why use a virtual phone number for Whatsapp

Why Get Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers have made our communication much easier than before, there are more than a reason for you to start verifying virtual numbers on Whatsapp , or other social media applications such as Facebook, Viber, or Telegram.
either you are a normal person, or a business man. The following reasons shows why use a virtual phone number is a must.


Have you realized that WhatsApp is adopted by more than 1.5 billion users worldwide? WhatsApp is the most popular chat application in 109 countries making your business and personal chat via WhatsApp imperative.

  • Perfect work-life balance:

    you can separate your business account from your private one using different virtual numbers without having to buy another SIM. Your business profile displays your working hours, business location, auto-reply and labeling of your customers. This is advantageous to run your business perfectly while chatting comfortably using the other private number.

  • Phone Number of your choice:

    You can get a perfect social media number of your choice on the go.

  • Easy Activation and Setup:

    You can go on job interviews, place marketing calls or better yet publish it on your website to receive calls from your customers and other business associates with the world’s most downloaded communication app, WhatsApp. In contemporary times, people don’t check emails, but mostly chat online with their friends, therefore, you can conduct surveys, ask for ratings, and use WhatsApp as a channel of communication to receive inquiries for sales and support.

WhatsApp: “Privacy and security are in our DNA, which is why we have end-to-end encryption. When end-to-end encrypted, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates and calls are secured from falling into the wrong hands”

for companies and businessmen

Channel for Support

Granting special support to whatever issues your customer faces is just as critical as the provision of a special product. This is the way that you assure the maintenance of a frequent visit of your users despite the breakdowns or slips you can fall in while developing your products. In other words, customer support is a serious component in your business’s method of operation, and one of the most effective ways of keeping you in touch with your users is creating a channel of reach.

WhatsApp has become the latest easier and closer tool of the communication giant, and the best part has to do with the big number of customers who are probably already using it. As a result, you can reach them on the go, let alone the effective impact of introducing your international WhatsApp business with a second virtual phone number. It makes your support more organized and international.

Channel for Team Interaction

It is no wonder that any business in its baby steps has a lot to concern about especially when it comes to financing. However, you can still take advantage of the affordable channels to stay in contact with your team in order to direct them, send files and follow updates to build a great business atmosphere. Slack channel is an example of the various channels used for internal communication, yet WhatsApp is spreading faster in terms of team collaboration as they use it to send general notification and company alerts along with sharing knowledge and learning materials. Simply put, WhatsApp is globally recognized as a valuable channel for internal communication in the long term.

WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool

Have many tasks in your to-do list and busy to answer the many SMSs or Emails you receive? But what if the notification is actually a WhatsApp message? Do you still have the same ignorance attitude? Of course not. It is the increasing number of WhatsApp users that makes it the most engaging marketing channel on the planet; just ahead of Emails and SMSs. Moreover, WhatsApp can be an ideal choice to drive massive traffic in your marketing goals. This is because you can contact your customers while they feel comfortable talking to you while you are branding for your products or service. Hence, you can add your touch of professionalism when marketing your product with virtual phone numbers targeting global customers. Customers mostly do not prefer to buy from a foreign business or a company with a non-local area code, therefore, having a virtual phone number for WhatsApp Business won’t drive your customers to sway towards a different vendor.

Other Uses of WhatsApp for Business

To make the best use out of WhatsApp is the key interest of the leading businesses. Now WhatsApp is used to place orders in the field of e-commerce. You can get your medicine, food, shopping and grocery just by ordering them via WhatsApp. Yes, it is real! See here an example of an online clothing platform which is accepting orders via WhatsApp.

Most interestingly, you can get a precise consultation or a piece of advice from experts around the world by reaching them via WhatsApp.

Final Words

Having a dedicated virtual phone number for your WhatsApp business is greatly impactful, for it eliminates whatever distance you have between you and your customers. Consequently, you will enjoy a host of different benefits rather than the support of your customers and the improvement of your business.

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