Virtual phone number to receive SMS

Virtual Phone Number To Receive SMS

How many times did you need a phone number to receive SMS for your personal or business needs besides your real one? Therefore, eSIM technology, the foundation for making Virtual phone numbers, makes the process much easier than before.

تفعيل الشريحة الإلكترونية عبر تطبيق نوميرو

How to Send and Receive SMS Using Numero eSIM

Step One: Download & Install Numero eSIM

Firstly, download Numero eSIM now! The App is available on Play/App Store. Also, you will be required to register with your real number.

Step Two: Get Your Virtual Phone Number

Secondly, enjoy selecting your favorite number from our list of 60 countries and 3000 areas. In addition, you can get your virtual phone number in two ways:

Note: Please make sure that your chosen virtual phone number supports receiving SMS feature. There will be a sign to show if the number can receive SMS or not. 

Virtual phone number to receive SMS from Numero

Step Three: Send and Receive SMS Through Numero eSIM Virtual Phone Number

  • Make sure Numero eSIM is permitted to access your SMS.
  • Then, click the below right button.
  • Simply send and receive SMS via Numero eSIM Number just the same way you do it for your Android/iOS phone.

NOTE: Using Numero eSIM App is a must for sending SMS from your virtual phone number. However, the receiving side is not required to do that.

Virtual phone number to receive SMS
use your Virtual phone number to receive SMS from Numero


Get your virtual phone number to make calls or receive SMS Now. Have as many virtual numbers as you need and receive all your messages on the same device. Our virtual phone numbers aren’t fake and do asssure your ultimate privacy.

Download Numero Now!

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