What Is a Virtual Phone Number and Who Needs One?

Remember the last time your home-wired landline rang? Or the last time you asked for someone’s home number? It’s likely been a while because more people switch to cell phones for the majority of their calls. Also, with a smartphone in your pocket, you can get an extended menu to chat including email, messaging, hangouts, and social media apps. However, are you bold enough to share your phone number online which is much more like giving your number out to just anyone on the street? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Here’s why:

  • They might call you continuously, starting at 2 am!
  • They could put your phone number on billboards in public places, promising a good time!
  • They could use it to hack your sim card and drag your data.

You can live in peace and get rid of all these disturbing acts by being realistic and practical by sharing phone numbers only with people you’ve come to know reasonably well. Or use a virtual phone number instead of your real one for several reasons. But what is a virtual phone number? How does it work?

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual number is similar to a regular telephone number but without being tied to a specific phone device or traditional line. Instead, virtual numbers depend on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems to route voice signals converting them to digital signals and sending them over internet lines.
These numbers are also referred to as direct inward dialing (DID), VoIP numbers, or online numbers.

How Does a Virtual Number Work?

Before understanding how virtual phone numbers work, you need to understand how calls occur originally. Phone numbers were intended to work over a single phone line which is attached physically to the phone company with a traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). On this network, copper cabling is used to send incoming calls both nationally and globally. That is when you use a PSTN line to make a business call,

  • The call travels over miles of copper wire.
  • It is switched at local exchanges.
  • The signal eventually reaches its destination, but with delays and static.
  • Circuit stays open as long as you’re on the line.

Like traditional numbers, virtual numbers have 10 digits, the area code, the three-digit exchange, and the four-digit subscriber number. While it is true that virtual phone numbers use the internet to place calls, the number continues to bind to PSTN lines. That is,

  • Anyone looking to connect to you uses its standard phone.
  • This connection is made possible by a VoIP gateway, which acts as a link between the internet network and the PSTN.
  • The call to a virtual number is forwarded via software.
  • This software converts voice information from a conventional telephone into data packets.
  • Data packets are then sent to a VoIP-compatible device at your end.
  • Because the VoIP network is device agnostic, you can make and receive calls from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
what is a virtual phone number

After all, virtual phone numbers prove flexibility by

  • Eliminating physical constraints giving you the chance to choose a number with an area code in another location.
  • Not requiring a SIM card.
  • Digitizing and routing calls across the internet with the help of a cloud communications provider.

But How Do Service Providers (Operators) Identify You?

Within the virtual phone number app, you can subscribe to one or, definitely, many operators by purchasing virtual numbers from different countries (virtual phone number applications provide tens or hundreds of countries to buy numbers from). Once you have bought your number, the application will provide the operator with your basic information to identify your identity. Usually, you can browse all subscription details (features of each number as well) within the application itself before purchasing.

Virtual Phone Numbers and Landline

The comparison is most likely about old vs new technology. As we’ve mentioned earlier, regular phone numbers are becoming obsolete. In fact, A landline is no longer in use by 40% of American families.

Landlines, providers of which include AT&T, Verizon, and your local telephone company, are generally superior in terms of sound quality and consistency, but they may lack some of the features offered by alternatives. On the other hand, Skype, WhatsApp, and other VoIP systems are commonly more flexible and less costly than traditional landlines.

 Virtual Phone Numbers Landline
Ease of setup ★★★★★ ★★★
Initial Setup CostLow – No dedicated desk phones or hardware are required.High – Phones and other equipment must be purchased.
Requires internet YesNo
Audio Quality Variable – Dependent on internet access. High – Not dependent on internet access.
ScalabilityUpdate to a better plan or add more users.This necessarily involves the installation of extra phone lines and hardware.
CustomizationEasy – Subscriptions may be customized to include unique services or features.Limited functionality – Adding more features means adding more hardware.
SecurityDependent –dependent on the provider's security practices. Encryption is now commonplace.High – The PSTN is highly safe because data is not sent over the internet, where it is more vulnerable to hacking.
International Calling Cost-effective – Some providers offer unlimited international calling plans, while others charge by the minute. Expensive – Charged per minute, with different rates for different countries.
Integrations (CRM, text messaging, surveys) Yes No
Contracts Pay-as-you-go plans are available from some service providers, and most do not require contracts.Longer-term contracts are more likely to result in lower prices.

Who Needs Virtual Numbers?

