6 Guaranteed Ways for How to Make Money on Whatsapp

How to Make Money on Whatsapp?

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till you sleep, you can’t stop yourself from checking the notification you receive. Therefore, why not learning ways to exploit the different social media platforms and, particularly speaking, WhatsApp? What about learning how to make money on WhatsApp, the app that is indispensable to 2 billion users from over 180 countries around the world?

WhatsApp itself does not yet allow the appearance of ads or the transfer of commercial transactions. However, there are still a lot of ways to take advantage of WhatsApp as a unique source of income for you.

First of all, you should know that the secret to making money from WhatsApp is

  1. Having multiple contacts, which are not less than fifty.
  2. Having joined many groups.

Easiest Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp

1. Short links

You must have received a lot of short links before. Once you click on them, you find an article, video clip, or any other advertising content. However, aren’t you aware that once you click and open the link, the person who sent it has earned money from it?

how to make money using whatsapp

How does Short-Link Method Happen?

  1. The first to do when you want to publish a website link that provides a specific service is to shorten the link via different sites. These sites are working on the strategy of making money from shot links, like Shorte.st or Adf.ly. Also, it is vital to shorten your link before publishing it, for
  • It facilitates the process of sending it via WhatsApp.
  • Some link shortening sites provide you with statistics about the number of clicks and other data.
  • You do not want to show the original link when posting.

If you copy a long link from the Amazon store on one of the previous sites: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0844JKGSK/ref_=vn_s_iwp_0?pd_rd_w=NrUrt&pf_rd_p=f4030eeb-9720-4d55-8e94-b78c90daafe1&pf_rd_r=Q4N0JERY6EGY2JWP2YYJ&pd_rd_r=011010ca-1bd5-422d-86e2-29fca950fcc1&pd_rd_wg=Sd76q&qid=1592388344

And you asked to shorten the link, it will look like this:


2. The principle of earning money through short links is based on including a paid advertisement between the short link and the target link. Every time your friends open the link, an ad will appear to them. Then they will be directed to the content that you shared with them. Thus, you get a commission rate according to the number of times the link is opened and the ad is viewed.

But, as a User, How Do You Distinguish Between Short Paid Links From Malicious Ones?

We have already mentioned the privacy and security in WhatsApp and the need to make sure of the links sent to you. This is mainly because some of them are fake and malicious, whose sender aims to set you in the net to steal your data and information or hack your phone. That is, some work to use the link as a trap and then shorten it to send it to the victim. However, you can avoid becoming a victim of such attacks by:

  1. Using sites that restore the link to its origin. Also, they show you an overview of the site’s content and examine the link to make sure that it contains no malicious files, for example, CheckShortURL.

2. Or after restoring the link, you can use other sites as checkers, like urlvoi.


2. Using PPD networks

It works out with the Pay Per Download norm. That is, PPD networks will pay you for every user downloading your uploaded files; movies, images, songs or videos. For example, you can go for fileupload or up-4ever, upload files and share the link with your WhatsApp contacts. For every download, you obtain some money, but money may vary as per download capacity.

How Do These Sites Make Money to Pay You?

These sites mainly rely on advertisements to pay for file owners who bring site visits and uploads. The ads for such sites are appropriate and effective due to the clicks the visitor makes.

how to make money on whatsapp

3. Affiliate Links or Referral Links

In this way of making money on WhatsApp, you market for a company or product for a certain commission of the profit value. A special account is created for you as a marketer with a special code or identification number from the site that you are working for. This is to calculate the number of sales achieved through the link that you published.

How does it occur?

  1. Register in one of the Affiliate sites, like Amazon, the largest site for e-commerce in the world. You can sell Amazon’s products in exchange for (4% to 15%). Or you can go with eBay and start your own way of marketing.
  2. Choose one of the products that are most demanded or will steal a good number of your contacts; whether devices, fashion, etc.
  3. Copy the link of your product and send it to your WhatsApp contacts and groups or attach the link on your profile or daily stories.
  4. Every time a purchase is completed from your link, you will get a commission.
how to make money on whatsapp with affiliate marketing

Promising Features

  • If the customer went to the site or the store for the first time after clicking on the link that you sent him, whenever he searches in Google and enters the store and made a purchase, you will get your commission. However, it should be from the same browser from which he opened your link the first time.
  • Your commission will also be reserved if the customer uses your coupon to purchase a product even if it does not enter the store through the referral link generated by you

4. Market for Yourself or Your Product

  • Show Your Services Directly

Use WhatsApp to tell others about a product, skill, or special opportunity that you think it makes sense and will benefit others. You only need to know the needs of your different contacts individually or through the group message lists feature to reach them all at once. Go here to learn more tricks about using WhatsApp for your own marketing.

