How to Use Whatsapp for Business

How to Use Whatsapp for Business

Among a fair number of messaging apps, such as WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, LINE, and many others, why has WhatsApp occupied the attention of almost over 2 billion daily active users in 180 countries? When you visualize the growth of a project that was once only an idea of a startup of two former employees of Yahoo, you would feel curious and excited to know all about the secrets of WhatsApp or the secret of how to use Whatsapp for business.

Scroll down and find out about the thing you spend your whole day chatting about and using.

The First Secret: How Did the Idea of WhatsApp Emerge?

The two founders of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum, made plans for their next careers when they left Yahoo with ambitions to join Facebook. Seemingly, they should have felt disappointed when they received the regret letter from Facebook for the job they applied for. However, if the matter was overturned, and they had the job, it would have likely left them unable to start WhatsApp. Out of deep thinking of introducing an app that has a mantra of “No ads! No Games! No Gimmicks,” was a rocky launch of WhatsApp in 2009.

whatsapp for business

Facebook Buying WhatsApp Is Not a Secret

According to confidential a chart released by Onavo, WhatsApp’s messages send per day have reached up to 8.2 billion. That is to say, it outpaced that of Facebook Messenger (on mobile); 3.5 billion. Therefore, Facebook wasn’t only an observer of its rising competitor, but it planned to break the bank and made the largest acquisition to date, which is buying WhatsApp for $19 billion.

It is a breathtaking move of Facebook. It will contribute to its ongoing motive of enhancing worldwide connectivity via the internet because Facebook has announced that user growth comes first. Consequently, it will fuel Mark’s ambitions of dominating the globe in terms of communication and messaging.  This will, by all means, help Facebook prevent any other rival from eating its lunch.

In other words, it will make a difference in terms of:

  • Mobile Connectivity: WhatsApp will be a step further and a substitute of what Facebook didn’t turn out to achieve via Messenger.
  • Engagement: According to Mark Zuckerberg, ” WhatsApp is the only widely used app we’ve ever seen that has more engagement and a higher percent of people using it daily than Facebook itself.”
  • Younger Audience: WhatsApp is more appealing to young people and youth around the world, and with Facebook taking control over WhatsApp, it will be capable of bringing back its youthful spirit.

A Recent WhatsApp Product: WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a separate app that is officially launched by WhatsApp on Android devices in January 2018. Later on, it rolled out to iOS devices. The app has a series of features meant to enable small businesses to connect with customers more easily. Moreover, WhatsApp has declared that WhatsApp Business is designed to, “Create a catalog to showcase your products and services.”

Let’s just take a deep dive into what the business app offers over the standard WhatsApp app and then look into setting it up and getting your business profile up and running.

Using WhatsApp for Business Is Not New, But WhatsApp Business Is New

Before having WhatsApp Business in the market, Business owners have used WhatsApp Messenger in many different ways. That is to say, despite the limited features of the ordinary WhatsApp, it was used creatively for, in an instance, internal team communication. The fact that almost everyone uses it spontaneously, it will help team members to stay in touch without explicitly asking everyone to check their WhatsApp because they are anyway addicted to it. Even if the ordinary WhatsApp isn’t specialized nor customized, companies made use of it to send images, audio files, short video clips of the products and text messages to users across the world. Unlike SMS or Email, there is less format limitation, and delivery chances are higher.

Therefore, when WhatsApp Business was finally in stores, many people have built their companies with WhatsApp Business as their key driving business platform due to the great features it has over the ordinary WhatsApp.

Are All Devices Supported to Use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business runs perfectly on Android and iPhone devices that meet some requirements.

For Android Phones:

  • They should be running OS 4.1 and newer.
  • During the verification process, your Android phone is able to receive SMS or phone calls.OS 4.1 and newer.

For iPhone Devices:

For the iPhone, WhatsApp needs an iOS 12 or later. Also, WhatsApp Business can’t support devices utilizing modified versions of the iPhone’s operating system.

How Does WhatsApp Business Make the Difference in the Business World?

Having over 65 billion messages being sent via WhatsApp per day is a convincing reason to adopt such a communication channel for your business. Here is why:

whatsapp for business
  • Flexible Communication

Each business is based on three vital elements: communication, trust, and relationship. To clarify, the steadier internal and external communication you control, the more trust of the

business you build, and, consequently, the stronger the business relationships you maintain. With WhatsApp Business, you can connect with your team members and customers easier. On one hand, you will follow up with your team via group chats, and, on the other hand, you will be able to track your customers’ problems, get quick feedback and testimonials so that they won’t drift away from you.

