New Feature: Numero Space To Clone Apps In Android

New Feature: Numero Space To Clone Apps In Android

Clone Apps With Numero Space

We are happy to introduce “Numero Space”! Our newest feature in Numero eSIM. It is an amazing feature that allows you to clone apps in your mobile for unlimited benefits and extra privacy.

Imagine having a second account for WhatsApp in the same device with a different phone number, or opening two Facebook accounts (both online) on one smartphone. Not only those, Numero Space can clone all apps you can have on your phone.

Follow this link to learn how to activate WhatsApp using your virtual number from Numero eSIM: Virtual number for WhatsApp.

This feature is super helpful to those who seek having dual social media and messaging apps accounts dedicated only for business, aside from their original personal accounts, right on their phone. Or just need dual accounts for specific personal uses.

With this feature, Numero eSIM app will be the first and only virtual phone numbers app to introduce this feature to its users.

Numero Space Benefits:

  • This feature is absolutely free for all users (No annoying ads). Use it whether or not you own a Numero virtual number.
  • You can duplicate all of your smartphone apps. All copies will work exactly like the original ones.
  • A smart lock will keep your new work-space (Numero Space) safe and secure. It will greatly enhance your privacy.
  • Numero Space will save more phone capacity as you don’t have to install extra and unofficial apps to use second accounts.

Numero Space is available now with it’s first beta version for devices with Android Oreo or higher (8.0+). you can get it by updating Numero eSIM app from Google Play store to the latest version.


Numero Space To Clone Apps In AndroidWhat do you think about our new feature? did you used it already? tell us in the comments below.

New Feature: Numero Space To Clone Apps In Android

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