Why Are We Still Using Mobile Phone Number?

Why Are We Still Using Mobile Phone Number?

“In the age of the internet, why is mobile phone number still in use?” While browsing your phone, a thought may have crossed your mind about the importance of the mobile phone number while the number of other communication options available is almost overwhelming, and all that you need to do is to log into your social media apps and Gmail. 

Now, pause! It is not because there is a new technology that we have to get rid of an old basic one. One shouldn’t take things for granted. The functionality of the Internet is on one hand and that of mobile phone number is pretty much another thing on the other. 

That’s a fact! Let us argue how.

How many phone numbers are there?
It is true that this is hard to track. However, according to the number of mobile phone users worldwide, 2015-2020 | Statista 62.9% of the world population owns a mobile phone. No wonder that one thinks the numbers greatly exceed that.

Furthermore, if phone numbers are to vanish, why would big tech companies like Apple and Samsung, manufacture their latest versions of phones with dual SIM. This indicates the growing number of dual SIM users around the world.

There’s Much More to Mobile Phone Number Than Just Calls

Many people assumed that with the advent of social media over the last two decades, the use of phones numbers would become obsolete, but this has not been the case: 

Making a phone call is still one of the most frequent activities people use their phone for, and the second one is texting. It is surveyed that the top three industries people want to contact by phone are insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

Why are we still using mobile phone number?
  • As an individual, don’t you still need to use your phone number almost daily? 

You no doubt have to call when you: 

  1. Order a meal for launch
  2. Book a room in a hotel or a table in a restaurant
  3. Need a taxi
  4. Call the police or the ambulance 
  5. Book an appointment with the doctor
  6. Apply in a job application 
  7. Register your data in the official documents 
  • Are you a business owner? 

What do you think; is having a phone number for your business becoming a privilege rather than a necessity?

We give reasons to think why business phone numbers still belong in the latter group rather than the former:

1.Not everyone is on the Internet

Your business may target the particular audience of the older generations that didn’t grow up with smartphones. Or you may have audicane with no consistent access to the Internet, for example. 

Furthermore, your phone number is what people expect to see on your business cards, website, brochures, and other branding material at the first glance. 

Therefore, setting up a business phone number and a receptionist means that the company is available to take calls 24/7 giving the customer the easier choice of calling rather than sending a message through the media and waiting for a response. 

2. For more urgent, complicated queries

Why would you send an email or a WhatsApp message and hope that someone notices and response in time, rather than calling and getting a response right away if you had a particularly urgent problem? It could be about a billing issue or shipping. Likewise, personal or complex matters are not expected to be discussed via rigid emails’ replies while a five-minute phone call can solve it all. As a result, your company’s phone number serves as an important point of contact.

3. More business is won by a memorable number

The taxi firm or the food delivery company that I would dial directly is the one with an easily remembered sequence of the local or toll-free telephone numbers. A similar business could have the same privilege by choosing a memorable number that before it lodges in their customer’s contact data, it sticks into customer’s heads straight away.

4. Promote your business 

Wouldn’t you show a business phone number on your company website, business cards, company vehicles, branded merchandising, or even in local event sponsorship opportunities? It’s a sign of a serious business more than adding your business social media accounts. This not only has to do with being reachable, but also you might have different types of audience, who prefer a call to order, aren’t on the internet always, or old people who are accustomed to phone calls.

5. Lead the talk to human beings 

Many customers prefer to contact a company by phone rather than filling out an online form (65% vs. 24%). (Source: Invoca, State of the Mobile Experience) The human touch is what drives many customers to be more likely to look upon your company. Because of the pace, transparency, and sense of empathy that live voice exchanges offer, they believe they are the best way to share knowledge. Also, there is no delay in communication rather than waiting for the other party to be online or move to an area where Wi-Fi is doing well. Most importantly, the live human-to-human phone call is possibly the only medium that allows for direct emotional interaction, making it ideal for closing deals and soothing irritated customers, and ideal for the contact center!

6. Lift in brand awareness

  • Ad clicks increase by 8% when you include a call option, but clicks increase by 33% when you include a custom phone number in a search ad. (Source: RingBoost)
  • Google says that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call, while xAd says that 52% of all mobile ads result in a phone call. (Source)
  • According to the BIA/Kelsey survey, 61% consider their inbound phone calls to be “excellent leads.” Just 52% of respondents consider web leads to be “excellent leads.”
  • What phone numbers can do for your marketing?