  • Link Your Account on WhatsApp to Your Website

Instead of just indicating that you are running a business in your profile, let your contacts discover what you have by linking your account to the website. You can do this via the various features that WhatsApp offers to businesses. Include customizing a specific welcome message which contains the website link with your profile or your product in detail.

  • Use WhatsApp to Increase Sales

Many customers do avoid your e-mail messages. Also, they may not view the content because they are busy, or sometimes they postpone the response until they forget about the whole thing. They might have not seen it from the beginning. However, if you contact them directly and spontaneously through WhatsApp, the possibility of their reply and interaction is greater. This is due to the ease of response and their permanent presence on the app. In addition, you are able to send new offers with product photos and promote discounts. Not to mention the ease of sending the site to let the user reach you easily.

  • Stay in Touch with your Customers

WhatsApp includes a lot of people looking for help. They can easily reach you and explain their problem comfortably and clearly. Unlike many other social media, such as technical support over the phone, many hate because of the long wait until the response and help arrive.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Target Groups?

What if you want to start using your own WhatsApp to make money, but you don’t have that many groups that you can use to send your links or promote your product? In such a case, you can create a WhatsApp group from scratch via Facebook.

For example, we suggest that you browse your Facebook account and check groups with similar interests and share your plans. If you find it appreciated, ask them to provide you with their numbers. After that, you can add them on WhatsApp to stay in touch and learn more about your content, services or products.

You Can Attract Your Readers via WhatsApp. How?

WhatsApp is not the only platform on which you can promote your products. Thus, you can, as a writer or blogger, attract readers to your articles and benefit from them financially. But what you have to do is:

  • Stay available and online
  • Join related WhatsApp groups and attract your audience
  • Before posting any link from your blog to these groups, be sure it makes a valuable and beneficial contribution to them.
  • Always make sure to keep your followers up to date with your latest developments and news; not just provide them with inactive article links.
  • Create personalized conversations with your contacts and followers to hear them their opinions and impressions.

5. Earn Money from WhatsApp by Posting Job Opportunities

The fact remains that many people search every day for vacancy updates. Surprisingly, people who are already working and those who are not working are still haunting for jobs.

If you have wide relations and have the ability to share job vacancies, you will not need to beg people to join your group before they actually join them. You can start by publishing all the valuable job opportunities yourself until you find many visits. Consequently, companies and advertisers will be concerned to pay you for publishing their company’s advertisement for your group.

Double Your Chance to Earn Money

First: Add as Many Contacts as Possible

It is a good idea to start importing all personal contacts from your phone. After that, you can start expanding your search to include friends of friends and acquaintances. Encourage your close friends to start using the app and help you expand your professional network.

Second: Targeting Interested Parties

With your audience in place now, you can start focusing on who can get the most benefits from your services. Customize content to display in your story and grab the attention of these people or communicate with them personally to truly impress them. Athletes, for example, will be more likely to get nutritional supplements, while new mothers may be interested in holding a seminar on how to manage time more effectively.

You should analyze leads based on the activities and interests listed on their personal pages on social media.

Third: Create Special Groups

You have created closed groups of users based on some common interests, and you think they will respond to your business and promotions. Or, you might give your customers such groups to listen to their suggestions on things they would like to see in your business or provide feedback about a new product line.

6. Make Money When People Use Your WhatsApp Stickers

Many have built new businesses using WhatsApp as a promotional platform, and some are using it to grow their business in a cost-effective way. One of the creative ideas in using WhatsApp to make money is selling stickers for use in conversations. For example, (Pop Creators Studio) is an app that allows you to create stickers from photos and camera. Any time your WhatsApp stickers are used, you can earn some extra cash.

how to make money on whatsapp through stickers

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Profit rates from links shortening sites and other methods mentioned above require time and patience, and this is the reason that drives many to stay away from it and not go through the experience. Remember to be clear, wise and patient in achieving the goal of the content of the links you are working on.

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