Staying Connected During Covid 19 | eSIM Data Plans

Staying Connected During Covid 19 | Numero’s eSIM Data Plans

Today, from educational lectures to doctors’ appointments, we are having more and more people work and study from home due to the Covid-19 Virus. We have moved all aspects of our daily lives online, and we see how millions of people around the world are staying connected during covid 19 from their kitchens, living rooms and home offices.

However, now what if you have lost your Wi-Fi connection due to some hardware or software breakdown that needs to be solved by the provider’s technical support? Or how could you manage the intensive use of the internet in your house by all of your family members when you desperately need to send an email or check an online report? Are you going to freeze your life till the outbreak is over and have everything in order again? Of course not!

You know how to handle Plan B, don’t you? Numero’s eSIM Data Plan will be your standby solution from this day on for staying connected during covid 19. 

You must own an eSIM device to use Numero’s data plans

Online Classes

Learners, teachers, educators and researchers can still tackle any connection problem via using enough eSIM Data Plans. But, first things first. Stay in touch with all teaching staff and colleagues in separate locations. Use our eSIM Data Plans to:

  • Access information about all topics in various fields on different websites.
  • Participate in education and training activities, for example, record your presentation and send it to your professor.
  • Download a wide range of online learning materials.
  • Send the necessary resources via suitable online techniques to your students.
  • Facilitate discussion sessions among students.
  • Manage online quizzes, exams and polls.
  • Submit your assignments or reply to your teacher’s comments on your essays.
  • Prepare the online curriculum, check out your students’ assignments and use online anti-plagiarism tools that provide feedback to your students.
  • Use Google Calendar to schedule and remind your students of deadlines or course time.

Why not be more organized when communicating with your professors or students by using another number?

You can use another virtual phone number for a second account of WhatsApp or Facebook addicted to learning or teaching purposes. Therefore, you can use this number to register in the different online platforms shared by your school, websites to download the materials from and tools to send your assignments through. Also, teachers and educators can have the following up process more flexible when assigning a special number for the online presence, for they can contact each other and consult the mobile educational strategies they are using. Wait, this number has to have an internet connection to carry on its performance, so your eSIM Data plans can be your backup.

staying connected during covid 19

Working from home

Are you a business owner, employee or freelancer? You wouldn’t dare bet on your career, would you?

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Be it a small or big business, shift to use eSIM data plans to maintain the continuity of your goals and tasks. See what we suggest while you remain home:

Know more about staying connected during covid 19
  • Keep in touch with your employees and conduct meetings via the online communication chats, for example, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.
  • Ensure the performance of your employees via some online tools like Trello or Slack.
  • Read more blogs and e-books about your field to realize more progress to your business.
  • Watch business documentaries.
  • Analyze and evaluate what the world market is offering especially related to your industry.
  • Learn how other businesses are attracting customers from the internet.
  • You can join online entrepreneurship courses and degree programs that make you highly expert in the industry.
  • Freelancers

Whether you are a freelancer who works from a working space or already works at home, you probably need to maintain your online existence. If you are still hunting for a job or communicating with approaching clients, tap on your eSIM Data plan and open the freelancing board to browse projects and apply for the suitable one. Once you are in business, you need to show your clients that whenever they call, you will be ready to answer. Also, stay online to be the first one who replies to any job invitation that you receive. Therefore, your eSIM data plans will back you if your Wi-Fi failed to do the mission.

  • Online Shopping and Banking Services

Nowadays, electronic payments look more appealing as people fear cash could spread coronavirus. Thus, use your eSIM data to do some online shopping without having to go out to obtain new things while staying connected during covid 19 at home safely. Also, you can access your bank accounts to view, conduct banking transactions, check and pay bills electronically via your bank online applications.

online shopping requires staying connected during covid 19
  • Digital Marketing Purposes

This may be your chance to drive new leads and winning deals to your business, for all people around the world who are stuck at home and online. Hence, use your digital marketing skills and strategies to make brand awareness or traffic generation. Staying connected during covid  is crucial, so specialize your connection at home with the eSIM Data plans and get to run your marketing tasks one by one:

  • Open your eyes to the importance of the paid social media ads, search engines and your web content and design.
  • Make sure to use google keyword planner and google trends to see what people are searching on the internet related to your products and services and build your plans on the output data.
  • Follow up your online presence by seeing your customers’ comments on different social media platforms and replying with the appropriate answer.
  • Run your marketing campaigns and stay alert of their progress.
  • Show support for your customer base by offering special discounts that will keep your revenue flowing.
  • Create an email newsletter campaign on your website and send useful emails to subscribers.
  • With more people at home in front of their screens, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to connect with their customers and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Post online surveys and polls for your customers to answer while free at home to know for sure what best suits their interest.
  • Join Quora and other Q&A sites and answer questions about your brand and services.
  • Blogging and Vlogging

