Extra balance by inviting friends

Get Extra Balance By Inviting Friends For Free

You can increase your balance for free by inviting your friends to try out Numero eSIM and purchase a virtual number. Get 1 euro for each purchase done by a friend of yours and enjoy extra calling minutes. can you imagine getting 1 euro free bonus credit for every first eSIM phone number purchase done by your friends? what do you waiting for! start now sending invites to friends and earn more euros with no limits.

What Should I Do To Earn Free Balance?

You should send invitation link to all of your friends using Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail or share it using other social media network and waiting to earn extra free balance after you friends activate the invitation and download our app then purchase their first virtual number using Numero eSIM.

If you have some friend who are already using Numero eSIM app and have a virtual number, you can also get an advantage from that, by sending them the invitation code which consists of 6 numbers. when your friends will use this code in the next recharge process, your balance in Numero will increase by 1 euro.

What Should My Friend Exactly Do?

  1. Your friend should activate your pending friend invitation by entering his/her real mobile number.
  2. Your friend should sign up using the same mobile number which he/she used to complete the invitation process (in your referral link ).
  3. You friend should purchase a virtual number at least for 1 month using Numero eSIM app.
  4. In case of your friend is already using Numero eSIM and having a virtual number, then you should send the invitation code to him/her and he/she should use it in the next recharge/purchase ( as a voucher code ) then you will get your free balance.

What Will My Friend Benefit ?

Of course your friend also will benefit from the whole process, 1 euro free balance will added to his/her balance after complete the invitation activation.

It is that simple, invite more friends and get more free balance!

Extra balance by inviting friends

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