Toll Free Numbers Are Now Available In Numero eSIM App!

Toll Free Numbers Are Now Available In Numero eSIM App!

Get Toll Free Numbers For Your Business!

Toll Free numbers are mainly created to ease the communication between businesses and their prospects by allowing customers to call them for free. Imagine how much this would encourage customer to initiate the first call with a company and increase the chances of closing deals. The more facilities you provide your customers, the more return of investment you will get.

Because we are aware of the significance of Toll Free numbers for businesses, and the importance of customer support departments, we decided to provide Toll Free numbers in Numero.

Provided Toll Free numbers are currently from 14 countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Cyprus, Chile. The list will expand to include more countries in the future.

Why Numero’s Toll Free Numbers?

  1. Buying Toll Free numbers from Numero is way cheaper than buying them locally. There are no installation or setup fees, no taxes, no extra devices or stationary needed, no hidden fees or long term commitment. You will only pay the cost of the Toll Free number in Numero using the mobile device that you already have.
  2. Flexible recharge plans as needed. You also get extra 2 euro credit when you buy a number.
  3. Ability to receive multiple calls at the same time using channels/lines.
  4. Ability to buy multiple Toll Free numbers on the same mobile device.
  5. Ability to benefit from Numero’s other features like Call Forwarding and Voicemail.
  6. Ability to check received calls history and billing for transparency and cost control. Details provided: duration, cost, caller ID, date and time.

Increase your conversions and revenue.

Get your Toll Free number today!

Download Numero Now!

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Exclusive for US users, enjoy getting free phone services with our new coins center.
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