Are you a blogger or a vlogger who has people out there waiting patiently to see what you have in mind during these hard times? While staying connected during covid 19, use your eSIM Data Plans to publish your essays, blogs and papers to your readers. Why not use this advantage to convince people to comply with social distancing and; consequently, help us all “Murder the Beast”. In addition, you can make a list of beneficial ideas to talk about with your audience so that all of you can share some information while staying at home. See, “tips of how to stay productive while staying at home” is a worthy idea to publish and discuss with your audience using your eSIM Data plans.

busy your kids while staying connected during covid 19

How to Busy Your Kids for Their and Your Good

It is undeniable that staying connected during covid 19 at home to study or work while you have children around is not always the environment you are looking forward to having in order to perform better. Do you have a discussion class or a management meeting but have no idea how to busy your kids? See how you can reasonably use eSIM Data Plans to impact your kids while achieving progress in your work.

  • Staying in Touch: While kids are insisting to visit their neighborhood friends or grandparents, you can allow them to use your eSIM Data Plans with the limit you choose to connect with others via regular video chats or share photos with their friends about their activities at home.
  • Growing Talents: You can invest their school pause to improve some skills your kids have, for instance, painting applications, drawing, writing or playing some online piano or any other musical instrument. You know you can find them loads of useful resources and ways to practice online.
  • Inspiring Ideas: Activate your kids’ social media accounts via another number to secure their privacy and, at the same time, let them follow their favorite artists on social media because the internet can be a great way for young aspiring creatives to get started.
  • Learning: Push your kids to learn new languages, or your child can use programs like Mathletics to practice their Math, for example.
  • Playing: You make a great favor to your children when you allow them to play some online games that help them explore another world of imagination and fantasy

Make Your Home Stay More Enjoyable

It is known that not all those who have to stay at home are students, teachers or employees. It’s probably that you get bored while you are locked in the house without hanging out with your friends, but with the internet on your phone, you have an endless supply of entertainment available to you. That is, you still can enjoy your time while staying connected during covid 19 at home with your own eSIM Data Plans to:

  • Access to many shows and videos
  • Read news and blogs
  • Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest’s feeds and other people’s photos and posts
  • Listen to various podcasts and music streaming
  • Play online games and compete against your friends

Make Use of the Online Virtual Phone Numbers

Invest your stay at home with Numero’s virtual phone numbers, for they not only can help you make and receive calls and SMS, use the number to protect your real number, register in the different online services and have second accounts on some of the social media platforms. There are more benefits you can exploit by the use of virtual phone numbers while you stay at home. However, it is a must to have an ongoing internet connection to continue to use these numbers because Numero’s virtual phone numbers depending on the VoIP to perform the tasks of the ordinary numbers.

As you have customized your life with the system these numbers provide, the next step is to have your connection customized by subscribing to your own eSIM Data Plans. Hereby, it is worth highlighting that you have the ability to choose among a set of network providers and switch to the most convenient one for you and your usage. This is convincing enough!

Also, you can have fun and use a free USA virtual phone number as well through the Free Coins Center. Just switch to your eSIM Data Plans and open Numero App to try the funny games we include.

use Numero app while staying connected during covid 19

How Much eSIM Data Plans You Actually Need to Work from Home

Shifting all of your outdoor life into your offices at home isn’t easy at all because not every home is set up to present as a workplace with a suitable connection you need. In reality, you are not the only one staying at home and need to stay online.

The issue doesn’t have to do with whether to choose to watch your movie at the highest-quality content or giving up to the standard definition content. However, your concern goes beyond thinking about the quality connection your meeting with your bosses, coworkers and clients requires.

  • Realize your usage first. Before choosing the suitable eSIM Data Plan, ask yourself these couple of questions: am I going to need to download large files quickly? Do I need to use Skype for HD video calls with large groups?
  • Test your Internet speed: To determine the internet speed you need, test your Internet speed with an online speed test tool.
  • What Internet speed do you need?
If you want Internet Needed
General web surfing, email, social media 1 Mbps
Online gaming 1-3 Mbps
Video conferencing 1-4 Mbps
Standard-definition video streaming 3-4 Mbps
High-definition video streaming 5-8 Mbps

Are You Safe When Using eSIM Data Plans?

On one hand, using your own eSIM Data Plans is more useful than having to share the use of the Wi-Fi connection with all family members. On the other hand, you are in control of your data, usage and speed because no one will be intruding on your consumption, the websites you use or the chats you leave on screen.

eSIM Data Plans Prove More Security

Wi-Fi signals are broadcast to the nearby areas, and; consequently, anyone within the range of the Wi-Fi can have access to those signals. Put it another word, your home Wi-Fi can be hacked and used to spy on the smartphones connecting to it. Whereas eSIM Data Plans don’t require a router or a Wi-Fi connection. You can access movies, games, email, websites and more on your phone or tablet using any network as long as you’re in the coverage area. Select the eSIM Data Plan that Best Suits Your Need!

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