How to Recharge Your Calls & SMS Credit in Numero?

How to Recharge Your Calls and SMS Credit in Numero?

From the get-go, we, at Numero, are striving to maintain the quality as our main focus, as well as price. That is, in the course of our determination to build an easy but meaningful experience, we have released the new design of Virtual Mobile along with the easier Registration Process

Now, we are providing another flayer of flexibility, for Android devices and sooner for iOS, in the way you recharge your calls and SMS credit with more offers.

Calls and SMS Credit

After choosing to use Numero and buy virtual phone numbers, you have to select the amount of charge (€1, 5, 10, 20, 50) so that you can:

Regarding the payment method, you can pay through both Android and iOS stores. We have broken it down for you in here to follow the payment steps and easily buy your first virtual number using Numero.
Note: You can check your balance either from the Call Credits Page or right from the Dial Page.

Remember! For Android users, recharging credits might take 2 hours at most due to Play Store’s regulations regarding this product.

Extraordinary Bundles

Select €20, and you will receive a Credit of €22 with a Free USA number for a whole Month!

Select €50 and you will receive a €57 Credit with a Free 3-Month USA Number!

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