What is call forwarding? How to activate it on Android or iOS?

Everything you need to know about call forwarding: What is it? Why Use it? How to?

 It’s not surprising that today’s world gives communication a super-priority. With all the features social media gives us, it still doesn’t provide a solution for call forwarding.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a phone feature that enables you to forward your received calls to another number in case your number was busy or out of service. As a result, call forwarding gives both individuals and businesses the power to stay in control with their contacts.

تطبيق نوميرو اي سيم

Advanced Options:

  • Sequential Call Forwarding:

    This feature re-forward you’re forwarded calls as many times as needed until your call finally finds its destination on an available number.

  • Simultaneous call forwarding:

    This feature allows multiple devices to ring at the same time. Once you pick up the call, they all turn silent.

Call Forwarding Features:

  • Flexibility & Availability:

    Be always ready to welcome your customers. Don’t make your current location an obstacle between you and your next call. Even if you are out of your office, service or your phone is at maintenance, use call forwarding to make sure you aren’t missing any call.

  • Customer Support:

    Most companies use call forwarding to make sure their customers get the answers they expect. Customer support is proven as a solid method to raise earnings.

  • Easy Installation:

    No hardware pieces of equipment are required. You only need your Android/iPhone smartphone or a mobile application such as Numero eSIM.

How to Activate Call Forwarding?

How to Activate Call Forwarding on Android:

  • Open your keypad.
  • Press “More” -> “Settings” -> “more from Settings” -> “Call Forwarding” -> “Voice Call ” -> “Always Forward”.
  • Enter the phone number you want to forward the call to.
  • Press “Activate”.
Press more
press settings
more settings
call forwarding
Always forward
voice call
enable call forwarding

How to Activate Call Forwarding on iOS:

  • Press “Settings” -> “Phone” -> “Call Forwarding”.
  • Activate “Call Forwarding”.
  • Enter the number you wish the call gets forwarded to.
press phone
press call forwarding
enable call forwarding
enable the number
forward to

How to Activate Call Forwarding Using Numero eSIM:

  • Download & Install Numero eSIM:

    No matter what is your mobile type, use Numero eSIM to forward your calls.

Get a Virtual Phone Number or Use your own

You can either get a free USA virtual phone number  using Numero eSIM “Coins Center or buy it directly from our countries list.

Note: If you are running a business, we highly recommend our Toll-Free virtual phone numbers, which will positively impact your Business-Company interaction.

  • Open Numero eSIM App -> “Main Menu” -> “Call Forwarding”.
  • In case you aren’t in the mood of receiving calls while being online, forward the call by tabbing on “Do Not Disturb”, otherwise choose the other status of Offline, Busy, or Not Answering.
  • Enter the number you wish to forward the call to or redirect it to your voicemail.
main menu
DoNot Disturb
sucess forwarding
main menue voice mail
Numero esim keypad
success voicemail

FAQs on Call Forwarding

How to deactivate call forwarding?

Android: “Settings” -> “More Settings” -> “Call Forwarding” -> “Voice Call” -> “Always Forward” -> Turn call forwarding off.
IOS: Press “Settings” -> “Phone” -> “Call Forwarding” -> Deactivate call forwarding.

Can I forward SMS?

The previous tutorial is used only for forwarding calls. For further information on SMS forwarding click here.

I activated Numero eSIM call forwarding, but it’s not working?

In some rare cases, the phone number’s provider doesn’t support this feature.

Does the caller know that his call has been forwarded?

No. He won’t feel a thing.

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