PayPal Option Added for Better Purchase Experience!

PayPal Option Added For Better Purchase Experience!

We can now accept PayPal payments!
Now you can pay for your eSIM using PayPal option without using iTunes or Google Play.
This feature is currently available on Numero eSIM app for Android.This will allow you to get your selected eSIM instantly without having to wait 2 hours until the store activates your purchase.

Why PayPal Option Is Now Available In Numero eSIM?

Always remember that you are free to choose to pay with PayPal or app store, but you may wonder:
“why should I use PayPal instead of my trusted store?”

  • Extremely secure: PayPal is a well-known payment medium worldwide and it is reputed to be an extremely secure way for payments over the internet.
    When you pay using PayPal, all of your financial information and passwords will be secure in PayPal’s database.
    So the whole process is trusted!
  • Instant purchase: When you use the store to complete the payment process, you have to wait for 2 hours to process your payment and receive your new eSIM number. Using PayPal is an instant top-up and you will receive and activate your eSIM number instantly.

Our support team is always available when you want to know more about PayPal payment option and help you to choose the most convenient way to purchase your selected eSIM using Numero.

This feature is currently available on Numero eSIM app for Android.

Try our new payment service and enjoy!

PayPal Option Added for Better Purchase Experience With Discounts!

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