How to Register and Activate Your Account in Numero

How to Register and Activate Your Account in Numero eSIM App

While working hard on providing the best experience for Numero’s users and subscribers, it becomes easier to use the app now. We released Numero in its New Design. Now, we have come up with attractive colors and more flexible user experience, including the registration process.

It is worth noting that we released the new version of Numero as a Virtual Mobile that enables you to send and receive calls and messages. Also, it helps you obtain virtual phone numbers and data plans for the (eSIM) devices. This is as if you own another mobile device within yours.

Follow this tutorial of the new registration process, and for more details about the new design, continue here.

First: The Initial Registration Process Is Easier and Faster than Before

As a new user, you can register in Numero by entering your phone number without having to complete the registration process. That is, there is no need for submitting an activation code. Once you enter your phone number, you are now an actual user in Numero. Accordingly, you can browse all the pages and services.

Note: Ensure that your phone number is real at this stage.

Second: Verifying the Number You Registered With

You will not need to verify your number with which you registered in Numero unless you decide to subscribe to one of the paid services such as buying a number or charging the balance of calls. Moreover, you will notice that the paid services are not activated and locked until you verify your number. Well, it is just another simple step that guarantees you stay protected as a subscriber.

Verifying the number is simply completing the initial registration process by requesting a verification code either through SMS or through WhatsApp. We postponed this step from the usual registration process to make it easier for you.

But, use the WhatsApp option from the very beginning to get your verification code right away due to the large number of requests upon SMS. 

You must make sure that your registered number is correct from the very first process in order to receive the activation code.

Third: Are You Old Subscribers Who Changed Their Number or Phone?

It will not cost you any trouble. Just follow the same smooth steps mentioned above to verify your number or modify it into a new one.

Notice that the LTE signal at the top of the screen indicates that you are a user or subscriber to the Numero services.

Watch How to Register and Activate Your Account in Numero eSIM App

Are You Still Holding Back to the Old Version of Numero?

If you still haven’t updated Numero, see here how you can make a new account and use it to buy your first virtual number. Just go ahead and enter your number along with 6 digits code.

FAQs on the Registration Process

Why didn't I receive the verification code after requesting it?

This may occur due to a number of reasons, the most common of which has to do with the weak network you might have in your place.
If you did not receive the verification code after requesting it via SMS, click on “I did not receive the code” to resend it to you via WhatsApp because it could be faster than SMS due to congestion.

Why I still haven't received the verification code in my WhatsApp?

Dear, make sure your WhatsApp Number is the same as the one you registered within Numero. Otherwise, just contact our support team. They will check the number by calling you and will give you the code, or they will resend the code via WhatsApp.

Don’t worry! They will help you out till your matter is completely solved.

Do I need to activate my phone number to collect free points and get a free number?

No. You can collect coins immediately after registering in Numero without the need to verify your number except in the stage of exchanging coins with a free number.

Is the New Registration Process Safe?

Sure. Postponing the verification step is only for making things easier for you, but safety is still our top priority. No one else will be using your account unless he provides the verification code which will be sent to your number.

The same verification process will be requested in case you changed your phone. After all, you are all secured!

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