What Is WhatsApp Web? The Secrets of WhatsApp Web

What Is WhatsApp Web? The Secrets of WhatsApp Web

What is WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp Web is the popular version of WhatsApp Messenger used to make voice and video calls. However, it is specific to the browser.  Also, it provides the ability to use it on a computer in one of two ways: the first is through a downloadable app on the computer, and the other is by working directly from the web browser. Both methods are extensions to the WhatsApp Messenger installed on your mobile phone.

The WhatsApp web version allows you to access, reply to and manage messages while you are working on your computer or because you do not want to use your mobile phone for one reason or another.

Here we will guide you on how to use WhatsApp Web while learning the latest secrets and tricks.

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Which Operating Systems and Browsers Support WhatsApp Web?

Both Windows and Mac operating systems allow the App to be used on the browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

WhatsApp Web Features

The web version provides most of the features that are available on the mobile app, such as:

  1. See the status of your friends and respond to them on a larger screen
  2. Change your status and image
  3. Receive message notifications
  4. Easily send and receive pictures and video clips from the computer, without the need to carry and open the phone to do the same

What Are the Requirements to Run WhatsApp Web?

  1. An account on WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Internet connection
  3. A light web browser that makes using the app on the web easy

How to Operate the WhatsApp Web?

Follow these steps to easily run WhatsApp Web on your PC without the need to install apps or anything else:

  • Open (whatsapp.com) with your browser to scan the QR code.
  • Log in to WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of the screen in the menu bar.
  • When you choose the WhatsApp Web, the camera will open.
  • Scan the code via your mobile phone’s camera.

In case you are unable to scan the code, make sure that your phone’s main camera is working properly. If the auto-focus is not working, the camera is malfunctioning, or the lens is blurry, it may not be able to scan the code.

How to Operate WhatsApp Web

Tricks and Secrets about WhatsApp Web

As WhatsApp had a lot of tricks and secrets, here are things you may not know that you can do when you use WhatsApp Web:

  1. Read messages without the sender knowing

Do you want to read a message without showing a blue tick? There is a cool trick that you can try to read messages without the sender knowing:

  • Open the chat you want via WhatsApp Web
  • Open any Notepad widget window, the calculator app, or any other program
  • Set its size on the screen so that the WhatsApp Web screen is in the background.
  • When you pin the mouse to the Notepad screen, the incoming messages in the chat window will be loaded in the background, so you can now read them without marking them as read with blue ticks.
  • Be aware that once you select the WhatsApp web window, the gray ticks will turn blue.

Moreover, another way to disable the blue ticks feature is an add-on from the Google Chrome browser called “WAToolkit”, which provides you with a number of features when using WhatsApp Web, including preventing the appearance of blue ticks.

  1. Opening more than one WhatsApp account on your computer

Do you own two WhatsApp accounts; one for your personal relationships and the other professional activated with a virtual number using one of the apps providing eSIMs such as Numero eSIM App?

You can still manage two or more WhatsApp accounts on your computer by:

  • Opening various windows in incognito mode or guest mode
  • Working on a different browser to log into your second WhatsApp account, which you may allocate to business, for example.

3. You can use WhatsApp on your phone and computer simultaneously

You can follow your chats on both versions at the same time. That is, if you want to go back to any chat on your phone that you have managed via WhatsApp Web, you will find all the files and messages saved. Thus, you do not have to worry about the inability to return to a message or file that you have sent or received over the phone or the web. After all, you will find it in any way.

4. To download photos and videos to your computer

Click on the file or image to open it and then find the download button at the top right.

download photos and videos to your computer

5. Turn off notifications

There is no doubt that notifications are enabled by default in WhatsApp. However, if you want to stop notifications from arriving, you just have to click on Settings from the options menu from the three dots. Then you can organize your notifications and the sound of your alerts.

Turn off notifications

6. Raise the volume of the audio and video files that you receive

Some people may suffer from a low volume of files coming from WhatsApp Web. Therefore, Chrome browser enables you to install the “Zapp” extension to increase the volume of voice messages and videos. Not only that, this add-on speeds up those files, so listening to audio messages won’t take long.

7. Use WhatsApp as a cloud storage space

Why not use the offer to synchronize messages between your phone and your computer to transfer and store your files from phone to computer or vice versa? In other words, you can create a private group and then remove the organs to stay alone and save in it.

8. Hiding the media from appearing to the public

Google Chrome provides an extension called “Hide Images / Videos” to hide media, images and videos. Therefore, just click on the icon, and you will remove all media instantly from your device’s screen. Also, refresh the page to undo.

9. Control some features via shortcuts

We constantly use to control the screen through some shortcuts to do a certain thing, and this feature is available in WhatsApp Web. However, these shortcuts work better on Firefox and Opera browsers without Google Chrome, for they conflict with the shortcuts of Chrome itself.

