How to Get Ukraine Number in 3 Steps | Ukraine Virtual Phone Numbers

How to get Ukraine number in 3 steps | Virtual Ukraine numbers

Whether you want to call your clients, friends, or family in Ukraine, or you want to benefit the Ukrainian economy by having your own business that needs a presence in Ukraine. You will probably consider having a virtual Ukraine phone number to make calls at cheaper rates and create a presence for your business easily.

You don’t have to be Ukrainian or living in Ukraine in order to get a virtual phone number for Ukraine. With Numero eSIM app, you can get a virtual number from Ukraine wherever you are!

Why do you need a virtual number for Ukraine?

Business: If you have a business that requires a presence in Ukraine, and you make calls to Ukraine numbers or even receive calls from Ukraine numbers, this comes up with a high cost, and you may want to have a Ukraine number to make calls at lower rates, create trust with your partners and customers in Ukraine by being closer to them.

Private use: You may also want to call friends and family in Ukraine or activate WhatsApp with a number from Ukraine. Numero will be very helpful in this case, as you can buy Ukraine virtual numbers with prices starting with €5 and use these numbers for calls and messages in both directions.

You can also use the virtual numbers from Ukraine to register on WhatsApp, Binance, and other apps.

How to get Ukraine virtual phone number

  1. Download the Numero eSIM app.
Download Numero for iOS
Download Numero for Android

2. From the home page, choose “Phone numbers”

3.  Here you have two options

3.1: Buy a virtual Ukraine mobile number

Choose to buy a mobile number from Ukraine for only €5/month, you can use this number for calls ↑↓ and SMS ↑↓

– Tap on “Mobile Numbers”

– Choose number

– Review number features and tap on “Buy Plan”

virtual number for Ukraine

3.2: Buy a virtual Ukraine local number

Choose to buy a local number from the different areas in Ukraine:

  • Choose area
  • Choose number
  • Upload required documents.
  • Continue to purchase.
virtual phone number for Ukraine

Note: Always review the virtual number features before completing the purchase process.

This tutorial is subjected to changes according to the latest updates on the app.

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