How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for the UK

Virtual phone number for UK is a real number, the only difference between these numbers and numbers we usually use is that virtual numbers don’t require a SIM card, as they are hosted on a cloud and all you need to use these numbers is a good internet connection.

Why would you need a UK virtual phone number?

UK Virtual numbers provide a way to communicate with friends, family, and customers in the United Kingdom at affordable prices.


For businesses, having a virtual UK number for your customers in the UK will create more credibility for your business and will provide a suitable communication channel for your customers there. Large businesses with customer support departments that provide services for UK audiences can also benefit from the virtual toll-free numbers, which facilitate communication for their audience in the UK.

As for freelancers, providing a UK virtual number to your potential customers and using this number on freelancer platforms such as LinkedIn increases your chances of getting job offers from UK clients.


Benefits of having a UK virtual phone number

  • Make calls to the UK at cheaper rates.
  • Receive calls for free.
  • No need for a physical SIM.
  • Make calls from anywhere in the world
  • Build trust for your business
  • Increase your chances of getting job offers as a freelancer.

UK Second phone numbers from Numero

Numero eSIM app provides virtual UK phone numbers in different categories:

  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers for companies


The reason why numero provides UK virtual numbers under these categories is to be useful to all categories of potential users, as business owners may want to use a virtual mobile phone number, a virtual local number,  and/ or toll-free number, while other people may want to buy virtual mobile numbers at most.

How to get a UK virtual phone number?

  1. Download Numero eSIM app
Download Numero for iOS
Download Numero for Android

2. From the home page, choose “Phone numbers”

3. Here you have three options

3.1 Second UK mobile number

  • Choose “Mobile numbers”
  • Choose the country “United kingdom”
  • Choose the number
  • Continue to purchase
Netherlands virtual mobile number
virtual number UK
virtual phone number UK
UK virtual phone number

3.2 Virtual UK Toll-free number

  • Choose “Toll-free numbers”
  • Choose the country “United kingdom”
  • Choose the number
  • Continue to purchase

3.3 Virtual UK Local number

  • Choose the country “United kingdom” from the phone numbers page
  • Choose the number
  • Continue to purchase

UK virtual mobile and local numbers support a local calling feature that allows you to make calls to the UK at UK’s local rates! Read this tutorial to know more about local calling in Numero.

Level up with your business in the UK and make calls at local rates with UK virtual phone numbers from Numero!

Download Numero Now!

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