What Is Data Roaming? Learn More To Avoid Unexpected Mobile Roaming Charges

What is data roaming? Is it really expensive? If so, why? And how to avoid its cost.

Continue reading to know the answers to all these questions.

What Is Data Roaming?

Simply put, data roaming refers to a data service that is used continuously when you go out of your data provider’s network coverage area. To explain better, this means that you can make calls as well as gain access to the internet when you travel abroad due to the agreement that has been made between your cellular network provider and the other network providers in the country you are visiting. While you may decide to make use of this, it is important that you remember that you will be required to pay roaming fees for the international data you are making use of. In this article, you will know exactly what data roaming is and everything related to it.

What Is Data Roaming, And Mobile Data?

International roaming or data roaming refers to connecting to a cellular network in a country. To better clarify, if you make or receive a call while you are roaming, you will be charged per minute rate for that. Unknown to most people, when you make use of your SIM while in another country, you are charged by two cellular network providers: your regular network provider and the selected network provider of the country you are in. This makes international roaming expensive for travelers. Those who make use of smartphones should also know that if their mobile data is not turned on, they will be charged by two network providers as well.


Mobile data, on the other hand, is what allows you to gain access to the internet. With mobile data, you get to access your emails, information stored on the cloud platforms as well as send and receive messages on various social media platforms. To get access to the internet, you will have to select a mobile data plan which you would be charged for by your network provider.

According to most people, international roaming is expensive and could end up eating up part of your traveling cash.

What is Data Roaming on Android?

The concept of data roaming is the same in all devices. When it comes to enabling data roaming, most smartphones have different approaches. First, we will take a look at how you can enable data roaming while making use of an Android device.

How You Can Enable/Disable Roaming On Your Android Device

  • Go to “settings” > “Connections“.
  • Click on “Mobile Network
  • Once you have done that, you would have to toggle the switch that reads “Data Roaming” to turn it on.

To disable, you have to go through the same process, only that, this time you will have to toggle to the “Off” switch.

What is Data Roaming
What is Data Roaming
What is Data Roaming

What is Data Roaming on iPhone?

Same as Android, data roaming means the same thing, and here is how to enable/disable data roaming on your iPhone.

How to Enable/Disable Roaming On Your iPhone Device

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Tap on “Cellular”> “Cellular Data Options
  • Turn on “Data Roaming
  • To disable, follow the same steps, but this time you have to turn off data roaming.
data roaming- iphone
what is data roaming - iphone
what is data roaming - iphone

Why is International Roaming Expensive?

First of all, international roaming varies hugely depending on the operators. The main reason why international roaming is expensive is the inter-operator charges. The remote provider in the country you are traveling to sets a rate for the provider you deal with in your home country. The inter-operator fees are passed onto you in high roaming fees in most cases.

The problem is that most of the countries that you may travel to have monopolistic operators, meaning that your home country operator has very limited choices, it’s either not to provide you with any roaming service or accept the high cost that is offered to them, it will all eventually be reflected in your bill that you may be shocked with when you go back to your home country.

For you, the roamer, you can either choose not to have the roaming service abroad or accept the fact that you will be billed with a lot of money that you may be able to avoid paying if you made other choices and plan correctly before you travel to avoid any unnecessary costs.


Many people choose to buy a local SIM when they reach their destination, which is much more financially feasible than roaming. But you probably know that local SIMs are very expensive at the airports, and you probably will need the local SIM once you land whether to open maps, call the Taxi or make any necessary local call once you land.

But, did you hear about virtual numbers, those international numbers that you can buy and charge with credit even before reaching your destination? Interesting. Right!

How You Can Avoid Big Data Charges With Virtual Numbers or Data

Before we explain the helpful impact of virtual numbers, we will take a look at what they are and how they work. Simply put, a virtual number is a phone number that is not directly associated with any of the telephone lines. These numbers have been programmed in such a way that they are capable of forwarding calls to any of the pre-set telephone lines. Interestingly, those who subscribe to virtual numbers can make use of their phones without necessarily purchasing any additional hardware.

As mentioned earlier, international roaming is one of the most expensive fees travelers would have to pay. This is because they would be charged by two network providers. You will find it interesting to know that virtual numbers are the way out. Since they are not directly linked to any telephone line, you are only charged by the company. Most businesses today rely on virtual numbers to reach their employees who have been sent to international conferences, seminars, or even supervisions and training. They ensure that they do not break a bank while trying to communicate.

Aside from the fact that these virtual numbers have economic importance, they also ensure that your business is well managed. With these numbers, companies or big corporations with branches scattered all over the world can keep track of which of their marketing channels are proving to be advantageous to them. When it comes to virtual numbers, you will find it interesting to know that Numero eSIM app is one of the leading providers. It does not just ensure that you save cash, you get to connect with your business partners and loved ones while on international trips.

Another alternative is buying data for your destination even without using a virtual number, where all you need is an eSIM supported device, you can buy these data even before traveling and activate it once you reach your destination using your real number and one of the data providers applications, you need the real number so that you could register in the app and buy the data. This option is much cheaper than data roaming and it’s really handy especially if you need to be connected at the airport or until you buy a local SIM.

Numero eSIM provides this data service too, you can buy data for 150+ countries using Numero, and it’s available in packages to choose from.

Download Numero eSIM app and check the virtual numbers, data, and travel bundles. 

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