How to protect your self and your business from corona virus

How to protect your self and your business from corona virus? 

Dear Reader, We, at Numero, would like to share our support and solidarity with you and your families at this extremely challenging time. As many principal companies leading the preventive response to the viral spread of the Coronavirus in the globe, we have closed our doors but never our helping services. This is mainly because the health and safety of our employees and clients is our number one priority. Throughout our legacy of providing responsible business, we are committed to doing all we can to keep you safe but still able to pursue your life indoors. But how to protect your self and your business from corona virus ?

Accept it or not, we have to deal with the change the COVID-19 outbreak has imposed into our lives. Even if you can’t do it yourself, you will walk the street alone, for many businesses both large and small, organizations and schools have closed their doors urging everyone to stay at home to avoid potential infection. Therefore, you need to learn how to protect your self and your business from corona virus.

Therefore, Numero is dedicating its teams, services, offers and plans every passing day to ensure the continuity of our supply chain and ongoing life for all. Read how to protect your self and your business from corona virus via our virtual phone numbers, call and SMS services and eSIM data plans.

Virtual Phone Numbers

  • For Individuals’ Needs

In an attempt to guarantee your stay at home, we endeavor to bring the world into your service without the need to go outdoors. That is, there is no need to visit your provider to pay your phone bills, request another SIM card or fix some networking problems. Remember! No physical contact is allowed. You can have all these covered online with the ability to charge your credits. This is via the virtual phone numbers Numero eSIM provides to guarantee that you don’t have direct contact with others and get yourself sick. Also, you can use easy and cost-effective Numero numbers to call your family back home if you are an expatriate student in one of the most infected countries. That is, our numbers could be the only refuge to stay in touch in such a tough outbreak.

Do own your virtual phone number and:

Numero eSIM App

How virtual numbers can help you?

  • Stay Secured: Garb an anonymous, virtual phone number to mask your real number and create the protected zone you have always been looking for. Because you can place the calls and receive them without the exposure of your real phone number. Particularly saying, while practicing online learning, you don’t have to share your real number with all of your colleagues and education staff; respect your privacy and use a spare one. Also, you may be looking for ways to take advantage of your stay at home but still have some burdens to dive into the online world due to some limitations. This is because some online courses, videos, e-books, workshops and clubs require registering with a real phone number to continue benefiting from their services. Hence, you have the choice to protect your personal number by registering on some of the websites using a virtual phone number from the country the sites offer their services.
  • Stay Notified: Register your virtual phone number on some of the websites, platforms or services that notify you with the up to date Coronavirus news, statistics and tips of protection articles.
  • Reliability: You won’t expose yourself to being banned or rejected because Numero’s virtual numbers are reliable and licensed from global providers. Let alone the gain of attaining the new series of your favorite book or movie that is not supported or launched in your region yet; you can be among the first to own it with the help of the virtual number you register with. Isn’t it fabulous?
  • Have an Orderly Present in Social Media: Use this virtual phone number for registering in many shared platforms of educational communication. As a student or a teacher, you can just customize your academic communication platforms to perform better online learning or teaching by activating your virtual phone number on some of social media apps; WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, or Signal.

Are you a working person who is affected by the imposed curfew?

We know that not all occupations can be pursued from home, and we understand that you may earn your living from your daily work, and by staying at home, you will only earn a waste of time without making money. However, why not exploit this time and trying to learn to use the internet to make some money? Need to know how Numero can make it works out? Here some ways by which you can use Numero virtual phone numbers:

  1. Browse the internet to find some online academies and courses and learn how to be a freelancer, for example. See Udemy and HubSpot where you can join while feeling secure about your privacy and security by using the virtual phone number.
  2. Register in the freelancing platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer and start contacting your clients with your international virtual numbers to hunt for better opportunities.
  3. Join some WhatsApp Groups and Facebook chats that tend to connect clients with people with the skills they need. Use a second virtual phone number to hide your phone numbers from online acquaintances and strangers.

Besides, you can enjoy using all of the aforementioned advantages for free! Numero has designed the Free Number System (the name will change) enabling you to use a free USA virtual phone number through a set of fun games. All that you have to do while remaining home is collecting some coins and exchanging them with the free number. Have fun and earn a number!