  • Cost Effective

As a small business, you absolutely care about the bills you pay and the costs required for building your whole business communications. However, WhatsApp Business is cost-effective when compared to calling and using SMS to communicate. In other words, you can stay in touch with all virtually via WhatsApp Business without the boundaries of your telephone bills. Let alone the benefits you can get from the quick replies, automatized messages, business statistics, etc.

  • Privacy

Your business is safe and secure, for you won’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your chats with your customers or team. This is due to the layers of protection WhatsApp has in form of end-to-end encryption. Therefore, customers interact with you in a one-on-one conversation enabling your communication to be done in ensuring privacy. Koum has made clear about user privacy that ” We want to know as little about our users as possible. We don’t know your name, your gender… We designed our system to be as anonymous as possible. We’re not advertisement-driven so we don’t need personal databases.”

What Other Fields? 

  • Magnitude Marketing Channel

When taking a moment to pause to explore what WhatsApp Business is going to do for you as a marketer, you will see plenty of strategies and features helping you boost revenue and increase conversions. The good thing is that not all business users are fully aware and active to depend on this platform for marketing. Therefore, this is a good chance to target your audience that’s likely to be less annoyed and more receptive to your campaigns. But, stay alarmed that these campaigns are innovative and engaging to grab your customers to take the first move and message you with their phone numbers.

Take the Absolut Vodka WhatsApp campaign as an ideal example. They wanted to invite people to the launch of their new collections smartly; fans had to contact the officer via WhatsApp to convince him why they worth an invitation to the party. People start sharing over 1000 photos, videos, songs, and even a voice message from the Queen of Holland convincing the boss that they are eligible to attend. This has exploded more than 600 contacts generating more leads, engagement, and a lot of brand awareness. Watch the campaign here.

Another thing WhatsApp Business can do for you is that it allows you to send reminders to your customers. For example, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines do send flight information, booking confirmation, check-in notification, and flight reminders to their customers within 10 different languages using their verified WhatsApp Business account. Smart enough!

What are the Appealing Stories?

The first thing to bear in mind is that you have to work resourcefully to build up an audience. Then, you can make artful stories to bring your customers closer and more curious to see what your team is preparing behind the scene. While only 35% of daily users post stories in recent days when compared to the other platform; 81% on Snapchat and 60% on Instagram, it is highly expected to be a ranking method sooner or later. This is because, as Tech Crunch says, over 3 million businesses have already taken the leap by using WhatsApp Business, and there are over 10 million downloads on Google’s Play Store. Hence, this brings a higher chance to make the stories for WhatsApp Business able to brand a personable identity for your services and products.

Again, remember that there’s no point in posting a story when you still don’t have contacts to view it! Lead your customers and then amaze them with motivating stories.

What Is #1 Tip When You Are Looking to Promote Your Business through WhatsApp Business?

It is an advantageous step when you explain to your audience who are browsing your website that they can actually reach you via WhatsApp Business. Add the “Click to Chat” button on your website to orient your audience into the Business chat in WhatsApp.

Now, as a Business Owner, Can You Link Your Facebook Page to the WhatsApp Business?

Sure! It is an expected and deliberate step of Facebook to get to integrate all its significant apps (Instagram and WhatsApp) into its main platform. As a result, it makes the contact to your WhatsApp Business more accessible when easily previewed on your Facebook page. Moreover, you can run ads on Facebook that has WhatsApp message as the call-to-action button.

To connect your WhatsApp Business Account to Your Facebook Page:

  1. First, go to Facebook page settings and look for the WhatsApp tab.
  2. Enter your WhatsApp Business number and click “Send Code”.
  3. Verify code.
  4. Add WhatsApp Button to your Page.
whatsapp for business
whatsapp for business
whatsapp for business

Well, in case you would like to run ads that click to WhatsApp, see more detailed information from here.

What Kind of Business Can Be Done on the WhatsApp Business App?

It is worth pointing out that WhatsApp Business is fundamentally designed to take the hand of small businesses who are struggling to be discovered on larger e-commerce platforms. Therefore, despite the size of your business in the market, you can still invest in digital marketing and drive traffic by having your customers’ queries answered on the go and, consequently, improving customer satisfaction. WhatsApp Business features of instant replies, away messages and short links can help you reach your end.