  • Go to the previous chat
features of WhatsApp Web via shortcuts
  • Turn to the next chat
Shortcuts of WhatsApp web
  • Mute the chat
WhatsApp web's shortcuts

New Features in WhatsApp Web

  • The “Dark Mode”

Dark mode has been added in the latest versions of WhatsApp Web by

  1. Clicking on the menu icon
  2. Choosing settings
  3. Picking the appearance and choose “dark”.

Once you close or refresh the tab, it will automatically switch to the dark mode.

Choosing the theme
The dark mode
  • Create a Room

After its success on Facebook, They have launched WhatsApp’s rooms feature to add up to 50 participants for conference and group video calls. It allows you to invite through an invitation link so that your friends can join the room and participate in it even if they do not have accounts on Facebook.

And as WhatsApp stated, They have protected the rooms feature with encryption and privacy applied in Messenger. On the other hand, they excluded the end-to-end encryption feature between the two parties from this feature.

Creating room

WhatsApp as An Extension to the Opera Browser

If you want to use WhatsApp Web via the Opera browser, there is an extension that you download to integrate WhatsApp with the sidebar in the Opera browser. This facilitates the possibility of chatting with friends and family without having to leave the main interface of the browser.

WhatsApp as An Extension to the Opera Browser

What if you want to log out of all devices connected to your WhatsApp account?

If you connect to your WhatsApp account via a device that you do not trust, or you want an assurance that no one will access your device and tamper with your WhatsApp Web account, you can log out of one or all devices.

Click the device you want to remove access from or click “sign out of all devices”. Every time you connect to WhatsApp, a notification will be sent to your phone.

Why Is WhatsApp Web Logged Out Automatically?

Most of the time when you want to check your WhatsApp Web chats, you find out that it is logged out. This may be because the computer or the phone is not connected to the Internet. Therefore, you should:

  • Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the Internet
  • Rescan the code on your computer with your phone
  • Avoid the use of proxy programs or programs that change (IP) because WhatsApp does not connect to the Internet-connected illegally.
log out of all devices connected to your account
the Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web

How to prevent anyone sitting next to you from seeing your messages on the screen?

Having your chats on a large screen may make you anxious about the possibility of strangers sitting on your side to see your texts or photos. To maintain your privacy, we suggest using an extension from Chrome that allows you to remove the visibility of the WhatsApp Web window’s content, which is the “Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web” privacy extension.

Want to leave the window open and exit momentarily? Click on the extension in the add-on bar to hide:

  • All messages in the chat
  • Multimedia content
  • What you type in the text bar
  • Profile pictures
  • Even the name of groups and contacts

WhatsApp Web Works Without the Need for a Your Phone

As we have previously mentioned, you have to maintain your internet connection in order to be able to use WhatsApp Web, but it seems that this trouble may end soon. The WABetaInfo account on Twitter, through which the latest developments that WhatsApp is working on are disclosed, states that a version of the app has been developed to work on the unified platform (UWP) for Windows apps. Thus, it will work without the need for a phone connected to the Internet.

Can You Install the App on My Computer Without the Browser?

Instead of using WhatsApp Web, you can enjoy the same benefits but by downloading the app on your PC:

  1. Go here to download WhatsApp for the computer version.
  2. Click the green download button.
  3. Find the file in your Downloads folder and install it.
  4. Follow the installation steps on devices running the Windows operating system, but drag the WhatsApp icon to the Applications folder on Mac computers.
  5. Complete the steps to activate your account. The app will keep you logged in until you log out yourself.
WhatsApp Desktop

What Is the Difference Between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for Computer (Desktop)?

As we explained earlier, WhatsApp Web is a web version of the WhatsApp application that you can access via a browser on the Internet, while WhatsApp Desktop is a program that you load on the computer for any operating system.

 WhatsApp WebWhatsApp Desktop
Usage requirements1. A computer connected to the Internet
2. Good internet browser
Windows 8.1 or higher, 10.10 macOS or higher
FunctionsIt works through the browser, but does not support keyboard shortcuts in ChromeYou can easily use keyboard shortcuts that allow you to change the reading status of messages, mute conversations and shift between chats
Memory usageLarger use Less usage of the RAM, so it does not affect the speed of the computer or slow it down.

When Do You Use Any of These Types of WhatsApp?

Choosing among WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop should be according to the duration of use and purpose. For instance, in case of continued use and the widest and most downloaded RAM, you need WhatsApp Desktop.

The Advantages of Each of Them:

  • Secure Connection: as both are derived from the parent company, known for their high security and encryption systems.
  • All phone settings are available: it is similar to WhatsApp app in its settings and features.
  • Easy to use: easy to access and use and does not consume much memory.

What Do Both Types Miss?

Both versions cannot make voice or video calls. However, both the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are still a good option for using WhatsApp on a computer.

On Whole

Do you want to experience both versions? Why not take advantage of each of them and expand your ability to manage your customers and your relationships with two different accounts, one with your real number and the other with a virtual number? Read more about how to use another account with a second number for WhatsApp.

Activate a second WhatsApp account with a Numero number and enjoy the ease of managing it via WhatsApp Web!

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