How To Purchase Local Plans From Numero eSIM

With Numero’s local plans feature, you can make calls and send SMS to 20+ countries at local prices as if you were a local. This feature is available in very flexible options (subscription or consumable) for the supported countries. Numero will remind you of this feature throughout the process so you keep making calls at much cheaper prices.

This tutorial is only for virtual phone numbers from countries that support local plans.

Countries support local calling



















South Africa






Local plans = virtual phone number + minutes plan from the same country

You can buy the local plans in two options:

  • Subscription: Buy the local plan with the virtual phone number and calling minutes will be renewed as a package during the subscription period. 
  • Consumable: Buy the local plan separated from the virtual number and consume it whenever you want, and you can buy another plan when you finish the first one.
  1. Subscription

  • From the home page, click on “Phone numbers”.
  • Choose a number category.
  • Choose a country (look for “local calling” under the country name). 
  • Choose area.
  • Choose the “Add-ons” tab.
  • Choose the number and minutes plan.
  • Continue to purchase.


  • The subscription local plan will be automatically renewed as long as the auto-renewal option is turned ON.
  • Minutes will be renewed on a monthly basis, so if you choose the quarterly or yearly subscription, you will pay for the entire subscription period, but the minutes will be renewed for this plan each month.
  • Unconsumed minutes will not be transferred to the following months.

2. Consumable 

  • From the home page, tap on “Calls Credit”.
  • Choose “Calling plans” then “Local plans”.
  • Choose the country you want the local minutes plan for.
  • Here we have two cases


  • You already have a virtual number for this country:

Choose plan> check the supported operators> continue to purchase.


  • You don’t have a virtual number for this country:

You will be prompted to buy a number first from the numbers countries list, then come back to continue as case 1.

local plans

Renewal of local plans

If you purchased local credit as an add-on with the local number, the local credit will be renewed each month regardless of the number’s subscription period, but it will be paid as one subscription plan at the beginning of the subscription period, just like any other subscription plan.

Note: Auto-renewal is turned off in Numero settings, so if you want to auto-renew your number + local credit subscription, turn it on.

If auto-renewal is turned off, you can repurchase the number (if still available) and choose to add local credit as an add-on to the number subscription.

Cancellation of local plans subscription

You can’t cancel your local plan subscription, but you can make sure that the auto-renewal subscription for the number is turned off, so you won’t be charged when the subscription is renewed.

As for consumable local plans: these can’t be cancelled, so always make sure that you purchase the appropriate local plan.

Note: If you want to cancel your account, you will lose your purchased products, and you can do this following the steps in this tutorial. Always make sure that you cancel your subscription from the store to avoid any potential charges.

Video: How to get Local Plans from Numero

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