Virtual Phone Number For Tiktok

TikTok, the most popular app of the year, is a social media platform that allows you to create, watch, and share videos. It has high levels of engagement from users around the world, and people become easily addicted to it.

Aptopia company has analyzed information from Google Play and App Store, the company determined the top 10 mobile apps in the U.S. and the world. TikTok ranked in first place on both charts. According to the Aptopia global list, the TikTok application was downloaded 656 million times over the past year.


Many users around the world want to enjoy the app but also want to keep their privacy by hiding their real phone numbers. This is possible with second phone numbers for social media platforms, including TikTok.

Numero eSIM app provides US virtual mobile numbers for TikTok and other app verification. Continue reading to know how to get a Virtual phone number for TikTok from Numero.

How To Activate TikTok With Virtual Phone Number

  1. Get a virtual phone number for TikTok

  1. Download Numero app.
Download Numero for iOS
Download Numero for Android

2. From the home page, choose “Phone Numbers”.

3. Choose “Social Media Numbers” or “USA Special Offers”.

4. Continue to purchase the number

4.1 Social Media Numbers> Choose number> choose plan> buy plan.

4.2 USA Special Offers> Choose area> Choose number> choose plan> buy plan.

2. Download TikTok app.

3. Agree to their terms.

4. Tap on the “Profile” icon.

5. Tap on “Login or Signup”.

6. Tap on “Use phone/email/username”.

7. Tap on “Phone” and enter the US virtual number you got from Numero.

8. Tap on “Send code”.

  • You will receive the code via Numero app.

9. Enter the verification code and press” Create account”. 

10. Enter your birth date and set your password.

fake phone number for TikTok
virtual phone number for TikTok
fake phone number for TikTok
virtual phone number for TikTok
fake phone number for TikTok

And now you have a TikTok account with a virtual number from the US.

Download Numero eSIM app and get your second number for TikTok verification from Numero now.

Download Numero Now!

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