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Have you ever wondered how phone calls are transferred between the two sides of the call when using VoIP technology apps like Numero? How can you use a VoIP service to make a call to a non-VoIP phone number in any part of the world? And how does it maintain its quality?


Here we need to explain the call flow using a VoIP service provider. Let’s show how calls from Numero go from one side to the other. Note: the process applies to all VoIP services providers.

Call Flow Using Numero App

The call flow from one side that uses Numero app to a regular number that uses local operators goes through the following:

  • In VoIP, Numero eSIM app allows you to make telephone calls over the internet.
  • Numero app in your device is connected to what is called a VoIP Softswitch. This soft switch is software that receives calls from the phone that uses the Numero app. So, your call will be directed to the softswitch via the internet.
  • Now, we need to transfer the calls from this softswitch to the local carrier of the dialed number in the other side, this is why the VoIP service owner – Numero app – needs a medium to enable directing the calls from Numero app to the dialed number that is not using VoIP.

The medium in this case is a route provider; this route provider gives Numero routes to enable directing calls from the softswitch to the dialed number.

Numero routes

And the process goes vise-versa from the regular phone to Numero numbers.

So, What Are Numero Routes?

Numero routes are a connection from Numero VoIP server – the soft switch – to the local carrier of the dialed number in a certain area. These routes are used to direct traffic from one side to the other.

How Are Numero Routes Obtained?

Obtaining routes might be the most critical thing for VoIP service providers, as it affects the quality of the call and accordingly the overall satisfaction of the user.

There are many route providers around the world, also called “VoIP termination services” providers, but not all of them are trustworthy to make agreements with.

Numero founders, with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication domain, have the ability to determine and choose the best route providers to cooperate with.

Numero is very selective when it comes to making agreements with routes providers, it is true that cost is an important factor when selecting those providers, but Numero also ensures that the following criteria are covered:


1. Quality: the quality of the route means the quality of the call, and this quality is reflected in the following cases:

  • Audio clarity: There is no voice distortion, echo, delay, buffer, or jitter in voice on the two sides of the call.
  • Correct exact duration: a quality route will allow you to make a call with no silent moments. Silent moments result from technical issues. These minutes will be counted and added to your bill.
  • Normal PDD for calls (Post Dialing Delay): it should take less than 7 seconds until the second party hears the phone ringing after dialing it from the caller. You don’t want to wait for a long time before you hear the ringing sign, which will cause a delay in receiving the call from the receiver, and this can be really frustrating, especially if you want to make an urgent call and want to get a quick response. you also might waste more time thinking the call is not going through and keep trying while it’s just PDD.


2. Continuous, uninterrupted service: the routes have to work on a 24/24 basis to ensure that callers can make their calls whenever they want, the provider shall provide stand-by routes in case of any malfunction occurring with the primary routes.

3. Direct connections with operators: direct routes connected directly with operators, direct suppliers, and national telecom carriers help to provide the best price on the market. This is mentioned because some providers redirect the VoIP calls flow to other providers along the chain from the soft swift to the call recipient and vice versa, and this is reflected in the high price per minute of calling.

The quality is affected by the technical aspects on both sides (the Numero side and the provider side) SoftSwitches should support all Voip Codec, so the calls can go through smoothly without any issues.

Additional precautions from Numero to ensure the best quality calls 

  • Routes providers’ relevant precautions: the above-mentioned criteria are relevant to the route provider, but Numero makes sure that it has stand-by providers in case any issue occurs with the current provider/s.
  • Numero owns servers with high qualifications that give the user the ability to connect all the time.

To sum up

Numero has high quality routes and VoIP that enable you to make and receive calls with high quality.


Download Numero eSIM app, and enjoy high quality calls at affordable rates.

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