Some business that does well on WhatsApp Business has their products “Sold Out” in record time. Here are some examples:

  1. Crafts & Arts
  2. Jewelry & Accessories
  3. Food & Grocery
  4. Hotel & Lodging
  5. Clothing
  6. Services
  • Photography
  • Stylists
  • Beauty Consultants
  • Event planners

Big Brands Using WhatsApp Business

Whatsoever big the businesses are, they don’t hold on to their old-fashioned ways of originating customers. Nevertheless, they keep investigating way more advanced methods to maintain their old subscribers and add new others to their list. Here are some examples of how marketing whales are spotting WhatsApp Business for killer changes.


  • Yoox Personal Shoppers

This company has made $80,000 in sales through WhatsApp for business, it shows how a company can leverage WhatsApp to reach interested prospects, ease them through the buyer’s journey with a highly interactive messaging experience, and successfully make sales without having customers enter a store.”

  • Netflix

As a means of communicating with its subscribers, Netflix leverages WhatsApp Business in India to send messages and recommendations to its users about what to watch.

  • BookMyShow

BookMyShow is also one of the batch businesses that partner with WhatsApp Business to help people purchase movie tickets online through a QR code. This is the true behavior of adapting the sophisticated technology into your business; no paper or printing is required. Instead, it exploits WhatsApp Business as a default ticket confirmation channel for all its users.

  • Hellman’s Mayonnaise WhatsCook Campaign

What Hellman’s does during its WhatsApp Campaign was thought-provoking! They come up with brilliant ideas driving more than 13.000 Brazilians to seek to contact them. That is, they encourage their customers to capture their fridge and send the picture to their WhatsApp Business Account to get in touch with the chef and start cooking the meal together. They knew very well how to make brand awareness through building an informal bond with the customers via WhatsApp Business. What a smart campaign!

how to use whatsapp for business
how to use whatsapp for business

How to Use Whatsapp for Business

  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Accept terms and conditions.
  3. Verify your phone number with which you want to talk to customers.
  4. Build your profile. Tap More options > Settings > Business settings.
how to use whatsapp for business
how to use whatsapp for business
how to use whatsapp for business
how to use whatsapp for business

What Does WhatsApp Business Have Over WhatsApp Messenger?

Despite having WhatsApp Messenger used before to run business, the launch of WhatsApp Business records a noticeable shifting in the way businesses lead generation, manage relationships and follow up with customers. So, how does WhatsApp Business differ from WhatsApp Messenger? What additional features do you get?

Let just point out firstly the Unsimilar Logos which makes the visual awareness of both apps obvious. Besides, WhatsApp Business has the feature of Identifying Chats” by which you will be alerted when receiving a message that, ” this chat is with a business account.”

Here are other fantastic standard features for companies to enjoy:

  • Business Profile

Your customers can reach you easier with all the necessary information about your business that you add to your business profile. It includes Business Name, Number, About, Address, Category, business hours and email.

  • Catalog Manager

Due to the fact that WhatsApp has claimed an undeniable portion of the market, it worked to expand its capabilities. For example, it has made the sharing of your products’ photos and descriptions simpler via the Catalog Feature. It makes your page more of a store where you showcase your goods and services more elegantly.

  • Statistics

You can manage your business with the statistics WhatsApp offers including the number of messages sent, delivered, read and received.  Hereby you can collect more useful data to start your metrics and, accordingly, tweak your response to get better results for customer engagement.

  • Short Link

While you need to save the number which you want to start the WhatsApp chat within the regular case, WhatsApp Business has the short link feature that provides your contacts with a short URL to simply tap on it and reach you. Additionally, you can create a default message that they can send when clicking on your short link.  For example, you can attach a message, “I’d like to connect with Numero eSIM team on WhatsApp .”

  • Unique Messaging Tools

You can keep the communication with your customers under control by a set of messaging tools:

  • Greeting Message: You have two cases to use the greeting message. The first is to welcome a new customer by automatically sending a message of introduction to your business. For example, “Welcome to Numero eSIM App! We look forward to connecting with you .” The second, when you are missing clients after 14 days of no activity, so you can check them out. Also, you can decide who receives your greeting message; ranging from everyone to only send to.
  • Away Message: Now, inform your customers that you are actually not in the office or unavailable right now. Also, you can customize the message along with adding a schedule and changing recipients for the away message. Example: Thank you for your message. We are not here right now, but we will get back to you as soon as we return.”
  • Quick Replies: Once you are running more than one conversation, you can manage that with a single tap, such as I’ll look into that for you now.” You can do so by adding a slash key (/), and you will see all the quick replies for you to pick one and save yourself from typing the same responses repeatedly.
  • Chat Labels

In order not to lose touch with your customers, you can label each and everyone with some context to get back to them later. For example, you can refer to a customer as a ” Pending Payment” or “New Customer” with specific colors.  A Success Story that made use of the chat labels to run her appointment-only business is Nails Bryss, a popular nail salon in Mexico. Bryss has taken another direction of attracting clients after using WhatsApp Business. She books more than 95% of her clients’ appointments via the WhatsApp Business app. As a result, “I discovered WhatsApp Business in 2018 and since then it has facilitated, well, practically my life,” Bryss says.

