How to Recharge Your Credit in Numero?

How to Recharge Your Credits for Calls and SMS in Numero?

From the get-go, we, at Numero, are striving to maintain quality as our main focus, as well as price. In the course of our determination to build an easy but meaningful experience, we have released the new design of Virtual MobileNow, in addition to the global calls and SMS credit service we provide, we’ve added another layer of flexibility with local calling feature, in which you can use your minutes plan to make calls at local prices, either as an add-on or a subscription plan.

?Why Use Numero Credit

Calls Credit Categories at Numero

These two credit categories are available in Numero:

  1. World Credit: This is the credit that you can use to make calls and send SMS using any number (real and virtual) you have on Numero app, calls and SMS rates to the different countries are illustrated on the “World Credit” page.
  2. Local Plans (New feature): This credit is available for the countries supporting local calling, so you need to check if your number is from one of these countries.

Local plans can be purchased in two ways:

  • Consumable: these plans are valid for 30 days and can be purchased from; Calls Credit> Local plans > Local plans > Choose country > choose plan > continue to purchase. 
  • Subscription with the virtual number: you can buy local minutes as an add-on option when you purchase the number, and local calling minutes will be renewed on a monthly basis during the number’s subscription period.

Find out more about local plans and how to purchase them from here.

You must have a local number from the same country as the local minutes plan to be able to make local calls.

  Recharge Your Credit for Calls & SMS

After choosing to use Numero and buy virtual phone numbers, follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, click “Calls Credit”.
  2. Choose “World credit”.
  3. Select the amount of charge (€1, 5, 10, 20, 50).
  4. Continue to purchase.

  Recharge Your Local plans for local calls

As mentioned above, you can either buy the local minutes plan as an add-on with your number’s subscription (which will be renewed together monthly), or buy it as a separate minutes plan.

  1. If you have a number from a country that supports local calling, but:
    • You don’t have a local minutes plan for this country.
    • Or you finished your monthly local minutes and you need more.

You can buy local minutes only by following these steps:

  • From the home page, click “Calls Credit”.
  • Choose “Local plans”> “Local plans”.
  • Choose country (must be the same as your number’s country).
  • Continue to purchase the credit.


2) You neither have a number nor a local minutes plan for the same country:

Get a full local plan subscription (number + minutes):

  • From the home page, click “Phone Numbers”.
  • Choose a country that supports local plans (has Local Calling written under the country’s name).
  • Choose area and number.
  • Choose local minutes add-on.
  • Continue to purchase.
recharge your credit

Or buy the local minutes plan separately (won’t be renewed monthly) after you purchase the number:

  1. From the home page, click “Calls Credit”.
  2. Choose “Local plans”> “Local plans”.
  3. Choose country (must be the same as your number’s country).
  4. Continue to purchase the credit.

Other Offers

Always check our amazing credit offers bundles from Calls Credit > Local Plans > Other Plans.

Payment methods

Regarding the payment method, you can pay through both Android and iOS stores. We have broken it down for you here to follow the payment steps and easily buy your first virtual number using Numero.


Note: You can check your balance either from the Call Credits Page, Dial Page, My products; My Phone Numbers & My Call Credits pages.

Remember! For Android users, when you recharge your credits, it might take 2 hours at most due to Play Store’s regulations regarding this product.

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