you wish to have your virtual phone number from, for example, The UK. See the picture below.

Click here If You are only interested in American Virtual Phone Numbers.

In order to buy the number, choose one of the previous options -> Choose The Country  -> Choose Area -> Choose the Number.

Step Three: Submit your Documents (If Needed ) & Verify number Features

Choose Country >

Region > 

A Number > 


There are 5 Numero eSIM features for numbers:

First: Making Calls (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Second: Receiving Calls (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Third: SMS-Sending (Available for all Numero eSIM virtual numbers).

Fourth: SMS- Receiving (Available for Some Numero eSIM virtual numbers)

Fifth: Social Media Numbers (Available for Some Numero eSIM virtual numbers, especially “Social Media” category)

Note: Numero eSIM virtual phone numbers are not refundable. Please make sure of your country number and the area features before buying it.

Some Local country numbers require submitting documents such as your passport, ID, or address.

after delivering your document, there are three statuses :

  • Under Processing: Numero customer support team is checking your information and delivered the document, then passes it to the chosen number’s provider.
  • Rejected: If your documents are not clear nor complete, our team will send you a notification for missing information and reject your request.
  • Accept and activate: Congratulations! You have the number
In review status
accepted status of documents
rejected status of documents

Video Guide: Buy Virtual Phone Number

Why Should I Use Virtual Phone Numbers in my personal and practical life?

A virtual phone number eliminates the physical boundaries that previously caused the limitations imposed by SIM cards. However, this technology allows you to have greater control and flexibility in how to place and receive calls at the lowest costs.

Are you an ordinary user and has nothing to do with the business world? You know you can still make the best out of the virtual phone numbers by protecting your comfort zone. Also, you can make international calls at the same local call rates and customize your virtual number features for your convenience.

Here are some of the main features virtual phone numbers grant for all; individuals and businesses.

  • Affordable Prices:

Having Numero dependent on VoIP technology makes the routing of your calls easier and less costly. It allows you to enjoy quality calling and instant messaging. That is, if you already have your own company, you won’t need to spend your money buying phone lines because obtaining the virtual number provides more features that boost your business growth, such as Call Forwarding.

Are you aware that all that you need to get the virtual phone number is your phone or your smartwatch and a subscription through an application that provides these virtual phone numbers, such as Numero eSIM App?

Moreover, maintenance costs aren’t a burden anymore, for the service provider has to solve the technical problems. Let alone that most virtual phone number providers don’t require long-term contracts, so you won’t need to think too much. However, you will be able to estimate the quality of the service through a short-term subscription with money savings.

  • Professional Presence:

Professionalism is the key to evolve in the business world. As a result, having virtual phone numbers is significantly capable of enhancing your company profile. Particularly with small businesses, you will make it seem larger than it actually is and thereby give a boost to its image. Customers will seek to reach you from around the globe, and at the same time, you will contact your off-site employees or partners as if you are all working at the same office.

  • Security and Safety

This is another golden feature of a virtual phone number because it allows you to control who can reach you and prevent others from making unauthorized calls without your permission. Phone calls using VoIP technologies are completely secure. The sophisticated encryption methods ensure that a third party can’t listen to or record your calls and messages.

  • Flexibility and Smooth Management

Virtual Phone Number Providers are responsible for maintaining your call center and providing technical support to it. This would give you the opportunity to devote all of your time to the business.

  • Rich with Features

Applications that provide virtual phone numbers are rich with a lot of exclusive features. You get to add or reduce numbers, customize your voicemail at any point in time and forward your calls to anywhere you wish to. Contrary to any other traditional calling system, where you don’t have the privilege to see these features, a virtual number will enhance your company’s overall essence with all that it has in store.

Functions and Features of Virtual Phone Number

Since you now know how to get a virtual phone number , lets talk about some features available provided by the electronic SIM Apps, such as Numero eSIM App, and they are as follows:

  • Free Online Roaming
  • Call Forwarding/ Voicemail
  • International calling
  • Social Media Numbers
  • Private Number
  • A dedicated Customer Support

Who Needs the Virtual Phone Numbers?

Business Owners

One of the main advantages of having a virtual number for any business owner is that you appear local to the country to which you call. That will promote your customers to contact you as a company with a global presence. Not to mention enhancing the performance of customer support, for with virtual phone numbers you can go well beyond just calling your customers. In that case, you can send voicemails and forward calls anywhere. Moreover, the virtual phone number helps separate your career from your personal life, which contributes to the growth of your business.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

On the road to being a high-recommended entrepreneur, you take care to hunt the best opportunities and market for your skills. This makes you give away more business cards comprising your phone numbers. However, by displaying more virtual phone numbers within your profile, you will be recognized as an international, experienced freelancer. Also, entrepreneurs often prefer to keep their numbers private in order not to be bombarded with a ton of phone calls. In such situations, virtual phone numbers can be of great help.


Virtual phone numbers are your ideal option when traveling. They will aid you throughout your trip; from ordering a taxi at the airport to booking a restaurant for your dinner. This can be done at much cheaper prices when compared to regular roaming costs.


Migrants can also leverage the advantages of virtual phone numbers, for they help those who left home to stay in touch with their family members. Moreover, they can connect with their clients, customers and team members irrespective of where they are.


Your virtual phone number has enough features to convince everyone, even regular callers. Multiple phone numbers, convenient calling costs and many more features create the best communications environment for all.

How Do Virtual Phone Numbers Technically Work?

Having a virtual phone number is more like keeping an electronic SIM that stores thousands of virtual numbers from one or more operators. As a technology that mainly depends on VoIP practices, it uses your virtual IP number on the network to send and receive data and voice.

That is to say, all features that VoIP technology has to deliver can be touched in the electronic SIM displayed through applications of virtual phone numbers, such as Numero eSIM App.  Your voice data is converted from analog to digital. Digital data is encrypted using very sophisticated encryption algorithms before they are sent to the receiver. On the other hand, from the receiver side, your data is decoded, and then the digital signals are converted back to analog signals. Thus, the receiver can hear the sound of high quality.

How Does Your Service Provider Identify You?

Within the application that provides the virtual phone numbers, you can subscribe to one or more operators or service providers by getting the virtual phone numbers from multiple countries. In the event that you purchase your own number, the application provides the operator with your basic information to determine your identity. Usually, all subscription information is shown in the app before the purchase.

Now you know how to get a virtual phone number. Get your virtual number from Numero now!

If you want to get a virtual phone number for free, follow the instructions in this tutorial that shows you how to get a virtual phone number for free using our free coins center

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