  • Search Filter

You usually need to get quickly to some unread chats, groups, and broadcast lists. Therefore, WhatsApp Business has managed that for you via the filtering feature to find the conversation you want right away.

  • WhatsApp Payments

Allows businesses in certain countries to accept payments from customers within the app.

  • Advertise on Facebook

WhatsApp Business has a feature that allows businesses to advertise on Facebook and start chatting with their customers directly through WhatsApp. It allows targeted ad campaigns to reach a larger audience and drive conversions. Also, WhatsApp Business API allows automating the messaging process and reaching a greater number of customers.


  •  Add WhatsApp Business to Facebook and Instagram accounts.

It is possible to add a WhatsApp Business account to a Facebook or Instagram account in order to more easily connect with customers and provide them with support.

  • Create an Account Using Landline Number

It’s another brand-new feature WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t include. However, WhatsApp Business allows you to create an account using your landline numbers. Be aware that you will get a verification call on the landline number.

How They Are Similar?

Users of WhatsApp won’t feel like a stranger when using the new Business one because they share quite a few similarities too. That is, status, audio, video calls, and recently added stickers are available at both apps. Moreover, they have the same User interference with the very same design. In addition, you can access WhatsApp Web for both apps.

  WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Business
Date 2009 2018
User Interface The Same
Profile Name
Profile Picture
Phone Number
Status Description
Open and Closed Hours
Business Category
Verified Account No Yes
Messaging Tools No Includes:

·         Quick Replies

·         Greeting Messages

·         Away Messages

Chats Labels No Yes
Groups and Broadcasts Both Groups and Broadcasts Both Groups and Broadcasts
Ads Marketers can place ads to let people find them in WhatsApp Through Facebook, you can link to your WhatsApp Business
Focus Social, Personal and Private Chats Small to Medium Business owners

Then, Which One to Go For?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have major differences, and your choice among both apps has to be decided according to the use meant for both. As we aforementioned, WhatsApp Messenger was widely used by business owners to keep up with their customers, but with the emergence of the progressive features, WhatsApp Business has in hand and at no extra cost, the orientation to use it manifested. Put it simply, you can keep yourself organized when you use the normal WhatsApp Messenger for your daily social chatting, while WhatsApp Business helps you grow your business in several ways

How Do You Use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger Simultaneously?

Before getting deeper, you need to know that you can’t make use of the same mobile number for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business. You can work on both at the same time. The good part is that you have the option to migrate your chat history to your new WhatsApp Business Account.

WhatsApp Business API

We have stated before that WhatsApp Business is designed to help small businesses communicate on the channels their customers feel most comfortable on. Then, are large businesses with the large audiences out of the picture? Of course not!

Now, you are able to reach a mass market via WhatsApp Business API. API indicates the unavailability of front-end interface or app meaning that any business takes it as an endpoint to integrate into their business software. You need to take approval from WhatsApp when applying for an account, and to apply for an account, you need to:

  1. Choose a WhatsApp Partner
  2. Provide Company Information
  3. Activate Your Number
how to use whatsapp for business

Can You Take Advantage of your Dual SIM Phone to Have the Two Types of WhatsApp?

As we aforesaid, you can’t have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone number. Yet, you can use multiple or dual WhatsApp accounts in one single phone. Need to know how?

  1. The first method is having a dual SIM smartphone that accepts two SIM cards. By doing so, you will be able to register in the two accounts with your two different numbers.
  2. The Second method is also about having dual SIM virtually. That is to say, you won’t have to buy a new smartphone with two SIM slots. You can have another through an application providing virtual phone numbers, for example, Numero eSIM App. Thus, you can activate your other WhatsApp Business Account using your virtual phone number. Read more about this technique from here.

Final Verdict

Setting your company up with the new business version of WhatsApp is easy. The largest messaging platform in the world is now available to all companies providing a direct, more secure communication line with customers. So, with the increasing orientation and engagement rates in WhatsApp Business, no more time is needed to rethink the use of it in your business.

And there you have it all covered for you. Do you still have any inquiry? Have you tried it yourself in your business? If so, have it worked out? Give us some thoughts and more valued information in the comments below.

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