How to install an eSIM on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Get your eSIM data plans on your eSIM Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra to avoid the hassle of replacing SIM cards when traveling and get rid of the expensive roaming bills. Please make sure you’re connected to the Internet, either through your mobile data or a Wi-Fi network, before beginning the eSIM installation process.

Have you bought an eSIM data plan from Numero eSIM App and received the OR code?
Then scan the QR code using another device and

1.Go to Settings > Connections

go to Settings and Connections on esim samsung

2. Tap on SIM card manager

Tap on sim card manager

3.  Select Add mobile plan

Add mobile plan for esim samsung

4. Automatic check for an active network plan 

Check for an active network plan

5. Choose “Add Using QR code” form the list

choose “Add Using QR code”

6. Scan the QR Code by placing it within the guided lines

Scan Carrier QR code to activate on esim samsung

7.  Put the QR code within the guided lines

put the QR code within the guided lines

8. Once the eSIM plan has been detected, tap on Add

6. Once the eSIM plan has been detected, tap on Add

9. Select OK when it has been registered

10. Find your Numero eSIM displayed in the eSIM list.

11. Click on “Mobile data” and choose Numero as preferred.

Add mobile plan for esim samsung
new eSIM sumsung as preferred 2

12. Back in the Connections menu, tap on Mobile networks and turn
the Data roaming feature ON

Click on Mobile Networks
data roaming on esim samsung

13. In the menu Mobile networks > Access Point Names, select your eSIM and tap on Add 

Access Point
edit access point

Then disable your Wi-Fi in the Connections menu and enjoy using the data eSIM plan on your Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra. 

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