Local call tracking phone numbers can help your business communicate a local presence through geographically focused ads while also providing you with the resources to monitor the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. That is, find out which local advertisement makes your phone ring and spend your marketing budget on it.
Also, capturing the cell phone of your audience means much to your marketing campaign. It is true that having someone follow your business on Instagram is cool, having their email address is even better, but getting their phone number is by far the most definitive indication that you’ve received a dedicated follower. 

Furthermore, text message marketing campaigns have an overall open rate of 98%, compared to 20% for email marketing campaigns. Based on that, you can text your customers regularly with your offers and best deals. 

  • What advantages does a phone number add to your customer support center? 

48% of clients want to connect with businesses through the phone because the phone channel is a means to a simplified customer experience making it speedy to get in touch with a real person and quickly fix an issue. Moreover, phone numbers do reduce the number of steps a customer would take to contact your company when you include multiple international phone numbers or toll-free numbers. This way, any customer calling you won’t be concerned about the long distance. Not to mention the positive impact these numbers would have on your company’s global reputation. 

Additionally, a good point you can exploit is using the phone number as a  perfect channel to ask for feedback on your customers’ experience. You can gain insight into customer habits and expectations, directly from the source. As a result, you can make data-driven decisions based on this feedback to help your business go viral. 

  • What does a phone number mean to freelancers? 

For freelancing platforms, you have to present yourself as a trusted member with a mobile phone number attached for more security when dealing with verification and secure payment. Not to mention the merits of being serious and trustworthy that you can depict about yourself to clients when you include their phone numbers.  

Besides, phone numbers make freelancers not tied to any office. That is You can work from the coach in your home or any other destination you prefer; let it be a coffee shop, a bookstore, or even while traveling. That is, use your virtual phone number as a business freelancer phone number to take your business with you wherever you go. 

That is, mobile phone number and calls never go out of style 

Do you know that 37% of millennials use their phones to make calls more than 5 times a day?

But what if you can still get what you crave for, real conversations, and at the same time get rid of the fears that your SIM would be hacked, swapped, lost, or stolen?

Need to pursue all the functions a mobile phone number is capable of doing but with a technology that integrates the value of the past and the growth of the present?

The Past’s Value and the Future’s Prospects: Virtual Phone Numbers 

In the age of the internet, phone touch is still valuable. The popularity of video calling technologies like Skype and VoIP shows that the concept of telephone communication is still widely adopted and built upon. In other words, the market has been dominated by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based telephony where you have a better option that has the mentioned benefits with extra features; the option is the virtual phone number

You can still have the SIM card that you are debating about its importance but virtually. Have you ever thought about having a virtual SIM card? Sending or receiving calls and SMS via a phone number, just as your real one, but depending on technology other than the fixed lines and plastic old world of SIMs? 

So, yes! Virtual phone numbers that depend on VoIP technology to send and receive calls and SMS with way more features and advantages are the trend. 

Virtual phone numbers in your business, 

  • It is hard to afford opening offices where your target audience is located, but at the same time, you look forward to widening your horizons with audicane from over the globe. Since then, virtual phone numbers can help you build virtual offices. As a result, you can own multiple phone numbers from different countries to show universality and grab as many potential customers as possible.  
the use of virtual phone numbers for your business
  • When your business grows to a better stage with a great base of customers, and you are not managing the number of calls you get. Consequently, customers end up complaining about the busy line tone they constantly hear or the lengthy answer time. In this case, your virtual phone number will manage the calls, for you can forward the calls coming to your virtual assistant or customer support phones. 
  • As your business goes global with a potential partner who wants to connect to you via their local phone number. No worries! Give them your virtual phone number with the same zip code to give the impression that you are next door. 
  • With a virtual phone number, you know you can relieve yourself from going back and forth to the provider with every issue you face with your number. Replace the hassle with the comfort of virtual phone number maintenance and management because the provider of the virtual phone number will take care of it all. Let alone the blazing fast to set up initially. Because it works over VoIP, all you need to do first is to get ready with the internet connection. Next in line comes the decision of which virtual phone system you subscribe to online. 
  • Using your own mobile phone to accept calls actively will drag you into being “at work” 24/7 leading to a high rate of burnout. Instead, dedicate a business virtual phone number to your business to keep your personal number private. By doing so, you can achieve the work/life balance a businessman aspires.
  • Another way to maintain the work/life balance is by activating another WhatsApp, Facebook, or Viber using a virtual phone number with the same area code of the country where your customers are. Herein, you get two accounts; one for personal use and the other for work. Not to mention the professional image you draw for your business in your customer’s and partner’s minds. 