In this world of virtualization, the legacy phone system no longer meets the need of the people working remotely, traveling, or managing their contacts. Therefore, this new wave of flexible communication shows the necessity to adopt by different people:

  1. Business Owners: When you buy a virtual number where your clients and business partners live, you would leave a decent impression on them. Not to mention the boosting of customer support and call centers touched when using virtual numbers. Moreover, you can take advantage of the life-work balance along with Toll-Free Numbers contributing to the growth of your business.
  2. Freelancers: Calling from a virtual number that appears local to the receiver is one perfect way for a freelancer to look professional. When a freelancer adds a virtual phone number from one of the top countries, they’d attract more clients.
  3. Expats: You’d be able to contact your family members and loved ones easily and never miss a call by activating Call Forwarding and Voicemail features when using your virtual numbers.
  4. Online Users: Use the virtual number to register in most of the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Signal, and more. Also, give away your virtual phone number instead of your real one when registering on online sites, shopping online, or using online dating apps for more security and privacy.
  5. Regular Individuals: Virtual numbers have enough features to convince anyone, even regular callers. Multiple phone numbers, cheap calling costs, social media numbers and private numbers along with uncountable functions to set their best telecommunication environment.
what is a virtual phone number and who needs it

What Are the Types of Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are of different types:

  1. Mobile Numbers
  2. Toll-Free Numbers
  3. International Numbers
  4. Landline Numbers

What Are the Features of a Virtual Phone Number?

Here are some of the most available functions and services that virtual numbers applications have (Like Numero eSIM):

  • Unlimited Numbers: You can have different unlimited virtual numbers on the same mobile device with an app that provides these licensed numbers from local and international providers.
  • Free Online Roaming: Zero costs for roaming when traveling.
  • Cheap Calls & SMS: International rates are almost local.
  • Call Forwarding/Voicemail: Forward your calls to other phone numbers or voicemail when you are offline.
  • Anywhere Reception: Receive free calls anywhere you go around the world.
  • Hide Number: For more privacy, virtual phone number applications provide a “Private Number” feature.

Why should You switch to Virtual Phone Numbers?

After mentioning the difference between virtual phone numbers and landlines or regular phone systems, see here more reasons:

what is a virtual phone number and what are the benefits

1. Savings

A virtual phone system’s most appealing feature is that it saves the most valuable items: time and money. From installation to monthly bills, this system won’t drain your bank account because it doesn’t require any sophisticated, costly hardware tools or expensive setup. Also, expenses associated with relocating or transferring buildings are removed. That is, did you know that all you need to join the fully-featured virtual phone numbers world is your smartphone, a reliable virtual phone number application and a subscription? Guarantee your internet connection and enjoy the functionality of virtual phone numbers.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the provider’s quality of service right from one short-term subscription as most virtual phone number service providers don’t require long-term contracts with subscribers. Not to mention the cheap costs of local and international calls.

2. Mobility

Whether at home, office, coffee shop, on the go or in the street, calls are routed to your cell phone or phone app immediately as long as you are connected to the internet and have mobile network coverage.

3. Flexibility and Smooth Management

Virtual phone numbers service providers are responsible for the maintenance and technical support along with adding or removing numbers, setting up call forwarding/voicemail and viewing your call logs. All are easily tracked on your account. This shall give you the chance to devote your time and energy to your business matters.

4. Security and Privacy

You will be able to prevent others from making unauthorized calls without your permission. Phone calls via any VoIP-based technology are absolutely safe! The very complex encryption methods they use can guarantee no third party can hear or record your calls or message. Also, you can protect your privacy by using a virtual phone number other than your real one to use in your business, register in most social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or others, and receive registration codes when diving into online shopping sites or online dating apps. It is worth mentioning that not all numbers require an ID, but you can get virtual numbers by providing only your real one, like Numero’s most popular USA numbers.

5. Productivity

The great thing you can do for your business is elevating it to new heights and new markets. This is because you open up the way to receive more calls from your clients, as a result, this will boost your sales and you’ll be able to advertise new deals or better packages. Clients would feel more comfortable and confident calling you directly rather than calling a company that pays them for their time.

Virtual Numbers Application: Worth-of-Trying App

Virtual numbers technology is rather new. Applications are still expanding their work-area and include more countries to their lists. We at  Numero eSIM provide virtual phone numbers along with data eSIM-only plans covering almost all top countries around the world. The app was developed by telecommunication programming experts to deliver the best call quality worldwide. It also can provide various types of numbers:

  • Offers Numbers 
  • Toll-Free Numbers allowing users to get in touch with companies at no charge to them. It helps to brand your business as large, professional and recognized. Here we show you How To Get A Toll Free Number Using Numero eSIM
  • Social Media Numbers: having a second phone number for social media accounts keeps personal phone numbers anonymous. Let alone its provision of the ability to create new customer support channels like WhatsApp.
  • Local Countries Numbers: You can choose the country, select the area and choose the number you want with the features you prefer.

You can choose the suitable way of getting a virtual phone number using Numero eSIM; either

  1. Get the virtual phone number (USA) for free through Numero Coins Center. If you are a US user, you get more than free US number, such as local top up and data. Visit here to know more
  2. Buy the Virtual Phone Number (USA) Straight Away. Check this Tutorial.

Final Thoughts

With these details in mind, you can see that virtual phone number technology is here to stay. Consider adding a virtual phone number if you want to improve productivity, project a professional image, and make it easier for friends, family, and business contacts to reach you. Every business will soon make the switch because it is easy, convenient, and saves money.

So, what do you have to lose? Take the next step to set up your virtual phone system.

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