how to set up esim (Data Only Plans)?

Data Only eSIM Packages Plan SetUP

Just couple of years ago, people needed physical SIM cards or Data only SIM cards provided by local vendors to support data packages. This is no longer the case, though.

In other words,  whether you are settled or constantly traveling, you are now able to roam around your country, continent, and the world without being internet-disconnected. Thanks go to the new technology, virtual data eSIM.

Thus, follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to set up esim (data-only-plan).

HOW TO INSTALL Your Numero data eSIM plans?

Step1: Check Validity

Data esim technology is only supported by a specific list of devices and countries. Consequently, please ensure  your device and country support this technology before purchasing any data package.

eSIM Supported Devices List

Supported eSIM devices are increasing. The following list may expand as more eSIM-compatible devices are released to the market.

Devices supporting eSIM are:

  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone 11 PRO
  • Apple iPhone 11 PRO MAX
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone XS MAX
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Apple Watch series 3 & 4
  • iPad Air (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Mini (5th Generation)
  • Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3XL
  • Huawei Watch 2 Pro
  • Samsung Gear S2 & S3
  • Gemini PDA
  • Lenovo Yoga 630
  • HP Spectre Folio
  • NUU Mobile X5
  • Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2XL
  • Google Pixel 3A, Google Pixel 3A XL
eSIM Supported Countries List


Czech Republic
United Kingdom

North America

United States

South America



Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates



Step2: Install Numero eSIM App

Secondly, install Numero eSIM App on Android or iOS.

Note: Numero app provides a virtual international number (eSIM). As a result, you can have a 24 hours free trial number  or  buy a number directly. Additionally, you can have a free virtual number using Numero free coins center.

Download Numero From Google Play
Download Numero From App Store

Step 3: Buy Data Packages

Thirdly, tab on Buy Number & DATA. Then you either buy a data package that supports only a specific country (local) or buy a data package that has a continent level coverage (Regional).

For instance, if a customer buys a French local package, then he will be enjoying the service within the French geographic borders. Whereas, if s/he buys a European data package, s/he will be connected in the whole European eSIM supported countries.

numero app on Android and iOS

Option 1: Buy a Local Data Package

On one hand, local data packages are only supported in the chosen country.

  • Tap on “Local” then choose your country, for example, “France”.
  • Choose an eSIM data plan which suits your needs (Number of Days, Quata Size, Price).
  • Click Buy.
  • Confirm that you have a device that supports eSIM.
Buy Data only packages
esim data only plan packages
Quata, Duration pf esim data packages

Option 2: Buy a Regional Data Package

On the other hand, these packages have continental data coverage (Asia, Europe, Africa, North & South America, etc.)

  • Tap on “Regional” then choose your continent, for example “Europe”.
  • Choose an eSIM data plan which suits your needs (Number of Days, Quata Size, Price).
  • Click Buy.
  • Confirm that you have an eSIM-supported device.
Buy Data only packages

Step 4: Install Data Packages

Fourthly, install the data packages on your device in one of two ways:

Note: Both ways are applied almost identically on Android and iOS (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel)

Option 1: Install eSIM Data Only Manually

  • From main page, go to “My Numbers & Data“.
  • Choose my Data -> Installation Guide -> Manual Installation.
  • Copy both SM-DP+ Address and activation code. 
  • Tab on Setting -> Cellular/Mobile Data -> Add Cellular -> Mobile Plan.
  • Click on Enter details Manually then Paste Numero SM-DP+Address and Activation code.
  • Confirm eSIM plan details.
  • Label the eSIM.
data onlt esim QR installation step 2
Label Activation code
data onlt esim QR installation step 3
Confirm Activation Code
data onlt esim manual installation step 1
data onlt esim QR installation step 1

Option 2: Install eSIM Data Only Package Using QR Code

  • Go to Main Menu -> My numbers and data -> Installation Guide -> QR installation.
  • Print the QR Code or screenshot it and send it to another device to be scanned.
  • Click Setting -> Cellular/Mobile -> Add Cellular -> Mobile Plan.
  • Scan the taken QR Code.
  • Confirm eSIM plan details.
  • Label the eSIM.
data onlt esim QR installation step 4

Note: In order to enjoy Numero data package, you must enable Data Roaming using the following steps.

Setting -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Data Roaming -> Enable.

enable data roaming Step -2
enable data roaming Step -3
enable data roaming Step -4

FAQs on Installing eSIM Data Only Plans

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM card that is embedded in the device working only on unlocked eSIM-compatible devices. Moreover, on an eSIM compatible device, subscribers can start connecting by simply scanning a QR Code and entering a Confirmation Code or manually entering the details provided in the eSIM confirmation details.
For more details about data eSIM click here

Are Numero eSIM data plans refundable?

Data packages are unique and can be activated on one device only. Thus, it is nonrefundable.

How Many eSIM can I have?

Numero subscribers are welcome to buy as much data eSIM plans. There is no ceiling to that. However, one Plan will be working at a time.

Where can I find my confirmation code?

Please check your purchased data package duration. Open Numero -> My Numbers & Data -> My Data -> Installation Guide -> View You QR or SM-DP+Address and Activation code

How long can I use my Numero data eSIM?

Open Numero -> My Numbers & Data -> My Data -> Select your data plan package and check the duration.

How Do I recharge my Data eSIM?

Users cannot recharge the data plan, but they are welcome to purchase a new one at any time.

What can I do if I cannot scan my QR code?

In some cases regarding mobile camera dysfunctionality, users can install data packages manually using Numero SM-DP+Address and Activation code given to you once you purchase the eSIM data alongside with the QR code.

My Numero Data eSIM is not working! What to do?

Please Do Not worry and make sure of the following:

1.Your mobile roaming is switched on.
Setting -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Data Roaming -> Enable.

2. Make sure your location has data coverage.
In case your location has weak or limited coverage causing to have difficulties accessing the internet, try moving to a better signal location (Observe 3G or 4G/LTE bar indicator). However, if the signal is strong and your eSIM is still not connected, try to restart your mobile.

You can always contact our customer support via the application or contact us from here.

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