The Importance of Toll-Free Numbers for Business Growth: Statistics and Benefits

Boost your business’s credibility and attract more customers with a toll-free number. Discover the latest statistics and benefits of using a virtual toll-free number from Numero.

A toll-free telephone number is a number that the caller can dial without incurring any charges. The cost of the call is borne by the recipient of the call, typically a business or customer service, who pays for the duration of the call. It’s worth mentioning that the regular toll-free numbers require a physical SIM card, which makes its benefits limited, as business owners have to have a representative to receive calls at the toll-free number in each country they serve in.

And here lies the importance of virtual toll-free numbers, these numbers allow callers to reach a business or organization without incurring any charges. Unlike traditional toll-free numbers, which are tied to a specific physical location or telephone line, virtual toll-free numbers are not physically linked to a specific phone line. This allows businesses to have a toll-free presence without having a physical office or phone line. Virtual toll-free numbers are typically used by businesses that want to provide a convenient and cost-free way for customers to contact them, regardless of their location or physical telephone infrastructure.

A virtual toll-free number can play a crucial role in the success of a business. It provides customers with easy accessibility to your business and projects a professional image. The latest statistics have shown that businesses that use virtual toll-free numbers benefit from increased accessibility, improved professionalism, increased flexibility, better call management, and cost-effectiveness. With virtual toll-free numbers, businesses can manage calls from anywhere, at any time, and never miss an important call again. By using advanced call management features like call forwarding, call screening, and voicemail, businesses can improve their customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. In today’s fast-paced business world, having a virtual toll-free number has become a necessary tool for success, and can make all the difference in separating your business from the competition.

The Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers


Increased Customer Trust and Credibility

According to a survey conducted in the USA, 99% of big businesses have toll-free numbers, which is not a coincidence. Americans tend to do business with companies that have toll-free numbers, giving them an image of being established, professional, and accessible.


Branding and Recognition

A toll-free number can be used to brand your company. Having a toll-free number sets you apart from your competitors and makes your business more memorable to customers.


Improved Customer Experience

Toll-free numbers make it easier and more convenient for customers to contact you, leading to higher customer satisfaction. In fact, a study showed that customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can easily find a toll-free number on your website.


Increased Sales and Revenue

Toll-free numbers can increase your telephone orders by 30% to 60%, and decrease product returns by up to 50%. Additionally, a productive ad featuring a toll-free number can generate approximately 30% more orders. The average phone order from a catalog can be 30% to 70% higher than the middle mail order.

Latest Statistics on Toll-Free Numbers


Popularity Among Different Age Groups

98% of American Adults aged 18-65 use toll-free numbers, and 68% of American Teens use them as well. This shows the widespread popularity of toll-free numbers among different age groups.


Frequency of Use

52% of Americans estimate that they make 50 or more toll-free calls per year, demonstrating the frequent use of toll-free numbers.


Growth of Toll-Free Numbers

More than 8000 toll-free numbers are registered every day, showing the continued growth of this communication tool.


Impact on Sales

Toll-free calling generates an estimated $200 billion in annual sales of goods and services in the USA. The ability to easily locate a toll-free number on a website significantly improves the success rate of any ad or website, as 84% of internet users rely on electronic media to search for product information before making a purchase.


Increased Responsiveness in Advertising

Adding a toll-free number in commercials, print ads, or direct mail pieces can increase advertising responsiveness by 600%, as shown by a study by Bellcore. Fund-raising organizations have also increased their response by approximately 25% by including a toll-free number in their marketing materials.

Virtual Toll-Free Numbers from Numero

Numero eSIM app offers virtual toll-free numbers that provide businesses with a convenient and cost-effective way to reach their customers. These numbers work just like traditional toll-free numbers, allowing customers to call the business without incurring long-distance charges. However, virtual toll-free numbers have added benefits, such as increased flexibility and accessibility. With Numero’s virtual toll-free numbers, businesses can have a presence in multiple locations without the need for physical SIM,  lines or equipment. Additionally, these numbers can be accessed from anywhere, making it easier for businesses to reach customers no matter where they are located. Furthermore, virtual toll-free numbers are more cost-effective than traditional toll-free numbers, as they don’t require the same level of investment in physical infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. With Numero’s virtual toll-free numbers, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional toll-free number, but with added convenience and cost savings.


In addition to that, the Numero eSIM app enables you to use the toll-free forwarding feature, which allows the Toll-Free number owner to forward calls from this Toll-Free number to a different phone number whether locally or internationally. Read more about Toll-Free Forwarding.


If you are interested in obtaining a virtual Toll-Free number from the Numero eSIM app, you may follow the instructions in this tutorial.


In conclusion, having a toll-free number is an essential aspect of running a successful business in today’s competitive marketplace. It provides customers with an easy and accessible way to reach your business and helps establish a professional image that instills confidence in your customers. With the added benefits of increased flexibility, better call management, and cost-effectiveness, a virtual toll-free number is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. By taking advantage of the latest technology, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and grow their customer base. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing business, a virtual toll-free number is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights of success.

Purchase toll-free numbers from Numero eSIM app and level up with your business.

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