what is a virtual phone number

What is Virtual Phone Number?

It is quite traditional to get your phone registered to carriers’ networks, so you can make and receive phone calls: Once you have purchased a phone, you’d buy a small chip called “SIM”, “Subscriber Identity Module”. However, things are getting smaller every day with more advanced features in this technology ear. SIMs are, (or soon-have-been), great!

But… what is virtual phone numbers ?

Yet, most phones can operate one or two SIMs. As a result, you will need to replace your SIM whenever you travel or wish to use another phone number. Still, the SIM technology has some limitations when compared to the modern Virtual Phone Number technology. VoIP telecommunication systems have way more features and safer encryption methods, and that led to a new telecommunication technology creation based on VoIP protocols. Say welcome to Virtual Phone Number!

Virtual Phone Number is a technology in which phones need no physical SIMs. Moreover, it is based on the VoIP system (Voice over the internet), thereby, Virtual Phone Number has outstanding features and services that regular SIM cannot afford to provide:  Multiple phone numbers (operators), enhanced security, many features, and lower costs. You can make and receive calls using virtual phone numbers the way VoIP calls do. Your voice’s data is converted from analog signs into digital signs. The digital data is encrypted using very complex encryption algorithms before the data is sent to the receiver. At the other end, your data is decrypted and its digital signs are converted back to analog signs so the receiver can hear your high-quality voice.

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How does Virtual Phone Number Technology Work?

Virtual Phone Number application stores one, or more, the operator’s profile on your phone’s memory. As a technology that mainly relies on VoIP standards, this technology uses your IP (Internet Protocol) to send and receive your voice and data.
But how do service providers (operators) identify you? Within the virtual phone number app, you can subscribe to one or, definitely, many operators by purchasing virtual numbers from different countries (virtual phone number applications provide tens or hundreds of countries to buy numbers from). Once you have bought your number, the application will provide the operator with your basic information to identify your identity. Usually, you can browse all subscription details (features of each number as well) within the application itself before purchasing.

Why should I switch to Virtual Phone Number?

When comparing a regular SIM to a virtual phone number technology, the features and benefits of virtual phone numbers are beyond counting! If you are a business owner, they can offer you the opportunity to start your own call center and have multiple phone numbers in different countries; to professionally represent your organization everywhere and at much lower costs!

Or are you a regular individual user? You also can take advantage of this technology to make and receive high-encrypted calls and use each phone number you buy dedicatedly. Make international calls at prices of local calls and customize your virtual phone number’s services to your convenience.

What are the Features of Virtual Phone Number?

  • Cost Efficiency: You are using the internet of your carrier when using an app providing virtual phone numbers to make local and international calls, which would definitely reduce the costs to the minimal. Did you know that all you need to join the fully-featured virtual phone numbers world is your smartphone, a reliable virtual phone number application and a subscription? That is to say, you can access the virtual phone numbers you purchase all within an application.

Furthermore, you can evaluate the provider’s quality of service right from one short-term subscription as most virtual phone numbers service providers don’t require long-term contracts with subscribers.

  • Professional Presence: Can you imagine the impression your clients will have about your business when you are contacting them from a local area-code number while you are sitting thousands of miles away? A super cheap virtual presence to build trust with your audience. Not just your clients! You will be able to contact your business partners in other countries like if you were neighbors. Using a phone number of their own area would show your partners that you have your presence there.
  • Security and Privacy: You will be able to prevent others from making unauthorized calls without your permission. Phone calls via any VoIP-based technology are absolutely safe! The very complex encryption methods they use can guarantee no third party can hear or record your calls or messages.
  • Flexibility and Smooth Management: Virtual phone numbers service providers are responsible for the maintenance and technical support of your small center call. This shall give you the chance to devote your time and energy to your business matters.

Virtual Phone Numbers Services and Functions:

Here are some of the most available functions and services that virtual numbers applications have ( Like Numero eSIM)

  • Free Online Roaming: Zero costs for roaming when traveling.
  • Call Forwarding/Voicemail: Forward your calls to other phone numbers or voicemail when you are offline.
  • Anywhere Reception: Receive your calls anywhere you go around the world.
  • Social Media Numbers: Register in Social Media networks for more security.
  • Hiding Number: For more privacy, virtual phone number applications provide a “Private Number” function.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Leading virtual phone numbers applications, like Numero eSIM, dedicate a Customer Support team to help you around the clock.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Credit Cards, Redeem Codes and more.

Who Needs Virtual Numbers?

  • Business Owners: When you buy a virtual number where your clients and business partners live, you would leave a decent impression on them. Not to mention the boosting of Customer Support and Call Centers touched when using virtual numbers. Moreover, you can take advantage of the life-work balance along with Toll-Free Numbers contributing to the growth of your business.
  • Freelancers: Calling from a virtual number that appears local to the receiver is one perfect way for a freelancer to look professional. When a freelancer adds a virtual phone number from one of the top countries, they’d attract more clients.
  • Travelers: Realizing that you can place and receive calls and texts from around the world just as the local residents do adds a sense of comfort and ease to your trip. Most virtual numbers operators provide Free Online Roaming service. Calling restaurants, taxis and hotels can be a heavy burden on your budget. Therefore, with a virtual phone number, the rates are almost the same as local calls. See more details from Here.
  • Expats: You’d be able to contact your family members and loved ones easily and never miss a call by activating Call Forwarding and Voicemail features when using your virtual numbers.
  • Regular Individuals: Virtual numbers have enough features to convince anyone, even regular callers. Multiple phone numbers, cheap calling costs, social media numbers and pricvate numbers along with uncountable functions to set their best telecommunication environment.

Virtual Numbers Application: Worth-of-Trying App

Virtual numbers technology is rather new. Applications are still expanding their work-area and include more countries to their lists. We at  Numero eSIM provide virtual phone numbers along with data eSIM-only plans covering almost all top countries around the world. The app was developed by telecommunication programming experts to deliver the best call quality worldwide. It also can provide various types of numbers:

You can choose the suitable way of getting a virtual phone number using Numero eSIM; either

  1. Get the virtual phone number (USA) for free through Numero Coins Center.
  2. Buy the Virtual Phone Number (USA) Straight Away. Check this Tutorial.

Visit Numero eSIM official website to know further and download the app.

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