How to purchase local plans from Numero eSIM

You can now make calls and send SMS at local prices using Numero’s local plans for many countries. This feature is available in very flexible options (consumable or subscription) for the supported countries. Numero will remind you of this feature throughout the process so you keep making calls at much cheaper prices.

Whether you already have a virtual number or thinking of purchasing a new number and local plans, you first have to download the latest version of the app to get the new updates.

For more understanding:

This tutorial is only for virtual phone numbers from countries that support local plans.

Countries support local calling



















South Africa






You can buy the local plans in two options:

  • Subscription: Buy the local plan with the virtual phone number and calling minutes will be renewed as a package during the subscription period. 
  • Consumable: Buy the local plan separated from the virtual number and consume it whenever you want, and you can buy another plan when you finish the first one.

Now we have different scenarios

You have a virtual phone number that supports local calling and you purchased this number prior to the last update.

If you have a valid virtual phone number from a country that supports local calling, the following pop-up will show when you open the app.


If you want to buy a local plan for this number at the moment:

  • Click “Buy local calling plan”> choose the appropriate plan> click “Supported operators” to view the networks which support local calling, and complete the purchasing process.


If you are not interested in buying the local plan in the meantime:

  •  Click “Later” if you want to dismiss the pop-up and want to purchase the plan at another time.
  •  Click “Don’t show again” if you are not interested in purchasing a local plan for this country number.

If your current subscription plan for the old virtual number has ended, the new subscription plan will show a new option for adding local plans to the number.

Here you have two options:

  1. Choose to “Add Local Mins Plan” as on add-on when purchasing a number

You will be able to view the available local calling plan when you want to purchase the number.

Add the Local Mins Plan you want and continue to purchase the number & local plans subscription.

Important notes: 

  • Just like the phone number, the local calling minutes will be automatically renewed as long as the auto-renewal option is turned ON.
  • Minutes are constantly renewed on a monthly basis, so if you choose the quarterly or yearly subscription, you will pay for the entire subscription period, but the minutes will be renewed for this plan each month.
  • Unconsumed minutes will not be transferred to the following months.
local plans
local plans

2. Choose to buy the virtual number only 

In order to buy the virtual phone number without the local plan: 


– Choose the virtual number subscription plan> keep the Local Mins Plan unselected> and continue to purchase the number.

local plans

Note: If you chose the second option and later decided to buy local minutes (Consumable credit) for your virtual number, follow these steps: 

  • From the home page, choose “Call credit
  • Click “Calling plans
  • Click “Local plans”.
  • Choose the country that you want to buy the plan for.
  • Choose the appropriate plan for you, and click on “supported operators” to view the networks which support local calling. and complete the purchasing process.
local plans
local plans

You want to buy a new virtual phone number that supports local calling

  • From the home page, click on “Phone numbers
  • Choose the category you want to buy the number from.
  • Choose the country (local icon is displayed next to countries supporting local calling).
  • Choose the area.
  • Choose the subscription plan.

Now you have two options:

  • Buy local credit as an add-on with the number subscription (local plan)
  • Buy number only and buy local credit from the “Calls credit”> local plans> choose country> choose plan> continue to purchase

You want to buy a local plan and you don’t have a virtual number supporting local calls

You can’t buy a local plan for a specific country unless you have a virtual phone number from this country.

So, if you visit the calls credit page to buy local plans, a pop-up will appear alerting you that you need a local number for this country to be able to use the local calling plan;

Click “Buy number” to continue and purchase the number, and in this case, you will be redirected to the areas in this country> choose the number>

Now you have two options:
– Buy local credit as an add-on with the number subscription (local plan)
– Buy number only and buy local credit from the “Calls credit”

Making calls with local credit & plans

  1. Dial the number

If you have a virtual number from the same dialed country and it supports local calling, there will be two scenarios:

  • You already have a local plan credit for this number: Continue to dial the number.
  • If you don’t have a local plan: a pop-up will appear notifying you to get local credit to call at local rates, follow these steps:

Click “Buy Local Credit” > Choose your plan > Continue to purchase the plan.

If the country you are calling supports local calls and you are calling from another country’s number, here we have two scenarios:

A) You don’t have a virtual number for the same country, and in this case, a pop-up will appear asking you to get a local plan for that country.

Click “Buy plan”> Choose area> choose number>  add local calling plan as an add-on to the subscription or buy the number only and buy consumable credit from Call credit> Click “Calling plans”> Click “Local plans”> Choose the country> Choose the appropriate plan.

            And continue to make your call.

B) You already have a virtual number for this country but you are using another number

In this case, a message will appear asking you to switch your number to the local virtual number to enjoy local calling.

Click “Switch”> “Confirm” and you will call with local rates.

If you click “Keep”, you will call with standard and not local rates.

Local plans in “My Products” page

You can check your purchased local plans in “My products” page from two products categories:

  1. My phone numbers: This category will show you; your real number, and the virtual numbers you purchased from Numero.

If your virtual number supports local calling, and you’ve purchased local credit for this number, you will see your credit value next to it.


      2. My calls credit: This will show you your local plans credit and world credit balance.

You can also buy local plans from “My Products” page

Home page > My products> My phone numbers> Click “Buy local Credits” next to your virtual number to buy local credit for this country’s number.

Renewal of local plans

If you purchased local credit as an add-on with the local number, the local credit will be renewed each month regardless of the number’s subscription period, but it will be paid as one subscription plan at the beginning of the subscription period, just like any other subscription plan.

Note: Auto-renewal is turned off in Numero settings, so if you want to auto-renew your number + local credit subscription, turn it on.

If auto-renewal is turned off, you can repurchase the number (if still available) and choose to add local credit as an add-on to the number subscription.

Cancellation of local plans subscription

You can’t cancel your local plan subscription, but you can make sure that the auto-renewal subscription for the number is turned off, so you won’t be charged when the subscription is renewed.

As for consumable local plans: these can’t be cancelled, so always make sure that you purchase the appropriate local plan.

Note: If you want to cancel your account, you will lose your purchased products, and you can do this following the steps in this tutorial. Always make sure that you cancel your subscription from the store to avoid any potential charges.

Download the latest version of the app to get the new updates.

Download Numero Now!

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