  • For Business’s Needs

You can maintain your enterprise steadiness and keep in touch with your clients and employees to track their satisfaction and performance respectively. Here is how:

Be More Organized and Stay Focused on the need of your clients and the productivity of your employees through registering your second social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram with virtual phone numbers.

  • Forward your calls from your office virtual phone number into your real number or another virtual number you use at home. By doing so, you will stay connected with your clients and contacts even from home.
  • Remote Support Team: Now you can hear from your audience and choose Toll-free numbers as a way to show support to them and easiness to reach your no matter what. Bring your call centers and support teams home with toll free numbers as you can accept up to 5 lines at once and; consequently, you can resume your business, receive your customer’s inquiries and complaints and work to settle them while staying at home safely and securely.
  • Use Social Media Numbers for Your Business: you can add another virtual phone number to some social media platforms that provide you with the breaking news of the current situation of the world battle against Coronavirus. However, you can use these data in your business offers and services to figure out how it can help your clients from these plagued countries. For example, get an American virtual phone number and start some awareness campaigns for your clients residing in the USA using WhatsApp platform or send them some intangible coupons of whatever kind of services and products your business delivers. Are you an online academy? Share some free courses and reach your targeted groups via social media numbers.
  • Calls and SMS Services

Virtual phone numbers help you call your relatives and friends who are in the afflicted countries to assure that they survive the infection. Use your virtual phone number as much as you can, for you will almost be charged the same as if you were in the country borders. They also can help you text your friends with Numero SMS of support and care to alleviate the situation. That is, you won’t have to choose what priority is more vital to you; calls or SMS because Numero virtual phone numbers utilize the modern VoIP technologies allowing you to have one call and SMS number that enables you to send and receive them to and from any desirable device destination with cheap costs as much as local costs.

how to activate call forwarding on Numero

Why do you need to use Numero’s numbers for calling and SMS?

  • Easy-to-Use Numbers: All of the matter is about installing, registering, charging credits and using right away.
  • Two-Way interaction: Do place and receive calls and SMS via Numero when you are working remotely. You can stay in contact and reach your staff and customers worldwide with access to over 60 countries and 3000 regions
  • Unlimited Use Cases: You can take advantage of the calling and SMS services with their perfect prices in promotional campaigns for international answers, for potential customers to provide details about your business or for personal use, such as calling your friends or making new international acquaintances. Are studying media or cultural studies? This can help you out by being introduced to different people, languages, cultures and values. They might inspire you in your papers writing; who knows? Also, get unlimited numbers for your unlimited uses on your same mobile device.
  • Unique Features: Virtual phone numbers grant you the ability to forward any incoming calls to multiple phones at once to ensure it is always answered, especially when your connection is down weakening your call quality. If online, you can receive calls for free from anywhere worldwide. You have another option of redirecting your calls to a voicemail, as well.

eSIM Data Plan

As you stay at home, you need to be connected when you have poor and some networking issues that will be solved in the near future. Do you have an eSIM supported device? Great, you can, then, benefit from Numero eSIM Data Plans as a plan B:

  • You can check your school emails, browse your Facebook or WhatsApp groups with your colleagues or teachers in the online learning process.
  • Do some online researches for your assignments and papers and read some online articles.
  • Are you bored waiting for your home Wi-Fi to reconnect again? Easily click and connect to Numero eSIM data plans to busy yourself with some online games and social media chitchats.
  • Stay connected to your employees, ensure their availability, give quick answers for urgent calls and inquires reporting the business operation and team management.

See how you can get the most out of our eSIM Data Plans from here so that you can be aware of how to protect your self and your business from corona virus.

how to set up esim from Numero eSIM

In a Nutshell

As we have to take things seriously in order to save ourselves and others, we have to stay home but not disappointedly. Consider the other alternatives that can make your stay at home useful and active, and as long as you have these reliable tools to preserve your academic or professional life, you have no excuses for not to use them and give your career a chance forward even in the hardest times.

Take Advantage of All That Numero Has to Offer While You Stay at Home!

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