Get A Free Virtual Number (USA) From Numero eSIM NOW!

Get A Free Virtual Number (USA) From Numero eSIM NOW!

Collect Coins & Get A Free Virtual Number

Good news for all of Numero eSIM app users! Now you can get a free virtual number for WhatsApp, SMS, verification on social media, call forwarding, use it in the second copy of any app and of course for making and receiving cheap international calls. The best and most wanted feature (Coins Center) is finally available in Numero eSIM app, which allows you to collect coins using the following methods:

  1. Watch Videos: Earn up to 210 coins per week only by watching videos.
    Note: You can watch a maximum of 15 videos per day.
    -Watch 1-5 videos and get 1 coin.
    -Watch 6-10 videos and get 2 coins.
    -Watch 11-15 videos and get 3 coins.
  2. Daily Check-in: Check-in every day in the system and earn 2 coins. Check-in for 7 sequential days and get extra coins reward.
  3. Rate Us 5 Stars: If you check-In Numero three times in a row, a Rate Us 5 Stars option will appear. Rate us 5 stars in store and earn 50 coins.
  4. Share on Facebook: Share on Facebook twice a week and earn 2 coins for every shared post.
  5. Invite Friends: Invite your friends and earn 2 coins for each invited friend who downloads and registers to Numero through your invitation link.
  6. Wheel of Fun: Spin the wheel every day and earn coins, calling credit and special prizes! Some of our users won the super prize of a free USA mobile number!
  7. Challenge Wall: Love a challenge? Then this section is for you. Complete challenges and offers and earn an enormous amount of coins!

After collecting 400 coins, you can exchange them to get a free USA – Social Media virtual phone number for a month. Keep collecting coins to have enough coins and renew your free subscription each month.

You can use your free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification by following the steps in this tutorial: Virtual number for WhatsApp.

Get Coins Faster & Exchange With Free Virtual Numbers

In the case of coins shortage, you can add a quick coins supply by buying a coins package.

Available coins packages:

  • 100 coins for 1 euro.
  • 500 coins for 5 euros.

Don’t forget to keep your collected coins at least 400 to renew your free subscription each month.

Note: This feature is currently available only for Android users and will be soon available for iPhone.

Download or update the app and start collecting coins:

With this feature and our amazing previous features, we hope to provide the best free virtual number app for you, so what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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