Virtual International Phone Number for Travelers

Virtual International Phone Number for Expatriates and Travelers

Do you know that expats are increasing to occupy 3.2% of the global population? Don’t be surprised to know that in the time taken for you to read this, 6-7 expats would have traveled abroad.  So, what is an expat, exactly?

It is the term referring to the person living or working abroad other than where he /she was born and brought up for at least 6 months out of each year.

Travelers are mostly increasing as stated, International tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) worldwide grew 4% in 2019 to reach 1.5 billion, based on data reported by destinations around the world.” All regions enjoyed an increase in arrivals. The Middle East (+8%) led growth, followed by Asia and the Pacific (+5%). International arrivals in Europe and Africa (both +4%) increased in line with the world average, while the Americas saw growth of 2%.

Virtual International Phone Number

Therefore, you are probably trying not to stretch yourself between two different countries by keeping in touch with family, friends and business contacts. However, technology nowadays offers a range of great choices including email, text messaging, and more. However,

  1. For most travelers and expats, having some communication apps are not enough to maintain communication. That is, maybe you are heading to a country where not all communication apps you use are allowed. For example, some countries banned the use of WhatsApp, like China, North Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and more for some reason. After all, don’t give a chance to be trapped and unable to contact others.
  2. A humble local phone call is often a cherished means of maintaining connection, but conventions and costs are also a problem for dialing. Therefore, to avoid all those border crossings, you’ll need a little more than an old-fashioned payphone. Fortunately, you can make use of international virtual phone numbers as an affordable alternative using the VoIP technology to help set up multiple numbers without physical equipment or any moveable SIM cards.
  3. How can people from back home or outside the country contact you while unable to reach any of your social media accounts? Of course, you won’t like them to pay long-distance fees.
  4. Do you need more numbers due to your long trip among different countries and you need to use them when landing?

Why Expats and Travelers Need a Virtual International Phone Number?

1) Available Once Landed

When it comes to purchasing a virtual international phone number for your traveling needs, Numero has you covered. Just as you prepare your luggage, add as many virtual phone numbers for your trip as you feel appropriate. Travelers can choose from many different, reasonably priced numbers at Numero. After all, start replacing and receiving calls and SMS once landed in the country.

2) Easy to Get

While living abroad, you would better not experience the hassle of setting up a new telephone line or visiting phone providers to get a new SIM card to call back home or call your business contacts from around the world. Thanks to the growth and success of internet telephony and VoIP services, it is incredibly simple to access virtual international phone number for use and start using them to make calls and SMS and receive free calls and SMS locally and globally.

virtual international phone number

That is, all that you have got to choose the right app that is licensed and legal providing its numbers from real, trusted providers, such as Numero eSIM App. Do download Numero eSIM App, register and subscribe to the number you need and go without moving a leg or getting lost in the new country.

3) Stay in Touch

Are you a student, employee or expat with any other purpose? Of course, you miss home or they miss you. Family call whenever they feel so. If, for example, you are waiting for their call but have to run to do some errands, you don’t have to worry about losing the call. Just direct the call from your home line to your virtual international phone number. You also can forward the call to another number when offline. A virtual international phone number can put an end to missed calls from loved ones while overseas. Hereby, you can stay in touch with friends and family with an inexpensive and seamless process.

4) Save Money

Yes, it is exciting to live abroad when not lonely and more exciting when you can easily at any time reach your family or friends overseas. In the previous times, many expats had to settle emails and social media accounts to stay in touch due to the high costs of international calls, let alone the costs you have to bear trying to get a new SIM card for whatever country you move to. Don’t break the bank and use intentional virtual numbers.

Using fewer resources, virtual numbers are much less costly than conventional calls. That is, no need for you to move around the city wondering about the best telecom companies and see what offers suites you the most, or you have to buy the SIM card and replace it every time you move to another place.

virtual international phone number saves your money

Not to mention that you’ll need an unlocked phone to use different SIM cards abroad. If not, you’ll need an international plan from your carrier or you’ll need to buy a second phone.

On the other hand, the billing of the virtual numbers is normally common-sense, enabling you to budget your communications needs properly. In other words, if your business takes you from the US to Japan, your phone can feel like a local in both countries through a single app.

As a result, with a virtual phone number, people who call you from outside of the country are able to stop paying long-distance fees, and you can forward your incoming calls to your virtual phone number so that you do not have to think about any roaming fees or extra charges.

4) Maintain Privacy

You may be unaware of how vital it is to keep your phone number protected. When you travel, you may

  1. start new relations and need to give away your phone number to others or
  2. Registering in online websites, apps and stores without thinking of the potential consequences.

However, what these individuals don’t know is that your phone number and your name are subject to hacking attempts  A Hacker wants to take over your mobile accounts and circumvent your two-factor authentication. As long as they can hijack your phone containing sensitive data, from private emails to social media accounts to bank account information, it is critical that you keep your phone number away from the wrong hands.

There is a set of different procedures you can follow to protect your phone, one of which is using a virtual phone number when you need to enter details online. Need to be reachable? Use your virtual phone number to give away it to whom you may know that it is a one-time acquaintance or a job interview forum. Hiding your number is another option when you want to contact or dial unfamiliar people and keep it safe and unspread among strangers.

Virtual International Phone Number for Traveling Business People

Do you fly for business a lot? Do you think that making phone calls when you’re away is a challenge? Are you looking for a better phone experience while traveling? Or, do you want to spend less cash on your travel phone bill?

1) Virtual Phone Numbers Don’t Have International Barriers

No geographical barriers are experienced when it comes to virtual phone numbers. This allows making unlimited calls from any of your virtual phone numbers all from one device wherever you head to in your traveling trip. Without territorial borders, you can be found anywhere in the world!

2) Easier to Do Business While Traveling

  • You can manage all of your business numbers all on one mobile device. That is, you don’t have to carry around a mobile device for every business phone number you have from different parts of the world or even switch SIM cards whenever you reach your destination.
  • Not to mention the smooth start you go with while in the airport just by switching to use your virtual phone numbers; book a hotel, find transportation, or search for restaurants.
  • This easiness will continue to the management of your business while abroad. You can develop more relations and build many partnerships and provide them with your virtual number which you can direct to your office back home to keep these contacts even when leaving the country. The list of the great additions these numbers can bring about is right from here.
virtual international phone number is a smart way for business

3) Be Where Your Customers Are

Customize your location with the area codes virtual phone numbers enable you with. That is, be wherever in the world and get a number from another place to share the same exact local area code as the caller. For example, the trustworthiness of a new company or customer partnership can be improved by replacing a call from the same local area code they are aware of.

4) Activate Another Social Media Account

In these connected times, traveling anywhere needs the capacity for accessible communication, whether it is to stay in contact with your loved ones or to record enjoyable moments of your trip on social media. This is going in parallel with running the business you traveled for. Then you can separate your social media accounts in order not to lose the professional image your customers and partners already have about you.

Activate another WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber using a virtual number with the same area code of the country to get two accounts; one for personal use and the other for work. Consequently, you can go on and run your business with one account and document fun moments of your trip on social media with the other one.

activate another social media account using virtual international phone number

In Closing

The capabilities of these numbers can help relieve the traveling tension. These numbers are the key for people who want to get the most out of doing business or his immigrants’ period. The importance of these numbers cannot be overemphasized. They have been designed to ensure that you do not get to spend more money to stay in touch but you do stay connected and reachable.

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