Virtual Phone Number In your travel, 

  • Don’t wait until you land to get to the nearest provider to get a local SIM card. Rather, just as you prepare your luggage, add as many virtual phone numbers for your trip as you feel appropriate. Accordingly, you can smoothly start using your phone number right after landing to order a taxi, book a hotel, find transportation, or search for restaurants.
the use of virtual mobile phone number for travel
  • Make calls back home to your family without being burdened with international calling costs and long-distance fees. Even so, get the virtual number to receive free calls and SMS locally and globally.
  • The use of virtual numbers is most like a savior to you when you head to a country where not all communication apps you use are allowed. For example, some countries banned the use of WhatsApp, and for sure you don’t like yourself to be trapped and unable to contact others while in a whole new place.
  • If you are making business abroad, attending conferences, or taking a tour, you are expected to be more open to new relations which might go further to exchange numbers. Therefore, give away a virtual phone number confidently without thinking more about the privacy of your number. 

Virtual phone numbers In your normal life, 

  • Virtual phone numbers will replace the need to get a second phone to get a second SIM card or even change your phone to another with a dual SIM to use the advantage. Why not get a virtual number from a software providing it in your very same; easy and affordable! 
  • Share your virtual phone number instead of your personal one when shopping online or registering in many social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, or websites for training courses or chats. Once you are done with it, you can change it securely. 
the use of virtual mobile phone number for individuals
  • Use a virtual phone number when you are curious to join online dating apps but afraid to fall victim to different types of people; cheaters, players, liars, or scammers when sharing your personal phone number.
  • Want not limit yourself to a long-term subscription, but make your choice of monthly or yearly subscriptions due to your affordability. 

After all, 

A range of great features can be added to your business, travel, regular life, and more when using virtual numbers. This service can save you time, money, and much effort. Consider adding a virtual phone number to your business profile if you want to improve productivity, encourage a professional picture of yourself, and make it easier for friends, family, and business contacts to communicate with you. Also, the capabilities of these numbers can help relieve the traveling tension. Not to mention your ability to call and plan for your first date today with no worries. 

Numero eSIM App Rides the Wave!

Because of VoIP telephony and cloud based communication, Numero eSIM shines bright as your “other” virtual phone with a virtual SIM card in a VoIP app setting you free, fast and flourishing in the smartphone and VoIP technology era. Having stood as an “Electronic SIM“, Numero upgrades the way you place or receive calls into a more modern, easy-to-use and reliable system keeping you unique just as our services and features are. 

At Numero, we are changing the way our world around interacts by allowing you to grab as many Numero numbers as you want in over 80 countries and 4000 regions to enjoy affordable international calls with the best calling quality it can ever be experienced. 

Numero eSIM App for virtual phone numbers

Why Choose Numero?

Numero empowers millions of users to stay in touch: 

  • Get a second number from more than 80 countries without having to carry another phone with you around or another extra SIM card.
  • Have the privilege to stay connected anywhere by making local and international calls with almost local rates and receive free calls anywhere.
  • We support your experience with rich features including: International cheap calls, call forwarding/voicemail, private number, number block, different & affordable subscription rates, and free US phone number via the Free Coins Center.

It can provide various types of numbers:

  • Mobile Numbers 
  • Toll-Free Numbers allows users to provide numbers for their customers to get in touch with their businesses for free, which encourages more phone calls and closer connections with customers, followed by more sales. It also helps to brand a business as large, professional, and recognized. Here we show you how to get a toll free number using Numero eSIM.
  • Social Media Numbers: having a second phone number for social media accounts keeps personal phone numbers anonymous. Let alone its provision of the ability to create new customer support channels like WhatsApp Business.
  • Local Countries Numbers: You can choose the country, select the area and choose the number you want with the features you prefer.

You can choose the suitable way of getting a virtual phone number using Numero eSIM; either by

  • Getting the virtual phone number (USA) for free through Numero Coins Center. If you are a US user, you get more than free US numbers, such as local top-up and data. Visit here to know more
  • Buy the virtual phone number straight away in less than a minute. Check this tutorial.

Do you now see how it perfectly aligns with your life and business?

Download Numero Now!

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